Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Trump Shifts His Policies to the Left

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America thank you for choosing me as the Republican nominee for president of the

United States. And now the moment you've all been waiting for

when i move my politics slightly to the left. Here are my brand new policies in a fun

new format

the kids are going to love it it's going to be great they're going to love it

it's so great I call it

Trump Code

Trump code number one: there's still going to be a border well it's going to

be a great while a big wall but there will be some openings for instance

there's going to be a takeout window

it's going to be the most beautiful takeout window you've ever seen you can

get gorditas you can get chalupas you want a Spanish tutor

I could tell you this you can take it home with you it will be a beautiful

Spanish tutor -And Mexico

to be fair there's gonna be a wall on every border that's right take out windows a'


it's gonna be like America is inside one giant mall that's also a prison in the

It'll pay for itself

Trump code number two: Isis it's still a problem

it's a great problem it's a big problem I'm gonna tell you something here's what

we're gonna do we're gonna torture and kill all the family members

that's not changing however we all know that every family has at least one gay


and we know how that religion feels about the gays let me tell you something

I know the gays

I love gays I have never met a gay uncle who was a terrorist

so here's what we're gonna do we're going to identify all of the gay uncles

that are related to Isis and we're gonna pardon them and of course the other

family members were gonna torture and kill for information

Trump code number three abortions

obviously we need abortions look at the candidates I just ran against ok I mean

we need abortions

let me tell you something however if you have an unwanted pregnancy and your hot

and, big and here, the father is also a good-looking guy

the US government will pay you to raise it ok we need hot people everyone loves

hot people hot people make the world go round let's kill the Uglies and all the

high autism risk pregnancies trip code number four

okay three words black lives matter all right they do they matter they matter so

much i love black lives and i love that they matter and they do its because they


here's what we're going to do i hear your pain every white cop is going to

mentor a young black kid that's what's gonna happen it's gonna be like a buddy

cop situation it's very entertaining it's very heart warming I'm talking about

lethal weapon with mel gibson and samuel l jackson 48 hours with Nick Nolte and

again samuel l jackson beverly hills cop and all those great white guys and

Samuel L Jackson

I mean it really is great if you don't love a white guy in a black guy fighting

bad guys then your the bad guy and I'm coming for you see that I can be

conservative and liberal it's not hard i love liberals I love conservatives

I love this video format I really do this is great the kids are gonna love


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