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This is the channel of Professor Roh Moo-heo who presents the evidence rather than words.

Today, in part 1 and 2, thanks to the support of our readers,

Let's look at the 3rd Emperor's Highlights. Look at the topic

Look at the tremendous records revealed in the Gangam Rock Messi.

Who is the emperor coming from the next 20th presidential election?

400 years ago, Prophets, Part 3 Park Geun-hye ~ The next emperor.

In conclusion, when you unravel, find Soti Saint Hur. The secret is Sotji Hs.

Prophecy, 1, 2, 3, 400 years before the next emperor.

1 conclusion of Joseon, from Rhee Syngman to Roh Tae-woo,

2 episodes, Kim Young-sam ~ Lee Myung-bak, YouTube, 3 highlights today will be with you Emperor.

Gyukam Yuk "Cheongangjae Inge Era", Jeong Gam Rok "Jeongyeong" When a person comes from the sky, where is Jeongdoyeong?

First, I'll see Junggam Rok. 1) Jeong Geum-rok of Joseon's Geumseo is a collection of secret books,

The author was not known and was sent privately to the private sector.

It's ironic because it's so much like our reality.

2) Let's look at the rock formation.

This man, Joseon Dynasty, is a man of Zhongjong era. Born in Uljin, my hometown, 63 years old, he is a legendary figure.

Mastered in all disciplines, including mechanics and astronomy, but in the past, the power and money

After falling several times, he ended his dreams of cramping and studied astronomy and martial arts.

Later people are surprised by the accuracy of the prophecy.

The Imjin-Yen White Horse Tanza, or Katogiyamasa, came from the south and prophesied 625 conflicts of the same people.

Above all, the focus of attention is on the Cheonam Dynasty word rhyme, "the tea age as a celestial material," that is, when people return directly from the sky,

I stressed that it was time, but I also dare to confirm that the time has come, because the child also sees the heavens.

Secondly, these are the past videos of the Monday National Examination General Election.

1st, Korean land is cut in half. Part Two, the Democratic Party is still the first party.

PART 3, Republicans Overcome the Republic of Korea. 4, Right Future There is no future.

The last five episodes, the National Revolution Dividend Dividend Blast. View the contents ...

Indeed, when we look at our political version, everyone looks like a gnome.

Public sentiment that has been deceived and deceived is ugly.

When will the Land of Buddhas come to Korea to save our people?

Third, the proud emperors of the Korean Empire. From the early 19th to the 19th president, I see the latest.

Mr. Moon Jae-in, a man with a heartfelt neighbor's 19th generation.

Park Geun-hye, the 18th lonely white horse Very lonely. The 17th president, Lee Myung-bak, has a rat on the shore.

President Roh Moo-hyun, the 16th president of Soyangin, is a "right of small children"!

The villain is the representative of power. President Kim Dae-jung is the king of crows.

Ah ... there was a lot of wind. Yes representative of the crow.

See also President Kim Young-sam. It is a phoenix. Everyone who touches the phoenix dies.

And 13th President Roh Tae-woo. It has a typical monkey statue.

Yes and symbol of Chun Doo-hwan president soldier! The bald eagle statue, you can see the white bald eagle statue.

And unfortunately, Choi Kyu-ha is not coming out as a transitional period. The same is true of the four generations of President Yoon Bo-sun.

And the remaining two, President Park Chung Hee and President Syngman Rhee ...

President Park Chung-hee, the father of our national revival, is also a blue dragon statue. Blue Dragon statue! So it caused this country a miracle.

President Rhee's founding father is also the blue dragon statue.

Because these two blue dragons, our country was able to lay the groundwork. Everyone!

The emperors of the misfortune in the prophetic book!

From President Syngman Rhee, four transitional governments President Yoon Bo-sun is missing.

Choi Kyu-ha, the tenth president of the transitional government, is in a state of rain.

Lastly, unfortunately, President Moon Jae-in, our good-hearted president, is not mentioned because the current government is in transition.

I'm sorry for not mentioning it in the beginning, but I can't help it.

And episode 1, from Syngman Rhee to President Roh Tae-woo. 2 episodes. From Kim Young-sam to President Lee Myung-bak.

And the third and highlight is from President Park Geun-hye to the next emperor. I divided it into 3 episodes.

It was recorded in the 13th President Roh Tae-woo's prophecy from the first President Syngman Rhee.

First is President Syngman Rhee. President Lee Seung-han's first blue dragon statue! "Baekwha 3 Daerak" is like this.

Park Chung-hee, the fifth to ninth presidents, is the second to appear in Blue Dragon! "Three Red Hood Hood"

Chun Doo-hwan, president of the 11th to 12th Bald Eagle Awards.

"Cheongnamjoyu Jaejae Jeonjeondoji" It is written like this.

Next is President Roh Tae-woo of the Celestial Monkey Award. "Namwon Bung Thousand Thousand Dollars"

The transitional governments, Bo Bo-sun, Choi Kyu-ha, and President Moon Jae-in, are not on record.

The transitional government is a nation that does not recognize the emperor as emperor.

Thank you for the fact that two blue dragons appeared at the same time,

It is thanks to these two people that the birth of Inara Chosun, the foundation of the country and the miracle of the Han River.

Sixth, see the record of the Prophets from Kim Young-sam to Lee Myung-bak, the second emperor following the first episode.

"Letter of the law!" This is the 14th President Kim Young-sam of the Great Phoenix.

"15 swallows!" This is Kim Dae-jung, the 15th President of the Crow from Jeolla Province, Sinan.

I look at the 16th President Roh Moo-hyun from the Owl Rock. "Children Rights" is written like this.

17th President Lee Myung-bak! I saw President Lee Myung-bak on Pohang's shore.

The content. Here, three out of four emperors of Joseon are already deceased.

Moreover, even President Lee Myung-bak cannot escape the life of the detention center,

If Roh Moo-hyun was alive, would he have been there? ......

Now we pray with our hands that we will never drive the emperor we have chosen again into an unhappy life,

President Park Geun-hye, the lone white horse who is currently in prison, wants to come back to work as soon as possible and establish the body of the emperors of Korea.

Fourthly, this is the first Emperor's three highlights this week.

From the 18th Park Geun-hye Seo to the next Emperor Emperor.

First, we will see 18-year-old President Park Geun-hye. It was like this.

And Moon Jae-in, the 19th president of the United States

It is not mentioned at all.

Yes, this is the Joseon emperor of the Joseon Dynasty.

"Cheonggang Jae-in era!" It's called "the time of man's coming down from heaven."

Since then, we have a lot of records with you. Let's take a look.

"Cheongangjaechae times" When people come down from the sky!

When will the celestial sphere come about for our good people who have no place to rely on?

Park Geun-hye, the president of the solitary white horse, is still spending his years in this icy cold cell.

It will be a tremendous karma of President Moon Jae-in, who does not appear in the secret.

How long should emperors of Joseon face this tragedy?

Even now, President Moon Jae-in has a history of half a million years

It would be heaven's will to build up the emperors of the emperors of the Joseon era.

"18 Women's House!" Park Geun-hye, the 18th president of the lonely white horse.

"18 Women's House!" Park Seong-sung in the garden of the tile house is emperor as 18 generations!

The 18-year-old president Park Park, a woman of fine crosses and crosses in a garden garden under the tile house of the Blue House, becomes the 18th president.

I'll see Park Geun-hye and Choi Soon-sil. Choi Tae-won, wearing the grace of President Park Chung-hee's father,

His daughter, Choi Soon-sil, is a woman who wakes up at dawn.

Even the lonely white horse Park Geun-hye becomes the candle of impeachment in the karma,

In other words, it burned like a chicken crackle and was emptied. That is the fate of this lonely Park Geun-hye.

In a moment glory and glory are like the clouds of daytime.

The dark horse of this world is dark, and ascended to heaven by the virtues of his father, Park Chung-hee, he became the 18th emperor.

Having enjoyed all kinds of riches, who could have imagined this?

In the center of impeachment candlelight, which has been the object of all nations, all were twenty-four crying out to be 18 according to the word.

Impeached in March 17th and became a body in English, but soon heaven regained the honor of the lonely white horse,

He will build up the land of the country's Chosun land, the emperors of the misfortune!

Sixth, we see President Moon Jae-in of the 19th unintentional petition.

The fate of a cow spends all his life, Eventually, he is dragged to the slaughterhouse and offered his body.

In the prophetic book of 400 years ago, the government of Moon Jae-in, who spearheaded the dizzying political situation of impeachment candlelight,

It would be considered a transitional regime and excluded from the secretariat.

What shall we do not recognize as emperor? That all is the will of heaven ...

I'll see the contents. In the face of the misfortune of President Roh Moo-hyun, Secretary General took power.

Luckily, Park's impeachment candle in the typhoon Thanks to 62 impeachment protagonists,

He was ruling as president, but he did not recognize the secret.

Clearly, the transitional government for the appearance of the next Mayor-do-Jeong-do is obvious.

Unfortunately embarrassed by two emperors, Suseo Brothers Lee Myung-bak and President Baek-sang Sang-keop,

The sky doesn't help, and it throws fire or fire.

Impeachment candle is also a fire, forest fires and fires are a fire,

The anger rises in the hearts of our people.

While the number of Park Geun-hye governments, or water, is the Sewol issue, President Moon Jae-in is so deeply connected with Anger!

Beware of the fire-inspired regime, the blow of the sky. Do you accept what you give?

The quick release of the emperors of luck will not be anger.

Seventh, the Highlight Emperor. Rookie appearance. "Cheonggangjae tea age" When people come from the sky ......

Sadobu is also a new draw! ... Signed by a new draw! ...

A rookie appears on the island but not on the island!

There are gods who look like people but not people!

West energy stretches east. In other words, God is crowned with Chosun!

"Million scare lanzhou" Buddhism in the 1st Paikcheonggang class Ra inside Buddhism called the first class is 5,000 years,

Although we have spent and spent these great years, when are we going to come to us?

Now the appearance is imminent. Land of empties, land not an island, not an island,

The number tells you how to come to the land of Joseon.

He does not seem to be a man, but it implies that a man is coming.

It is said that the Maitreya Buddha appears at the time when the energy of the West stretches eastward.

Eighth, "The Spirit of the Spirit of God" is coming to the land of Chosun land of Ibiun!

When the spirit spirit comes in the clouds, let's see.

"Boeing Command Haeinchul ......" "Short answer to Chosunrae ......" "Sungsan Seongjijijimji ......" Lot review ... "

It is like this. First, let's look at the Covenant Command Haechul.

The Great Master who protects us is in the age of Haein!

He comes to the Korean peninsula under the solar galaxy!

He is coming to the sacred mountain, the sacred land, the sound of souls!

"The Last Supper Shibuji" In the last days the heavenly priest came, but the people of the world saw it and did not know it!

"Thanks for the sake of the land" It is so sad and pathetic that the people of the world do not recognize it!

I'll see you on the right. The Great Master appeared in the Haein era, and came to Chosun under the galaxy,

That is where the sacred mountains, the earth, and the sound of murmuring come from.

In the last days, the Holy Ghost descended, but the people of the earthly world did not know it when they saw it.

Indeed, those who are diligent in the world do not know it;

Only those who have ties to the past have merit all past life, and it will be heaven's meaning to see them.

"Temporary Rights" Authorized Power from Heaven! A rookie comes!

"Language!" A newcomer is coming from a time when words, words, and ways are cut off! ......

"Haein era!" Now is the time when Haein YouTube appears as a comet in this time of overflowing with the sea! .....

"Newspaper version!" A man who has a good face, words, words, and judgment is on the rise! ......

"The kingdom of heaven! The one who has been granted the authority of heaven comes!"

If you empty the two soldiers with a spear in the "Evil Panic" Don, you will be left with Kim.

If Kim rains, he will loosen him as a failure! ......

After the voice of Woo Sung-jae, the sound of souls will be spread all over the world! ......

"Standing fever" pajamas, find Sotzyn Hershey

Try to scoop out. "Fever" at the end 1) Destroy the soldier.

2) Two soldiers holding up the side window of the Don E. 3) Destroy or destroy two soldiers with spears.

That way, 4) you can get rid of the two soldiers holding the spear, leaving only "gong". 5) Empty the ball to learn Mr. Kim.

6) If you empty the castle, there will be no castle left. 7) In other words, this means that even if only Kim Hae Kim gets rid of his last name, Kim Hae He, who is the same sex, remains.

That's why I have to see Sotsang, Hur. The content.

If you destroy the two soldiers of Don electronic, only Kim remains, and now Kim becomes empty, that is, empty.

You can interpret this. If you knew how to do this, Mr. Hur would have been destroyed,

Therefore, people with ties ...

Let's go find Society Hershey!

"Cheonggangjae Tea Age" Rookie is the conclusion.

In the tens of millions of years, it appeared in the land of vacant land

How stupid are the people of the foolish world, who are diligent about it, and do not know it.

Sacred Mountain, Sacred Place Soul Let's find the Sotsaini Hershey Castle.

First, the emperor at the time of the transition period

It will be heaven's will because we do not recognize the kingdom as a king.

Second, "Newspaper version" to the land of the vacant land under the "Simcheoncheon Chosunrae" galaxy

A rookie with excellent face, words, words, and judgment appears.

Third, "Language Dodo, Haein era, Cheon Heo-kwon, Woo Sung-jae"!

The authority granted in heaven is "language In this age of words, words, and words,

And appearing in the "Haein times", "Universe," or the sound of soul, awakens the world.

Fourth, "death war" The one who has vulgarity is hidden by the pajama that is the god of justice.

Fifth, He comes to the land of Joseon is the blessing of our delivery people and the people of the world,

There is no point in prophecy. The good people who die of the world

When are you going to come to Taepyung Sung University? Previous Helmet Dogfights, Rotten Asura Politics,

Insane guys in front of the general elections who led the impeachment and handed over the regime ...

The conservative unification is hard, and I'm doing it in my thoughts.

These betrayers now declare a system of sharing power after the general election, and heaven does not forgive it.

In the midst of the desolation of the high mountain, and in the face of the unreliable ... The good shamans will not be deceived again.

That's why the very white dragon that heaven has occupied is waiting to ascend ...

In that deep darkness where you can't see,

You will be swept away like the wind.

Thank you everyone. Goodbye!!!!

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