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Hey guys Welcome back to another new video

Finally, we have received the K40 gaming edition, which is going to be released in India named

Let us first unbox it and see what all we get inside it

I have noticed one thing here is that the sound is by JBL which means the quality will be different

We get a gaming vibe in this box only

Let's open the box

It is written HIgh Energy Warning.. Does that mean the battery can blast?

No, It is just for the gaming vibe they have mentioned it

You will see Game start written on a box

it gives a gaming vibe

We get Sim remover and Case cover inside it

Now We can see our main device that is the K40 gaming edition

It looks very cool but let's see it later

and what else we get here

Well a Yellow colour 67W fast charger is given

It is going to charge very fast

and the charging cable is available in capsule

it will be useful while gaming and I will show you at that time

So once again I will show you the box content

case cover, the main device, a 67W fast charger, cable, sim remover, and some paper guide

So let's see how is the main device

WOW.... the device looks awesome

the in-hand feel gives a gaming feel

if you are a gamer it would give the best feel

Let us see how it works so that we can decide whether it is best for gaming or not

See its camera bump

thunder flash symbol and branding can be seen here

in hand feel is very cool, only you may feel it broad

speedest is written near the camera

everything here gives you a gaming vibe

we get buttons here

using these buttons you can convert it to a gaming

Let us talk about its ports, so at the top, you can see a mic

and a JBL speaker

on the right triggers with a fingerprint scanner and power on-off button

at the bottom JBL speaker, charging port, and sim injector tool where you can insert a nano sim also

on the other side, we get volume rockers and a mic

so these were the overall ports

It has a matte finish so fingerprint mark won't appear

but if you use cover then the gaming vibe will not be felt anymore

it looks weird with the cover

but if you want to use it with the cover then it is your choice

The weight of the device is 207grams

with cover, its weight is around 219grams

I have already boot the device and also used it for a while

and its experience is very nice

the UI is very smooth and optimized

If we talk about the update then it comes with MIUI 12.5 update

and I think it will be based on MIUI 12.5 only when it gets launched in India

We get Android 11 support so we can use its gestures

and the UI is very smooth as I have used it in every way

We get a 120Hz refresh rate which makes UI more smooth

and it genuinely feels like a 120Hz refresh rate

Other POCO device which I use does not give me that feel

We get MediaTek Dimensity 1200 5G chipset which is better for gaming

Let us try BGMI on this device to check how it works

Its game space has many customizations

as it is a gaming edition so it is necessary to improve it for a better gaming experience

and actually, they have done it well

I have already played the game

but if we talk about the graphic settings which we get normally on this device

is smooth with extreme and 90FPS is not yet enabled

and HDR with Ultra

gaming works smooth with high graphics also

the plus point is we get a gaming trigger

For that, you have to go to the settings

and then set the trigger

we have to select left or right

for that, you will have to enable the button here

so with this is can directly set this

once it is done or set you can play BGMI very easily

I play with three fingers normally

so suddenly using four fingers was a different feeling but I enjoyed playing

If we get used to it then it will not be an issue

This is a gaming edition so that is the reason to add these features and I guess it works in PUBG also

the trigger can be used for gaming purpose

If you think you can use other apps with this then that will not be possible

As I said we get a capsule charger with the device so you can play nicely

Backside near camera we get RGB light

so while notification and charging this light blinks which looks nice

If we talk about the performance, here we get L3 support but when it will get launch in India am sure it will be L1

AnTuTu Benchmark Score is around 670701 which is very good

The read and write speed is also very good

CPU throttling is also good as you can see it

We get camera 2 API support so Gcam can be installed here

The main camera is 64MP

and microlens of 8MP and 2MP

we get a triple camera setup so if you want to see the picture quality

the picture quality is good from the main camera of 64MP

color reproduction is very good

everything is well maintained

In portrait mode also the pictures are good

We also get a 16MP front camera which beautifies your picture

and brightens your picture

As you can my face color has brightened up and looks clear

If you click pictures in portrait mode from the front camera then the image will not be that good

As this is a gaming device so we will not discuss more camera

but I liked one thing which is we get AI stickers here

if you don't know what it is then watch it here

This feature was there in the IOS device but now we get in this also

this feature is very cool

Its fingerprint scanner and face unlock works very smoothly

Talking about the video quality, it is not an AMOLED screen but still, the viewing angle is very nice

You can watch any content in full HD and the color reproduction is also very good

also, the viewing angle is very cool

the maximum brightness is of 500 nits

so maybe outdoor you may face visibility issue

Talking about the audio output, as it has a JBL speaker and dual speaker

you yourself listen to the voice production

So this was a quick unboxing of the K40 gaming edition

please do comment with your views

As per my opinion if this device gets launched in the range of 23k to 26k in the name of POCO F3 GT

then I am sure many will buy this as it is a very good gaming edition

If it more expensive then people would think about it

As it is a POCO device so we get a trigger here

and till now POCO has launched very good devices like POCO X3 Pro

The look of this device is awesome

you get a trigger, RGB light

67W charger with capsule cable

So it would be value for money if it gets launch at a lower price

What are your views please do comment below

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See you with my next interesting video till then Bye...

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