Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rods freestyles to Jocelyn Flores

Difficulty: 0

Ya boi back at it again

Throwback to back when I thought I was king

RodsGotRaps, damn thats got a nice ring to it, dont ya think?

He started from rock bottom, now hes on top of em

Rods is a R.A.P in himself, Rythmically Applied Poet, and you know it

His skill they cant decipher, he stole his flow from the Pied

Piper. Lyrics on point hes a syllable sniper. Whole song

so hot you might need a sun visor. After this verse he might need a million

subscribers. This only the first verse the rest gon be fire


Some say he needs better flow they could he know

Hes closing on his all time low, but what would they know when their hardest

hardest was as soft as dough. And their knowledge micro. So he spits back with better ammo

The audience know they in for a show. He gets up on stage, time

time starts to slow. He goes woah before they nudge him

with their elbow. The producers say "No"

He goes home, listens to his old soundtracks

Thats before they said RodsGotRaps is crap

He looks around finds his old Kodak. Scrolling through he wishes he could go

go back. Back to a time when he was in his prime

Sitting alone he starts crying. His spirit starts dying

Heart and mind ain't complying

Runs a bath, brings a plug from the ironing

Washes for purifying, in water the cord starts whining

He did that on purpose, the results mustve been electrifying.



The Description of Rods freestyles to Jocelyn Flores