Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MT 1 《我叫MT》 我是MT IamMT 第1集

Difficulty: 0

(swith to) 'Protection'

I am MT(Main Tank);

firm body like steel

I Parry, and Dodge

guarding you with my body

don't fear any more

erect stands me

sisters and brothers, don't reserve your power.

they say Tanks are formidable

top honor of the guild

most desired position, most DKP(Dragon Kill Point); all loot for you.

open fire, no 1 percent any more.

healers, do keep me maximum HP(Health Point)

if OT(Over Threat), i'll Intervene you

Shield Wall's, cooling down; full damage burst out !

The Description of MT 1 《我叫MT》 我是MT IamMT 第1集