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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Loki Interview PRANK

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Are you up all night to get Loki-


(Ian)I'm going to read off this paper because i'm not a professional interviewer

(Tom)Okay,this seems like a fair assumption

(Anthony)Mess up on your last name

(Ian)Start it with a really really awkward handshake

(Anthony)Alright,can we-

-Tom,i'm Anthony

(Tom)-Tom,nice to meet you Anthony


(Anthony)No,i want you to do the...

*Beeping Sound*



(Ian)Ian Hec-Hecox


(Tom)Wait what is your last name again?





(Ian)You're smiling now

(Tom)My surname is crazier than that


(Anthony)Try to hint him with his last name

(Ian)Did they ever say 'Kiddlestone'


(Tom)They never did

(Ian)Did they say 'Kidneystone'

(Tom)No,that's a thing.

(Ian)You think it's too far?

(Tom)No, 'Kidneystone' is the first

-quiet that actually...

*Beeping Sound*


(Anthony)Yep,and then-

-and then

and then diddle-

diddle is palm with you finger

Wait, hold your hand like this.

*Makes weird noise*


*Beeping sound*

(Ian)Would you say that you are...

-more of a brony...

a belieber or a twihard

(Tom)What's a brony?

*Anthony laugh*

(Anthony)Who would win in a fight Loki


cyborg George Washington.

- Cyborg George Washington, what--

- He's got laser eyes. - Right.

- And Loki's just... - The first president

of the United States.

- ...incredibly handsome.


- Loki's so handsome.

- Cough, cough. - Hiddleston.

- (coughing) - You okay?

- I'm good.

- Drink your water. Drink your water.

- Do you need a glass of water? - Yeah.

- Cough in it and have-- offer him-- - So...

- (coughs)

- Yeah. - (coughing)

- Offer it to him. - Okay. I'm sorry.

- Sorry. - I didn' name.

- No, it's okay. Did you want any?

- Yeah, that's pretty good idea. Yeah, thanks.

- (laughing)

- Oh, God.

- Where's that from?

- Tell me you have a herpes. You might have herpes.

- You just might have-- you might have herpes now.

- (breathes in)

Okay. - Sorry.

- I never had herpes before. - Well, it's-- it's an experience.

- Yeah. - Yeah.

- Well, people say always go for the new experience.

- Especially with herpes.

Say the next sentence with a, uh...

a southern drawl.

- (with Southern drawl) How many fingers am I holding up?

- Uh...

- Currently-- uh, currently none.

- Tell him he's wrong.

- You're wrong.


- I'm holding it up. What? You didn't see it?

- You know when you've been tangoed.

- Can you guess what a brony is?

- Bros? - No.

- Go, errh, wrong.

- Brony... - No.


Wrong. - Roni Rooney. Brony.

- (laughs)

- Brony? - Keep going "errh."

- Errh. - Uh, brony. Bro,

bro, bros. - Errh.

Is it something to do with, um... - Errh.

Clearly the wrong answer.

- (giggling)

- Ask him who's more attractive.

- Which one of us is hotter?

- Oh, that's like asking-- like, it's like-- that's like choosing between two children.

- No, it's not because we're not your children.

- Brony... brony hony...

- Pretend you farted and you're trying to hide it. Pretend it-- wave it away.

- (chuckles)

Brony... brony...

- Behind you, behind your chair. - Pony.

(paper rustles) Um...

You okay, man? - I'm good.

- What did you do all the time you were locked in the glass box slash room? Did they take you out to poop?

- As he's talking,

touch his nose and say, "Boop!"

- They didn't. They don't.

They don't. - Boop!

- Can you give a-- a freestyle rap about about Thor, the Dark World?

I'll lay down the beat.

- Halfway through his rap, start making your beat really stupid

and obnoxious. - Bowm, cheecko.

- (giggles) - (funny beatboxing)

- (rapping) This is a story about the two boys of Asgard, race to the top, we goin' faster than NASCAR.

- Ask if he could sing a ballad about...

- ..about your hair not being real.

- To the what-- sort of what tune? What's your favorite ballad?

- The one from Titanic. - The one from

Titanic. - Okay.

- (humming) - (singing) Every night in my dreams, I miss you.

I feel you.

- Ask him to do the face on the poster while he answers the next question.

- Can you make the face that you're making on that poster while I ask you this this next question?

- Okay. I look absolutely deranged in that photo.

But, yeah, here we go. Okay. I'll try.

What am I doing? Laughing. (evil chuckle)


- Would you rather be attacked by 20 cockroach-size bears or one bear-size cockroach?

- (devilish chuckling)

What a silly question.

- Tell me that slowly about how you got it greasy.

- Pretend you're having an orgasm.

- I...




steady the buffs, hold that gray, let the horse guard through.

- Oh! - Then the horses. Wow.

- Next question.

- Tic Tacs. - Tell him you like to pretend it's Smurf poop.

- It's always good to bring refreshments.

- It is. I-- it's blue Tic Tacs. I like to pretend that they are Smurfs poop.

- Yeah, that's-- that's nice.

- Try to throw one in his mouth. Try to throw it is mouth. Don't--

- No, no, no. No, no, no. No.

- That's-- that's gonna be too easy. Um, I'm gonna try to throw it in your mouth. Is that cool?

- That's cool. Yeah. Okay, here we go.

- That's cool, yeah, okay, here we go. - All right, ready?

- Yeah. - Underhand or overhand?

- Either's fine.

- Okay. We'll try underhand.

- Okay. - Miss really bad.

- OH!

- Yes! - Yes!

- This is how we do it.


- Okay, do it again. Do it again.

- Boop!

- Tell him to make a different choice.

- Make a different noise than that. Do it again, though. Make a different--

- Bah!

- Keep-- keep making new noises.

- (high-pitched) Boop!

- That noise was terrible. - That noise was really bad.

- It's too similar? - Do it again. Do it again.

- Hehh!

- Go over and feel his shirt.

- What material is that?

- Guess completely wrong. This is...

- Is it-- wait, wait, wait, don't-- don't tell me, um...

- It's kind of good old-fashioned--

- Uh, cashmere. - No.

- Um...

- Cow hyde?

- No. That would be leather.

- Ask him if it's leather. - Is it leather?

- (laughing)

- Touch his Adam's apple.

- Is this-- is this real? Is this real?

- Is my Adam's apple real? - Yeah, is it real?

- It's real. - Prove it's real. Go like, ahhhh.

- (voice jiggling)

- Oh, it is real. - (laughs)

- Tell him to answer it while doing Natalie Portman's face now.

- Can you now make Natalie Portman's face in that poster?

- Yeah. - And answer this question.

- She's got a hand up there.

- Let's see. - Okay.

After playing Loki...

- Did I do well? - You did great.

- Hug him again. - Okay. Thank you.

- Love it. Thank you so much. Thanks, man.

- Feel a little touch of his hair. Touch his hair a little bit. - I'm, you know, I--

- Don't-- don't let go of the hug for a little bit.

- I am on my tippy toes right now because you are so-- you're so tall.

- Oh, thank you so much.

- All right. - All right.

Well, um, thanks for that. - Thank you. Thank you.

- Leave the scene. - All right.

Bye. - Bye.


I was a bit thirsty, and, uh...

- I don't know what to do now. Let's have a look at these questions.

"Why is Chris Hemsworth such a beautiful man?"




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