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I mean, why would, in a world would you want to punch Bieber?

Oh, You know well, maybe not punch,

just flip him off flip him off yeah, you know what there was I I do have a Bieber story

That I will share. Oh I love it. I am

I used to be a regular at this club in Toronto called the cabana. It's just like an outdoor

Day club trying to be Vegas in Toronto kind of thing it's cool. You know laid-back

Sushi's pretty good so me and my girlfriend will go there

And we just get in Cabana an order fucking food and eat and yell at my friend DJ's and shit like that

That would go and play there sometimes I would play there and something so hey one one fine day,

An 18 year old Bieber fucking appears. Ok the fucking place is out of control

It's like it's like fucking Trump trying to land a 747 at fucking Chicago O'Hare

Fucking rush hour of planes. You know where basically you have to clear everything out

Make sure he's got you know

Line-of-sight to his you know it was like to his cabana and stuff like that and I was like oh

I really didn't want to be there

You know what I mean like I was like fuck why am I here cuz I we gotta go

They're gonna have cameras and someone's gonna do a thing.

[Ethan] He was ruining the funk?

Yeah, and basically I and what I did is I tweeted as I do

Bieber just showed up party's over right like this income the fucking paparazzi in the weirdos

Yeah, so we were just sitting there, and he fucking like just you know takes off his shirt. No shit. He's like 18, dude

You're not even legally allowed to be there for starters. You know

But who's gonna say shit right, so I was just like whatever you know

Just maybe this will be okay if I don't attract any attention. He fucking looks over me he's like

And then everyone's like going and then whispering at him you know like hey, that's deadmau5

That's deadmau5, and I was like. I'll fuck you know because I'm

rewinding in my head thinking like

Maybe he's read one of these like earlier tweets, these kinda joke things

Things just something like that. What have you said about him? And then he's like fucking, he

I don't know. He was like you know so he will tell him to come here. You know

I'm like no you know like I'm not gonna walk over to your booth and go over there right and then I

leaned over and someone took a picture of me leaning over

To tell him and not say like hey. I'm your biggest fan. I actually said hey welcome to Canada first time. I actually said that

Is like fucking security guards someone took a picture of right at that moment?

But just the way that you'll find it you're gonna people are googling it right now

If you find the pic looks like.. Hold up, hold up back up there

What? Oh they're going to pull up the picture. Oh are they going to find it? Yeah

It looks like it's just the way that they caught me in the photo looks like I'm like reaching

for him like I'm fan-boying or something.

But I actually remember saying welcome to Canada the first time you know I mean like let me see this photo

It was so fucked up. They've got it. Did they have it?

You're on it

They've got it, yeah they've got it.

Well that wasn't so so you have a slight grudge because of the way he tried to summon your ass over there

Yeah. No. I'm sorry dude. I'm the one guy that won't come over here and suck your dick. You know

My bad. Here it is. Is this it?

Uh, that's part of it that's part of it, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's mostly it. He looks his stance is kind of aggressive well

he was a little he was a little upset when I said it I

I just mic dropped and then walked out like and left the club

After that, but they got me like smiling because it was probably cause I was laughing at my own stupid fucking joke yeah exactly

It looks like he's a little

Guarded and you did a goof on him. I don't know it's

It's subjective service like oh, you're just so excited to be in his presence

I'm like, actually I was on my way out but

These no look dude, okay, okay, I will admit I

Didn't look that good at 18. He does look good. He definitely took care of his body

Yeah, yeah for sure. I wouldn't be taking my shirt off

No, no people pay me to leave it on when I go to cabanas. I had cool tats though before he got his. Is this the only time you

Guys have have crossed paths. That's it oh no no no no oh shit Dean

Do we still have the - oh I don't know if we have a picture of it?

But fucking uh, he threatened to kill me. What? Yeah, yeah, yeah. In Australia, in Australia- Drew!

That's why I remember because you look like Drew Ressler. Drew Ressler was a old photographer who used to take my picture Rukes. Right. Right.

And you really look like Rukes. It's kind of scary

That's alright man, so that was yeah, so he's my photographer in Australia

He was also shooting Bieber right so but this was way before this even and then Bieber

He wrote on

His like a picture of himself "Hi Deadma5, I will kill you". I'm dead fucking serious

And gave it to Rukes and then to give that to deadmau5 right and then so Rukes came to me with this fucking photos says here

You know, Justin Bieber wanted me to give you this and I was like okay, and I looked at it,

And it was literally a picture of like 15 year old him on an acoustic guitar, like "I will kill you"

And I was like, this is the weirdest fucking thing- How come you didn't

Say that why wouldn't you frame that put that up with your taxidermies. I think we literally just left it in the dressing room

Just spooked. I mean a threat from Justin Bieber

I swear to god- That's a special day

Was that was that after your first encounter?

He was in- No it was before. So that was that's how he broke the ice with you


No, no no the first time the first time he broke ice with me was me having to listen to him

talk to his whole crew in the room next door paper-thin walls at the Grammys or

Which which is the thing in the States the Grammys yeah? Yeah? He was at the Grammys

He was in the room next to me, and then we could hear the conversations going on in the room. We were like what the fuck?

What was he saying? I'd rather not.

Enough to say what the fuck. Enough to say what the fuck. I'm like who's in there and then they were like "I think that's Bieber's room.

I was like "oh my god"

You know and then we were like oh that's kind of weird and then and then

Maybe a few months later. We ended up in Australia basically we were both touring at the same time

And then that's when we got that letter

and we were like what? I will kill you dude! Yeah I will kill you. Swear to god

There's got to be a picture that's- now I know how to greet my friends and loved ones.

It's kind of funny. But we've never really spoken, we've never had a dialogue. Oh, man

I feel like I got to get you guys in a room

and just hash it out.

Would you do that? No, no, no I wouldn't. I'm not interested. I'm not interested.

If you're listening Justin get this man another picture that says I will kill you

I don't care.

I've nothing I there's I from all I've learned about you know your

Prowess and musical talents, I am just not interested, there's nothing I could gain. Hmm.

I feel bad for the guy in a way. I mean I think he's matured a lot first of all basically.

Yeah, he's definitely Upgraded from pissing in fucking buckets backstage. I mean yeah, you've been doing, you've been doing quite well.

That's how age works too apparently you're supposed to mature as you get older

but I didn't know you can do that if I'd be doing that I'd be pissing in buckets all over the fucking place.

I was like, you can get away with that shit? Fuck, thanks buddy.

The guy is like so like he can't leave his house without being like brutally harassed

Okay, that I can side with because like I get

Mildly harassed? Actually I was a little mildly harassed outside of your place. Were you really? No not, not mildly. He was just like "hey"

He give me a thumbs up and went.

That's nice. He didn't threaten to kill you or anything. No

But you know being being fucking you know escorted around everywhere by a bunch of fucking dudes- brings a little attention. Yeah, fuck that.

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