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yes are cool net web management accessory turns trip lights

s are cool 12 K portable air-conditioning unit into a network

manageable device allowing you to monitor temperatures receive alerts

review logs and control settings from remote locations this are cool 12 K and

s are cool net work hand-in-hand to deliver a user-friendly cooling solution

that is easy to install easy to operate and is perfect for off hour or

unattended cooling application in small server rooms and wiring closets don't

let excessive heat compromise the performance and reliability of your

network equipment order the SR cool 12 K and s are cool net today

servile classics ultra slimline tower fans feature modern design ultra choir

operation multiple features and settings energy efficiency and best of all a

delightfully cool breeze wherever you need one all of our ultra slimline fans

are sleekly designed to occupy a very small footprint taking up less than one

square foot of floor or desktop space the oscillating feature allows a

refreshing air flow circulation throughout your entire space our ultra

slimline fans also include convenient timer settings to help minimize

electricity usage allowing your fan to turn itself off after you've gone to bed

or left your home or office Seville classics ultra slim line tower fans are

the ideal combination of both form and function


stay cool and dry this summer using the Avalon 14,000 BTU dual hose portable air

conditioner and heater able to cool space up to 525 square feet without

requiring permanent installation this air cooler is the perfect solution for

your home or office because of its dual hose design this portable air

conditioner will cool your space 40% faster than similar single hose units

whether you prefer your area to be cool or downright cold this unit has the

temperature setting for you simply set your desired temperature within the wide

range of 61 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit and sit back and enjoy is the portable air

conditioner cools the area to your liking because heat and humidity

typically accompany each other this unit has the ability to remove up to 80 pints

of moisture per day there is also a dehumidifier only mode that may come in

handy when humidity lingers longer than the heat when excess water accumulates

in the reservoir this units and vism s technology will automatically begin

working first pumping the water from the reservoir through the connected vent

hose and then transforming the water into a light mist before expelling it

outside this prevents shut offs due to full reservoir and eliminates the need

to manually drain the unit because of its additional heating functionality

this unit will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather conditions are

manage all of your settings from the comfort of your seat by using the

included remote control and easily customized noise and air output by

choosing from the three available fan speeds if you're looking for a powerful

and convenient cooling solution for your space the Avalon 14,000 BTU dual hosed

portable air conditioner and heater is the perfect unit for you

are you one of the millions losing sleep from overheating night sweats or hot

flashes or do chilly beds and cold feet keep you up at night wouldn't it be

amazing if you and your partner could each have your own perfect sleep

temperature on your own side of the bed instantly and on-demand introducing the

bed jet the world's first ultra rapid cooling heating and climate control

system made just for your bed the bed jet uses revolutionary direct convex air

technology sending air directly into your bedding to provide quiet and

luxurious cooling and heating comfort use the bed jet on any size bed any type

mattress and install under the bed in just minutes

control your comfort via a wireless remote or our Bluetooth smart phone app

just press a button to cool off instantly when they dry and refreshing

room temperature breeze through the sheets or warm your bedding to that

toasty just out of the dryer feeling and only 180 seconds with over 50% of

couples having different sleep temperature needs the bed jet solves a

night time battle over the thermostat between you and your partner using our

dual zone air comforter accessory now each side of the bed is independently

cooled or warm giving you and your partner your own perfect sleep

temperature just the way you want we spend one third of our lives in bed why

settle for anything less than perfect luxurious comfort and a great night's

sleep Plus save hundreds on your utility bills by cooling or heating just where

you sleep and not where you don't bring a bed jet home today sleep happier sleep

better and reinvent your bed to become one of the most delightful places in

your home you

thank you for taking a closer look at the Friedreich's zone air portable air

conditioner with the function of up to four different appliances in one

convenient and portable unit Friedrichs dual hose zone air portable

air conditioner offers cooling heating fan and dehumidification that moves with

you from room to room zone airs dual hose closed-loop design pools up to 40%

faster than single hose units it's also more energy efficient than single hose

portable units because zone air doesn't waste any cooled air by venting it

outside the dehumidification mode keeps her space comfortably dry and with a

self evaporative system the condensate is used to cool the coil so there's no

bucket to empty when you just want a gentle breeze simply switch to fan mode

from the control panel or use the remote control from across the room

zone air is simple to install snap in hoses and a hundred and fifteen volt

operation means quick startup and cooling zone air also moves easily from

room to room or storage with casters and side grip handles it can condition areas

up to 600 square feet and is ideal for bedrooms garages dorm rooms or anywhere

you need quick convenient air conditioning

doner is the practical flexible and efficient portable air-conditioner that

offers fast cooling exactly when and where you need it a broad service

network a team of technical experts and us-based customer support ensure you get

the prompt service you deserve if you demand the best it has to be a Friedrich

the experts in rheem air conditioning

when the weather turns hot it can be hard to find an escape where do we turn

to stay reliably cool where is there a name we can trust

introducing the new air AC 10 100 e deluxe air conditioner one of the most

portable and easy to use air conditioners on the market complete your

daily duties and have peaceful night's sleep as this unit comes with a 12 hour

programmable timer and recycles its collected moisture for continuous

operation the ozone friendly r410a refrigerant contains no chlorine so it

even reduces the carbon footprint as a 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner it

comfortably cools a space up to 325 square feet and can be plugged into any

115 volt outlet making it ideal for cooling medium sized bedroom Den's dorm

rooms or offices the AC 10 100 II can even function as a dehumidifier and

remove up to fifty point six points of moisture from the air per day

it has convenience and time-saving features such as three fan speeds

toothed dust filters a fully functioning remote control easy to operate

push-button controls and caster wheels for easy portability the easy to install

window kit can be adjusted to fit any size window and the one-year warranty is

backed by new air a company you can trust the AC 10100 II is one of the best

reviewed portable air conditioners online people love that this

three-in-one unit offers you everything you need operating as an air-conditioner

dehumidifier and cooling fan it comes equipped with the state-of-the-art

evaporative condensate function reducing moisture build-up and a direct drain

feature which means you can wave goodbye to emptying out buckets or tanks

when you need to stay cool the AC 10100 e is the perfect solution don't let a

hot dry environment keep you from enjoying life get the most out of it and

remain cool and content for dependability and innovation you can

count on new air new air a name you can trust


unlike window or central air-conditioning units portable air

conditioners are easy to install and do not require permanent installation they

are a cost and energy of saving alternative to central air systems as

they cool one room instead of the whole house this winter a RC 122 D HP Elite

12,000 BTU dual hose digital portable air conditioner with heat and drain pump

provides up to 12,000 BTUs of cooling and 10,000 BTUs of heating output while

maintaining a compact and portable profile this versatile unit has four

different modes cool D humidify fan and heat mode a convenient 24 hour on/off

timer that allows you to customize to your specific schedule a handy remote

control that easily controls the speed temperature timer and dehumidifier

settings even from a distance the patented self evaporating function of

this PA see fully exhaust all condensation automatically in most

environments in high humidity or low temperature environments the P AC may

need to be drained this unit comes with a lower and upper drain port and auto

drain pump the auto drain pump function can pump out moisture through the

included sixteen point five foot drain tube for continuous condensate removal

equipped with an exhaust and intake hose this dual hose system helps eliminate

negative air pressure which allows for more efficient cooling it can also be

operated as a single hose system by simply removing the intake hose this PA

C includes a washable pre-filter as well as an activated carbon filter that

removes smoke and odors here's how easy a P AC can be to set up all winter

portable air conditioners include a complete set up kit for exhausting

through a standard vertical or horizontal sliding window when using the

portable air conditioner unit hot air must be exhausted out of the room to

complete the air exchange of the condenser when the unit is operated in

dehumidifier or fan mode only installation of the exhaust hose is

optional to extend about six inches of one of

each of the hoses installed a small slide in connector and small cutout

connector onto the small exhaust hose by turning counterclockwise install the

large slide in connector and a large cut out connector onto the large intake hose

by turning clockwise fix one end of the intake and exhaust connectors on to the

rear ports of the unit by sliding the connectors into each slot the window

slider kit is designed to fit most standard vertical and horizontal sliding

windows insert the fixtures through the bag the grooved side of the window

slider bars with the hole cut outs line up the four screw holes and tighten the

fixtures with four screws from the front of the panel to install open the window

approximately five inches adjust the length of the windows slider

bars to fit the length or width of the window opening you may need to purchase

additional slider bars if your window is oversized close the window on the window

slider kit move the P AC to the window extend the hoses and attach the other

end of each hose to the windows slider bar align the hose connector cutouts of

the tabs to the fixtures and snap the hoses to the windows slider kit portable

and easy to set up winter dual hose portable air conditioners offer cooling

relief for any area where excess humidity and heat cannot be remedied by

traditional air conditioning please visit our website for the most current

winter portable air conditioners lineup

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