Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Home to Love

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JENNY: We're going to The Elliots'. This one is a historic home.

But I don't think he loves it.

Never saw it in person before an offer was made.

He was thrilled.

-[ Gasps ] Oh, gosh! -Found that one.

It's a modern miracle that this porch is still standing.

Exciting day.

-You excited? -Wow. Oh, my goodness.

Hi! [ Laughs ]

[ Bell clangs ]

Let the demolition begin.

MAN: Whoa!

DAVE: Digging into these old houses...

-We got brick! -That is awesome.

DAVE:'s like a treasure hunt

It's a brand new floor that's 130 years old.

Things -- they don't always go as expected.


It's a little condemned.

There's always darkness before the light.


But when we see our clients; reactions...

Stop it!

I am so in love with this! I love it!

...the look on their faces...

Oh, my gosh!, that says it all.

-Oh, my gosh. -Wow.

-Oh, wow. -This is amazing.

[ Sheep bleating ]

You guys, we need to eat. We need to get dressed.

Everybody needs a Waters packed for practice.

Today, we're going to the Elliots'.

My parents are staying with us,

so they're going to take the kids to soccer.

We'll meet back up at the soccer fields,

come back home,

get everybody ready for bed, and do it all again tomorrow

Nana and Papa are gonna take you guys to practice.


Love you.

This is really fun because this one is a historic home.

She loves it, but I don't think he loves it.

Weren't you telling me that

he actually didn't even see the home before Elly bought it?


Imagine me doing that to you.

Are you kidding me right now?


You bought our house without me knowing.

That's a good point.

All right. It looks like it's in good shape.

Yeah, it does. It's super cute.

-Hi! -How's it going?

Oh, his little wobble is the best.

-[ Child babbling ] -How are you guys?

JENNY: So good to see you.

ELLY: We had been looking for a house

for months and months and months.

Somebody that we knew told us

that there was a house for sale that wasn't on the market yet.

So, I drove over, Philip was not with me,

and made an offer from my front seat

before I even stepped foot in the house.

Never looked at it.

I saw pictures of this you sent me.

but never saw it in person before an offer was made.

He was thrilled.

I know that it needs work,

but this is where I picture us.

I pulled around the side,

and I was just kind of shocked that this is what she wanted.

He called me and said, "We can't live here.

This is not where we can live."


Good job!

I want this to be our forever home.

I love that I have a front porch.

I love our huge backyard for Whitten and our dogs.

We're within walking distance of all the restaurants

and the shops downtown, and it's an added bonus

that the school that I work at is right down the street.

The only things I love about the house

is its proximity to a beautiful lake.

I love to fish.

[ Babbles ]

I know that she loves this house.


It would make me so happy if Philip would love it, too.

So, you guys have about $155,000 set aside?



What do you love about this house,

and then what you want to change?

So, I definitely want to change the roof.

You didn't love anything?

Doesn't love anything.

He skipped right over that.

Are there any leaks or anything?

There is a leak.


So, that's a problem for sure.

There used to be a wraparound porch.

That's where this area is right here that has the windows.

Yeah, this is definitely where the old deck was.

What about the carport? Do you want to keep this?

[ Laughs ]

It works, but it's an eyesore.

I agree.

JENNY: What I would love to do out here is to remove the carport

altogether, open up the side room,

and reconstruct the wraparound porch,

and then replace this leaky roof.

What about your paint color?

Would you be up for a new color?

We are really open.

Okay. I really think painting the house

and adding a new Landscaping will just completely

transform this home.

Absolutely. Yes.

You want help getting up?

Give me your hand.

Whit, can you show us inside?

Oh, my goodness.

Oh, my -- There you go!

[ Laughter ]

-Thank you. -Let's go.

[ Car horn honks ]

Whit's babysitter is here. I'll meet you inside in a sec.

All right. Now, are these the original doors?

Those are the original doors.

So, we want to keep this, obviously.

We would love to keep the original doors.

That's awesome. Should we go in?


This is adorable.

ELLY: We love the hardwood floors in here.

They go all the way throughout our house.

They need a little bit of work.

One of the things that I always wanted was an open concept.

The arch is cool,

but I think it kind of blocks everything off a little bit.

Okay, this is easy. We will refinish these gorgeous

hardwood floors, open up the living room,

add a new paint and beautiful lighting.

We like that.

ELLY: So, right here on our left is our bedroom.

-So, right off the living room? -Yes.

Right off the living room.

There's just a lot of doors.

There's so many doors.


There's a door there, too.

The doors make it hard to put the bed

in a space that we can put a painting behind

or give it some decor,

and when people are staying with us,

if our bedroom door is open,

they're just looking right into our bedroom.


So you want to keep this as the main bedroom, right?

-Yes. -Okay.

DAVE: What about this door here?

This is nice 'cause it's his nursery.

So, it's really close.

That's why we like it.

That's really pretty convenient, actually.

DAVE: I mean, is it, though?

I think it makes a lot of sense to be able to quickly go,

but he's not gonna be a baby forever.

So, does it make sense to have this door here

when he's 12, right?

That's what I was thinking about.

Right now, it's great, but it might not be

what's best later.

JENNY: Okay, in here, once again,

we'll re-finish these gorgeous hardwood floors,

remove some of these doors,

including the one into Whitten's nursery,

and give everything a fresh coat of paint.

ELLY: That sounds really nice.

Okay. Alright.

So, now -- Oh.

Did you guys install the window lock.

No, we did not.

We need one of these

So, we have old doorknobs, too, that our kids don't know

when they're shut, you're not supposed to come in.

Sometimes -- we do have five kids --

romance likes to happen,

and I could definitely use a lock like that.

Sorry. This is what you get with Dave Marrs.

And then you have your bathroom.


This bathroom is gigantic.

We feel like this space

is not necessarily used in the best way.

-Yeah. -So what do you need, then?

We need more closet space.

Philip is using the closet that's in here,

and I'm actually using Whitten's closet.

I don't know how I got that one.

Yeah. [ Chuckles ] Me, neither.

Would you be open to stealing some of this space

for your closet?

Absolutely. For sure.

And we would like to get rid of this huge tub.

Okay, cool.

So, in here, we'll steal some space

to make a new closet for you,

and then we'll update the floors,

give you a new shower, a new vanity,

and of course, update the lighting.

That sounds amazing.

JENNY: All right. I'm so excited. We're gonna see the kitchen

ELLY: Our hideaway kitchen.

JENNY: Yeah, it is tucked back here.

-Love the ceiling. -I love the ceiling.

I'm so glad you said that.

I have to ask -- Was the layout like this

when you guys bought it?

It was.


It's almost like someone

just bought a bunch of random cabinets

and said, "We're going to make this work in the space

that we have," and that's kind of

how the kitchen was born.

We love to cook together.

So, having both of us in here is just super tight.

And when you open the oven, you're backing into the fridge.

JENNY: All right, there's a lot we need to figure out in here.

I just don't think this layout's working well for your family.

What do you guys think about moving the kitchen?

Like, completely moving the kitchen?

I think she was hoping you would say that.

I've been thinking about this for a while.

Really? Okay.


Where would you --

To the guest room.

Okay. Let's go. Let's go.

This room could be so beautiful as a kitchen.

I know. With this light.

I'm excited. I'm excited. I'm high-fiving her.

That's how excited I am.

I mean, that Elly. Elly.

She's trying to steal my job.

I was a really good idea to move the kitchen.

That was a pretty good idea.

Power move!

So, redoing kitchens is already an expensive part

of a remodel.

Completely moving a kitchen sounds like it

would be even more expensive.

A lot of times, in these older houses,

when we redo your kitchen, even if it's in the same spot,

we're taking all the plumbing and replacing it anyway.

So, typically, it's not much more expensive

to just extend our drain and water lines.

JENNY: I definitely think we can make moving the kitchen

over here work.

We'll open it up to the dining room and living room,

refinish the hardwood floors,

add in some classic shaker cabinets,

do some stone countertops,

and then I'd love to see some really modern pendants

above the island.

Sounds great. Super excited

And we just have to figure out what to do with the other room.

Well, the other room would become a guest bedroom

where the kitchen was.

Do you have a laundry room?

'Cause that's the only thing we haven't seen.

We do. In the basement.

Okay. Let's go look at it.

So, here are our super steep, scary stairs.

That center column -- it's the widowmaker.

JENNY: [ Laughs ]

ELLY: We have to come down here every time we do laundry.

-Wow. -Oh, my goodness.

You have to carry your laundry basket

down this -- Oh, my.

With a baby.

This is just a terrible place for a laundry.

Yeah, I would do so much more laundry

if it were not down here.

I heard it.


Are you these are dog kennels?

ELLY: Yes.

All right, the plan here is having your basement

without your laundry room in it,

and someplace for the dogs.


JENNY: We have a good plan. It's like a jigsaw puzzle.

But if we can move the kitchen,

we can potentially move your laundry room up here,

then will you just love this house, Philip?

Are you gonna love it?

Yes, I would absolutely love this house.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot.


This shows pictures from the 1950s,

of what our house looked like.

DAVE: Wow. That's really neat.

Oh, look at the porch.

There's the open porch.


No carport.

-No carport. -No carport.

In any historic home, we want to restore it

to how it originally was,

and so to have this as a guide of what it used to look like...

It's pretty neat. incredible.

JENNY: Can't you see why Elly bought this?

DAVE: It's beautiful.

It's a cool old historic home.

Really cool area.

Yeah. I can also see where Philip's coming from.

Philip, I think, is going to jump for joy.

Do you think he's gonna jump for joy?

He doesn't seem like a jumper-for-joyer.

It's going to be like a heel clicker.

Oh, mercy.

Oh, great. Chase and Joe are already here.

It's like, "Be here first thing in the morning."

Did you get lost?

Hey Joe, how are you this morning?

-Well, I'm good. -How you doing this afternoon?

Good afternoon to you, sir.

Time to eat lunch now.

So, two things -- she says,

she wants to keep these floors as good as possible,

and in the kitchen, there's some tin ceilings

that we need to salvage.

Let's get some tools.

You guys start covering the floors.

[ Car horn honks ]

JENNY: Hey, babe!

What's going on?

Let's talk about the plan out here.

I think we start with the carport.

All right.

Hey Chase, Joe. Let's demo this carport.


I'd say Chase gets up on the roof, saws through that.

We'll wait 'til you're done.

JENNY: [ Laughing ] "Obviously."

I'll wait 'til you're done, and then we'll take some posts out.

If it starts to go, make the leap to the existing roof.

Don't go to that one. Go this way.

I got a 75% probability

that this is all going to work out well.

JENNY: Feel like we should stand back. I think so, too.

[ Chuckles ]

And then we take some posts out.

Ready? On three. One, two, three.


You ready? On three. One, two, three.

That is magic.

That was awesome.

It was awesome.

-Success! -Success.

And we even partially took out

the part of the covered porch Jenny wanted gone.

Let's go inside. We can cut this up later.

Let's do it.

Don't be too enthusiastic.


One, two...

JENNY: Whoa!

What's this kitchen going to become, exactly?

Well, you're standing in what will be the laundry room.

I think we should take half of this current kitchen

and frame out a whole new laundry room,

and we'll make it a space that Philip

will actually enjoy using,

and we can incorporate a space for the dog

so that we can move their kennels out of the basement.

Also, come over here.

What about we get rid of all this, and this is the hallway?

DAVE: I like that.

Since the current kitchen entrance

is now going to become the new laundry room entrance,

we can now open up this wall where this built-in is,

and then this will become our new hallway

into the main bedroom.

And then over here,

what if we make it the son's bedroom?

I was originally going to make it into the guest bedroom,

but it's right across from the main bedroom,

so it keeps Philip an Elly close to their son,

but it'll still give them privacy

as he gets older.

If he's back here, we can make this super cute,

have a little play space.


I like that.


All right. Let's go.

Look at that.

I think there's an under cabinet light right there.

-[ Gasps ] Oh, gosh. -Found that one.

-Are you okay? -Yeah, I'm fine.

You know, she really likes this tin ceiling.

So, we need to take these off

and relocate them to the new kitchen.



Oh, yeah.

There's your tin ceiling.

Hey, Jen?


These tin ceilings are not tin.

That's so weird.

It's a tongue and groove foam panel.

It looks like tin. That's impressive. Wow.

It is a bummer because this "tin"

was Elly's favorite part of her kitchen.

We wanted to repurpose it in the new kitchen and surprise her,

but I think if we can find some real tin,

she would be blown away, and now that is my single mission.

[ Chuckles ] I'm going to find tin.

Oh, man. Look at that floor.

DAVE: Yeah, that was Chase. Wait a second.

It's a good thing Tom's on his way over

to look at these floors.

One thing Elly wanted to make sure happened

was that we preserve these original floors.


But there are a lot of spots

that need to be patched

-David Marrs. -Tom Stevenson.

What's up, man?

Ah, not too much.

What am I getting myself into here?

Tom is an expert at salvaging old things

and just bringing them back to new,


Old floors. Maybe old things, too.

But old floors for sure.

So, we're going to actually be,

like, opening up a wall here...


...and then opening up a hallway.

So, we're going to have some patches.

Yeah. Probably Doug fir.

I'm sure I have enough to fill in whatever we need.

Figured it'd be an easy job for you.

[ Both laugh ]

It's all easy according to Dave Marrs.


Bye, Tom. Thanks.

I really want to do something custom

for the Elliots' dogs and their laundry room.

So, I'm actually on my way right now

to go see our cabinet maker, Chris.

I'm hoping we can create a built-in dog kennel

that looks like a piece of furniture that's tucked away,

and I think the Elliots would love that.



-Hi, Chris. -Hey.

Oh, Pickles! Oh, my goodness. Hi, buddy.

Pickles. I feel like you've gotten really chunky.

CHRIS: [ Chuckles ]

So, I want to talk about the Elliot house.


So, in the laundry room, this will be washer and dryer.

They also have two dogs.

So, what I thought is in this cabinet here,

we make two built-in dog kennels.

Oh. That'd be cool.

We would do doors here with a little latch.

This is why I need you to get creative.

Like, what do we put here? Do we put maybe some,

like, dowel-type things so the dogs can see in and out?

I've got some stair balusters that might potentially work.

We're gonna hold a few of them up there.

Oh, yeah. That's great.

What size dogs do they have?

I think they are actually similar to Pickles,

maybe 200 or so pounds lighter.

[ Laughs ]

Pickles, see?

I don't want to give you a complex

about your weight.

You're fat and happy, and that's how it should be.


Well, I'll get to working on the doors,

try to come up with a good design for them,

and hope we'll knock it out the park.

Okay, cool. Thanks. Bye, Pickles.

Let's see what we got here.

Well, it looks like the guys

already got all the demo done on that porch.


Looks pretty good.

Oh, right here.

This floor is essentially gone right here.

I just haven't been able to sleep

wondering if this is all going to be okay.

Usually, when stuff is covered up on these old houses,

there was a reason they covered it up.

Surprisingly, though, this one has just one small part

that is rotted.

We'll pull the deck boards where the porch is opened up,

we'll replace it, we will shim it up level,

and we'll bring this thing back to its original glory.

Gentlemen, to the master bathroom. Look at that.

We're losing this tub. Gut this

and run a wall straight across here

with the doorway where Mr. Joe standing to a master closet.

What are you doing?

Getting rid of this.

You know you can take a screw gun

and just pull it apart.

Beating things are a lot more fun.

JOE: That's my boy.


You think you should put safety glasses on

when you're doing that?

I'm down to one.

This guy right here.


What's the plan here?

I think we just open this up

as much as we can.

Philip told us.

He really wanted to be able to be in the living room

and see all the way to the kitchen.

So, now that we're putting the kitchen back where

this guest bedroom was, really want this to feel more open.


And then we need to remove this built-in

because that's now going to be the entrance

to our new hallway.

Let's do this.

Look in there. What do you see?


You know nothing means?

Yeah. Take it out.

You take it out.

Demo is going great.

We are opening up the living room to the dining room.

Everything is one open concept all the way through.

Jenny, maybe we can start opening this up

while they're working on that.


Look at this.

-Oh, my God! -It's so cool.

-Look at that. -Look at this.

So, this is how they used to do the outside of houses.

Oh, my gosh!

They put studs up like this

and then they cross-braced the entire outside of the house.

It's so strong. So strong.

So, this was the outside of the original house.

I almost hate to get rid of that.

We have to take this off

and make something. Don't you think?


That is a win. Big win.


-Jen? -What, babe?

You know where Luke's wooden toys are?

Oh. Right in his room.

It's such a mess.

Feel like I need to do something similar to this

with that wood.


I don't know. You want to come check it out?

You got a second?


So, I ordered some old wooden toy blueprints.


These are great, babe. I can use these to decorate

Whit's room when you're done with them.

Yeah, that's a good idea.

I was thinking if I do, like,

three or four of the elephants..

Really excited about this morning.

I am going to take all that old lumber

that we took out of the Elliots' house,

and I'm going to start building some really cool toys for Whit.

Elly told me Philip loves to fish.


What if you made, like, some wooden little fish

and, like, a little fishing pole, a little toy?

I'm going to start with these,

and then we'll move to the fishing pole.

I think I have a pretty good elephant.

I like that.

How are you going to build the horse head, though?

Are you going to, like, put hair on that?

Remember last year, when we had to sheer the sheep?

No. We're not putting sheep fur all over it.

What if I did that?

And I'm like, "This is from our sheep?"

Or we could just make it a rocking sheep

instead of a rocking horse.

Yes. I love it.

That'll still have a personal touch from our farm, too.

I love that.

I think the rocking sheep

may be the next great thing all across the world.

I hear you. I'm with you.

And it started right here.

Yeah. I'm and it started right here

I mean, you've heard of farm to table, right?

This is farm to rocking sheep.

That literally makes no sense.

In a nursery.

Oh. Oh. Okay.

At the Elliots', we took the roof off

and we got the new one installed.

Inside, the guys are wrapping up demo

by opening up the new hallway,

and the framing is going up for the new laundry room

and the closet in the main bedroom.

Look how much it came up.

The beams are going in

to allow us to make the open-concept living space.


We're closing up the extra bedroom doors

and starting on Jenny's favorite part -- the finishes.

Look at this. Is this not amazing -- this bathroom?

Looks great, huh?

The vanity here with double sinks,

and then we'll have a nice gray hexagon floor.

It's kind of contemporary, but classic.


And now we have a big closet for them.


Way back in here.

I am most excited about this room, though,

that there's only one door going out.

And now we'll be able to put a bed against a wall

instead of a door.

Appreciate you, man. It looks awesome.

Yes, looks so good. Thanks.

Can you carry this in for me?

I guess. Oh, it's fragil.

Fragil. Yes. Be careful.


Come on in.

Could you pick a heavier box, Jenny?

What is in here?

It's fine.


You remember how Elly loved the tin

in the kitchen?

I do.

But it wasn't actually tin?

So, I was going to try to find old tin for the new kitchen.

But as I was looking into it, a lot of this old tin

had led pain on it.

So, I ordered new tin for the ceiling.



Think they're going to add texture

and a vintage feel.

This kitchen is going to be awesome.

-What do you think? -It looks great.

Oh, my gosh.

[ Laughs ]

Real nice.

You have a lot left to do.

Chase, come over. Let's look at the laundry room real quick.

I would really love this to be, like, a secret door.

So, it appears to be a bookshelf,

but you open it up, and you're in the laundry room,

and you're gonna have doggie doors in the bottom.


So that way, they can just kind of --

they can go into their little kennel,

they can come out.

They can come through their little doggie door.

I got this.

All right. Okay.

DAVE: I think it's a modern miracle

that this porch is still standing.

Oh, wow.

If you look at this,

it's not set on anything, is it?

That is like the strongest rock ever,

but Jenny's plan to open up this wraparound porch --

it's coming to life.

Most of the work on a deck is underneath,

getting it supported and secured and making it

so it won't sink in and turn out like the deck actually is

right now, where it's sunk three inches.

It's perfect.

We're taking the time to shore everything up,

get everything the way it's supposed to be.

I think it's just going to be a great usable space

that they can enjoy forever.

-Hello. Hello. -Jenny.


Look at this! It's a good deck. Isn't it, buddy?

That is a good puppy deck right there.

Yeah, it is. It looks so good.

Phil has got him a nice porch to sit on.

Looks great.

[ Car horn honks ]

I like this truck!

This means cabinets. Chris!


I love when you pull up.

'Cause you always have fun gifts.

JENNY: It's always very exciting getting the cabinets.

The house is starting to come together.

You can start to see what it's going to be.

Exciting day.

[ Grunts ]

Ooh, can I see the dog kennel cabinet?

Yeah, hold on one second.



My rendition of the dog kennel cabinet.

Oh! Look!

Chris, this is awesome.

I love it. Can you put it in there?

Because now I'm like -- You measure it obviously,

but it looks really big.

It's bigger than I expected.

Yeah, you're going to have to go high in there.

Please fit. Please fit.

Oh, my gosh. I'm gonna intrude.

You want to grab this other cabinet?

See if we're gonna have issues?

I'm hoping that it all fits.

[ Grunting ]

Is it fitting? No?

CHRIS: Joey, you want to grab this other cabinet?

See if we're going to have issues?


I don't know. I might just have to bear hug this.

Oh, I hope it fits.

Is it fitting? No.

[ Grunting ]

Is it good?

I didn't think it was gonna fit.

[ Laughs ]


I was stressed, but I was like, "No, Chris has got it.

This is no problem." [ Laughs ]

Let's look. It looks so good.

So, washer and dryer, little pantry.


Dave Marrs!

DAVE: Yes, ma'am?

Can you find me?

Where is she at?

[ Laughs ]

Hello. How awesome are these?

That is really creative.

You know who would be in here all the time

in our house, right?

Dolly. She would love this.

Oh, I was gonna say our kids, but yes, our dog, too.

I'm thinking of using that big cabinet in the laundry room

as storage for Philip's fishing poles

because he had promised Elly

that he would do more laundry

if the laundry rooms moved upstairs.

So, if we incorporate fishing rod storage,

I mean, it's a perfect little man cave.

- Hello. -Hi!

I just need to figure out how many fishing poles he has.

Do you know how many fishing poles Philip has?

Oh, Jenny, he has so many.

Oh, really?

Well, if you're at the house,

why don't you go look in the shed?

Oh, okay. Cool. I'll go look. Bye!

It's so cute. It's a cute little shed.

Okay, here we go. It's quite a few.

Well, there's more in the wall, too. Okay.

Let me go get Chase.

-Hi. -Hi.

I actually need Chase. Field trip.

-Okay. -I have an idea.

I'm thinking about incorporating

some fishing pole storage in the laundry room for Philip.

CHASE: Okay.

Thinking, like, the cabinet opens and we slide out

and then you have the fishing poles.

A nice way to display all of my fishing rods,

maybe tackle, whatever.


He doesn't love this house. We have to make him love it.

Anything we can do for him is a win for Elly.

[ Chuckles ]

JENNY: In the main bathroom we have a gray hexagon tile

being installed,

and I think it's the perfect combination of timeless

and modern.

The cabinets are gonna give the house some functional storage

and really help things flow better,

and the remaining 10 tiles are going up to give the Elliots'

kitchen a unique vintage touch.

You know what my favorite thing about this house is?

This right here.


Front to back.

Can see all the way through.

I know. It is awesome.

It's exactly what Philip really wanted.

JENNY: We're in week three of this renovation

and we still have a lot to do.

We need to pick out countertops, we need to finish up the floors,

and just really keep things moving

so the Elliots can get back in their home.

Ready to pick some countertops, huh?

Yes. All right.

So, I think this would go really well in the laundry room,

and I honestly think what if we did this in the kitchen

on the perimeter, and then let's use this white quartz

on the kitchen island and also in the bathroom vanity.


Can we bring these in?


Okay. You want to grab that one?

I'll grab this one.


I'll grab the little one.

[ Both laugh ]

Alright. Let's look.

I love black countertops in the kitchen.

I just feel like they're very classic,

but are also so durable...


...with kids.

I mean, it's something they don't show

any stains or markings,

and it's just -- it's really a classic look,

so if we have the black here,

but then the white quartz on the island...

There we go. Visualize. There you go.

Just to have a little bit of something a little different.

I'll get these ordered and get them coming.

Very exciting. All right. Thanks.

Thank you.

So, I've got to figure this out.

These hardwood floors are original to this house,

and in order to preserve them,

we need to bring in an expert, and that is Tom.

-Hey, Tom? -Hey.

I want to talk about

how we're going to patch this access to the basement.


Tom is going to help me figure out

how to make the basement opening in the floor

look like it flows seamlessly in this new hallway space.

What I see is we've got some subfloor.

So, we've got a different level here.

Oh, like this, you mean?


It doesn't look in great shape.

It's probably not going to be much

that's salvageable under there.

So, we'll probably just overlay over the top,

put another layer over the top,

but we'll just kind of cut it out.

Okay. But it'll look seamless?

Yeah, it'll just look like the floor.

Anything else you want to look at?

Oh, let me show you the wood real quick.


Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

This actually came out of a 100-year-old church.

Oh, wow.

So, we went in and I was able to salvage,

you know, probably a couple hundred feet.

So, I think the color is going to match pretty well.

Yeah. The width is perfect, too.

I mean, it's perfect.

You can't buy this stuff.


So, we save it. Save everything we can get

for projects like this.

Yeah. Fantastic. Great.


Cool. Alright. Thanks.

JENNY: It's perfect.

Things are really coming together here

at the Elliot house.

It's very exciting.

We have a sage green paint going up

on the exterior of the house,

and this is going to really freshen things up,

but keep with the historic charm of this home.

In the nursery, I have classic trim going up

that really matches the home's original character,

and then I'm going to paint everything bright white

so it's really nice and clean.

A dark blue vanity

is being installed in the main bathroom,

and it'll add a subtle hint of color

and in the laundry room, we have this beautiful

hand-painted custom wallpaper going up.

It'll keep the space feeling unique and unexpected.

It looks awesome. Really good.

You read to start ripping plywood?


We can get this thing, whip it out, knock it out.

Today, we are working on a door.

Not just any door.

It's going to be a secret door, which is pretty cool.

So, when you open it up, you can go into the laundry room,

and then at the bottom, there will be swinging doggie doors

so the dogs can go in and out to their kennels.

But we need a small template here.

Can I use Lucky?

Any chance of getting him to stand up?

JOE: I don't know. That's pretty stressful.


Lucky, come here.

Let's go. Come on.

Let's go.

Okay. Alright.


You know, he's gonna have to take a nap after this.

I think it it was 26 tall overall,

that gives about three inches over Lucky.

We did our job, Luck.

I mean...

-Beautiful. -Beautiful.

It's bigger than any doggy door

that you've go outside of the house with.

CHASE: I mean, that's true.

That's some fine skill saw work, man.

You ready to go? Let's try it out.

You ready? Come here.

It's gonna be amazing.

Get up. Right around it.

Dang it.

Come here, Lucky.

No, this is the only way you can go, Lucky.

Only way.

Come here, Lucky. Right here, buddy.

Come on, buddy. Come here, buddy.

Oh, no.

Hey, wait, let's try it this way,

because this is how they're really going to be coming out.

Okay. That makes sense. I'll give you that.

Okay, Lucky. Come here.


Come here, buddy.

Yes! Lucky!

That is perfect. Lucky.

Wow. Oh, my goodness.

-Welcome home. -Look at our porch!

So, when you're cutting this stuff,

you always got to keep your hands

far away from the blade, see, because it can flip.

Here. Does that look like an elephant, kind of?

You forgot the horns.

This is an elephant without horns.

Well, then, it's not an elephant.

Some of them don't have horns. Maybe it's a baby.


What do you think of this?

Where are you gonna put the toys at?

Let me show you.

You think it needs anything else?

You thought I was supposed to make her some fish?

I'm working on that, too.

You see? You want to see?

We're going to have some fish.

You should put magnets on...

That's what I think would be a great idea. Some magnets.

What do you think of it?

You like it?


JENNY: Elly's beloved pine floors

are getting four coats of a clear sealer

so that we can protect them for years to come.

In the main bathroom,

we have a glass shower door being installed.

Each room is getting traditional light fixtures

with a little bit of a modern twist,

and in the kitchen, we have new appliances,

and that'll really update everything in here.

We have a lot going on today.

All the final touches are getting put into place,

getting ready to show the Elliots their new home.

-Do what I do best. -Oh, God bless you, Dad.

DAVE: The Elliots are going to love a hidden door

to their new laundry room.

And then...

-Would you look at that? -Ta-da.

And then here's the fishing rod storage for Philip.

-Oh. -Oh, so cool.

It's gonna be a laundry room he is gonna love.

JENNY: I love that.

All right. We're in the home stretch.

JENNY: This home, although it's now more modern,

we also restored it to its original look and feel,

and the original character is very much intact.

Okay, Philip, this one is for you.

It's wide open from the front of the house

to the back of the house. I love that.

The toys -- Awesome.

Oh, the toys are really cute.

Got a nibble. Got a nibble Go a -- Oop! There it is.

Oh, yeah. Caught a big one.

I think they're going to love it.


Can I just pick a little piece of that crumble off the top?

No. I know. I want to so bad,

but don't.

What are you most excited about, babe?

The apple pie.

Oh, my gosh.

It looks amazing.

And I'm a pie fanatic.

He really is. This is an easy man to please.

You excited?




I see it.

There it is.

Wow. Oh, my goodness.

Hi! [ Laughs ]



Ooh, there they are. There they are.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.


Wow. Oh, my goodness.

Hi! [ Laughs ]

-How are you? -Good. How are you?

Welcome home.

Oh, my gosh.

This is amazing.

Look at our porch!

PHILIP: It looks totally different.

I was right about the carport.

100% right about the carport.

ELLY: It is a different house.

JENNY: You got a brand-new room.

I love the landscaping. Save me some work.

Really though. Really though.

Alright, we got to go inside because that's the fun stuff.

Yeah, let's go see your house. Come on.

Ah. Okay.

-Oh, my God. -Oh, my goodness.

PHILIP: This is amazing.

Wow, you guys.

Floors look great. They look great.

I can't believe it's the same place.

It really doesn't look like the same house.

You really wanted to be able to walk in and see all the way

to the back of the house. Now you can.

-Open concept. -Yes.

PHILIP: That's how it was supposed to be.

Okay, come on. Come on. I want to show you the kitchen.

I know. I can't wait to get into the kitchen.

Wow. Look at our kitchen!

PHILIP: I know. Oh, my goodness. We have an island now.

ELLY: I know. And our tiles.

Your tile that was in your kitchen originally

wasn't actually tin.

So, we actually got new tin and...

-Ordered a new tin ceiling. -...ordered new tin

and put it in. [ Laughs ]

It's gorgeous. I love the countertops.

I like the texture of the --

Yeah, the honed surface.

That is cool.

No fridge to back into.

I don't know what else to say, really.

It's beautiful.

Let's go back up here. See some more rooms.

This is so exciting.

So, you remember you had a bookcase here?

-Yes. -But now you have a hallway,

and then the new entrance to your bedroom.

Something we did not have before.

You did not.

Now the flow is so much better.

So, go ahead. Go in your new hallway.

It's very exciting.

ELLY: Yay! Look at our basement!

It's so well hidden, isn't it?

So, do you want to go in the bedroom first?

Okay, that's on the right.

Wow. Oh, my goodness.

This is our room.

-There's no doors. -There's one door.

It's perfect.

It's perfect.

We have a real bedroom.

We have a real bedroom.

I want to see the bathroom now.

Yeah. Okay.

Oh. Wow.

PHILIP: Wow. That's -- Yes. This is what we had in mind.

I love the neutral tone of the tile.

I love the geometric shape, and I have a closet.

I said "I". We have a closet.

Go ahead. Go look.


I finally have my own space.

I don't have to share a closet with Whitten.


PHILIP: It is light years ahead of where it used to be.

There's more stuff to see. Let's go.

Oh, wow.

Oh. Look at this little space.

Oh, he's gonna be so excited.

So, Jenny and I were working

to open up the kitchen wall.

We found all this beautiful wood

that we were able to make Whit toys with.

No way.

So, this all stuff that I made...

-Dave. -...that came out of your house.

I know you like fishing.


He can come in here

and we got this rigged up

so Whit can go fishing...

He can go fishing.

...and catch little fish.

JENNY: And he was going to make a rocking horse,

but we made it a rocking sheep

because we have sheep, so it's from our farm to you guys.

Thank you guys. Thank you for thinking about Whit.

Okay, so just want to go check by that that bookshelf I guess.

-Yeah. -Okay.

So, Philip made an agreement.

Oh, I remember this.

He said if we were able to bring the laundry room upstairs,

he would do laundry.

So, we started with the dogs.

We know you have the dogs that were downstairs.

So, these are one-way doors.


You open it.

So exciting!

Go ahead, Dave.

So, you open your bookshelf,

and then we have the space for your dogs.

Go ahead, go ahead.

Oh, wow.

JENNY: We know your dogs were downstairs,

and we had to get them up here, too.

ELLY: And now they're up here with us, too.

PHILIP: Oh, They're going to love that.

And then Phil, if you want to open that cabinet

next to the washer and dryer.

-Ha-ho! -What?

Yes. Is it on a slide?

-It is on a slide. -No.

ELLY: What?


Next level.

DAVE: This is your space

'cause you might be spending more time.

Probably going to be doing a lot more laundry now.

So you can modify that

if you want to put some laundry detergent in there,

whatever you can.


-It's perfect. -It is.

Dave and Jenny have made this a house that we can stay in

and that Whit can grow up in.

See? Your own fishing pole. Just like Dada.

It stood for such a long time, and now it's, you know,

even more special than it already was.

PHILIP: You like it?

Are you so happy?

Do you love it now?

I love it way more.

Cheers with our pie.


Thank you guys so much.

This is amazing.

This house is going to be here for a long time,

and to see Whit growing up

and to see this family grow around the house that we did,

I mean, I know it's kind of cheesy,

but it's pretty cool.

Yeah, well said.

Thank you.

Thank you.

It was a very, very fun project.

It was.

-And we got pie. -And we got pie.

The Description of A Home to Love