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I'm Nicole Curtis.

Will you make sure that they save me all these? Don't ask what I use them for.

Coming up on Rehab Addict,

LeBron and I continue work

on our project in Akron, Ohio.

The curbs don't even come close to matching.

It's like "reeeow."

And next up on my list, the porch and the front yard.

Lay the bricks, lay the bricks!


LEBRON JR.: Is he playing with us?

I don't know if he's playing with us!

This is not fun. This is not fun.

Do I kind of smell like manure at this point?


I buy and sell houses,

but I'm not your average flipper.

You know, a normal person would just stay right here.


But I'm not normal.


Oh, look how cool that is.

I don't just renovate.

I restore old homes to their former glory.

It's screaming, like, "Make me pretty again."

It's day and night...

All right. I get tired, I get cold, and goofy.

...which is not easy when you're a single mom.


But I'm making it work.


[ Laughs ]

My name is Nicole, and I'm addicted to rehab.

I'm in Akron, Ohio, working on a project

with basketball legend LeBron James

and his family foundation.

I'm just happy.

Our goal is to give 11-year-old Mariah and her family

a completely rehabbed home in just one week.

I can't wait to see my house. I can't wait!

A seven-day renovation, to me, is day and night.

Because I want everything perfect.

We've gotten so much done on this house,

now it's time to give the exterior a much-needed facelift.

The retaining wall in front of this house is rotted away,

so the whole yard could slide into the sidewalk

at any moment,

and there's just no curb appeal.

The path is crumbling, the porch is run-down and sad,

when it should be warm and welcoming.

All right, so you guys have already put new footings in

so the porch is stabilized.

So now we're gonna rip all this off

and we're doing tongue and groove, right?

'Cause right now, it looks like a subdivision deck,

and it freaks me out.

So you can see it looks like a ribbon across here.

Now, are we gonna do a more tradition look on this,

'cause this railing's so horrible,

but the railing should almost be here.

I was gonna suggest a little bit off the floor,

much much closer.

We have so many things we're adding to this front yard.

We know we have to replace the retaining wall,

then I'm gonna add a very nice brick path,

and I'm making a stand that this porch has to go.

So we're just gonna do the retaining wall all the way around.

Up the side so that we can re-landscape this thing

and get it manageable.


Will you make sure that they save me all these?


I'm not kidding.

I would be glad to.

Okay, cool.

I think that would be Nine Inch Nails.

Jack. So close.

So close.

In just a few short days,

we're going to see a massive transformation

and I've got LeBron and his boys here

to help me kick things off.

Dad, you want a mask?

Yeah, I'll take one, thank you.

Okay, is that good?

All right, mister.

I figured you want to smash a lot. Is that true?

Okay, then smash the railing, and don't hit your brother.

Let's get him a screwgun.

There ya go!

There we go.


Ohh! Gosh!

Better watch out.

There we go.

Do you think it's fair that it takes us,

like, six kicks and he has one?

All right, nice job! You did good!

Was it okay?

We're gonna leave our volunteers

to rip up the old decking boards

while we go work on the retaining wall.

Nothing is more enjoyable than getting into a track hoe

or a skid steer and just tearing things apart.

NICOLE: LeBron, have you driven one of these before?


All right, well which one do you want?

I want that one.

Okay, that's mine,

but I'll share it with you, that's fine.

The only thing you can destruct is the front yard,

which we need to.

[ Engine turns over ]


Basically what you're in, is a big, giant, like joystick.

Did you play Atari when you were younger?

Yeah, it was right here, though.

Right, exactly.

So you can screw around with these all you want.

If you smash the stairs, that's better

because we need those gone, too.

You got it?

I think so.



I have lost the excavator.

Whoa! All right.


Did you eat today or something?

All right, we're gonna do this together. Okay?

I think we should be able to get these stairs.

Okay, ready?





[ Laughs ]

There's no speed on this. Oh, here we go!

We're gonna ram it up a bit, you ready?

I think we're getting them. See, they're bopping?

Now your dad's, like, gonna take us out.

Aah! What's he doing?

Is he just...

LeBRON JR.: Is he playing with us?

I don't know if he's playing with us, but this our side!

God, he is a monster.

He is a monster with that.

All right, hit it again!

Ready, set, go.



We got you beat!

Not too high, though! That's good.

Okay, we're up!

Once you show a kid how to drive a skid steer,

I'll never get the keys back to that again.

Boo-yah, baby!

Aw, he's good.

Ready, go!

[ Cheering ]

One thing I've learned about my profession --

it ain't how strong or tall or big you are,

it's about what's inside.


They say the biggest things come in the smallest packages.

[ Laughs ]


That was so awesome.

You know, we're putting this caution tape up,

and you know the only fool

that would fall off the porch is me.



Ahh, stop it!

NICOLE: This front porch was just a mess.

We already had to redo all the footings on it,

and at that point, I stepped in and said,

"We need tongue and groove."

Because originally, this is what would have been here.

We have this beautiful pine throughout the home

and when you came outside to the front porch,

it looked like a suburban deck.

Once the tongue and groove is done,

I'm gonna stain it pretty, pretty, pretty.

All right.


Are we in?

We're good to go.



Do you know your "go" sounds like "no", right?

No, sorry.


Go, no.


All right, guys, I'll be back.

ROLLIN: Have fun.

Hey, when I'm back, if you had the whole floor done,

I'm gonna be okay with that.

Okay. Whole floor.

You have the perplexed look again.

We have to dig a ton of dirt out of the front yard

so we can get ready to build the new retaining wall.

The guys are making good progress

on the tongue and groove decking,

so tomorrow they can install the railing and steps,

but in the meantime, the last thing we want

is somebody falling off the front porch.

Oh, Jack and I are tied up.

We can't work the rest of the night.

You know, we're putting this caution tape up,

and you know the only fool

that would fall off the porch is me.



Aah, stop it! Jack!

Okay, you know what, Jack? I can go home any time!

As silly as it may seem,

a caution sign really does make a difference.

NICOLE: No! No no no!

No, please don't, because, Ethan --

No, because I'll fall. E, don't.

It's not, like, strong caution tape.

It's like the cheap version of the caution tape, I think.

IT's just the idea of "you see it."

Gives you a fair warning, if you go past this, man,

twisted ankles, sprained ankle --

nothing broken, promise. Not on my watch.

On this project, it's all about doing

whatever we can in every stage,

so we're just kind of loading stuff up,

getting it ready for the morning.

And somebody's got to do it.

Actually, anybody could do it, but I want to do it. It's fun.

I think we should do the front of the excavator.

ETHAN: Me and Xavier took the caution tape,

covered the excavator so that no one could get in.

It was a lot of fun.

I think they've, you know, gone above and beyond

on their caution-tape duties.

Now if you could paint some eyes on it,

then I think I'd be a little more impressed, but...

So you're not impressed?

No, I'm really impressed.

You think I could do better?

Did you have fun?


We have rain forecast for later today,

so the guys are busting to get this wall built

before it starts.

DAVID: Right now, we're just working our way down this wall

getting our courses stacked up.

We're gonna start getting our corner pieces in

so we can continue up along the driveway.

These 50-pound -- what are they?

I just moved it.

That one's a light one.

Once the wall is in place, we backfill with gravel

and install a french drain system,

which will divert any ground water

away from the wall's foundations,

and towards the sewer line.

Trying to get things set up for the weather that's coming.

We got a thunderstorm moving in

and hopefully, we can work through it.

I've taken the kids on a journey about 40 minutes from the house.

As soon as everyone heard what we were doing,

companies have just been calling and volunteering and donating

and mostly, it's the family-run businesses

that just know how important this is

to keep these communities and neighborhoods going.

So, I thought it was important to bring the kids over here

and make some selections.

Oh, you want some marigolds?

MAN: Yes. Great.

That also means that we got away from the house

for, like, at least a good two hours.

Well, let's wander through.

If you see anything, point it out.

Yeah, and the smells are incredible.

I don't know what that is, but that is gorgeous.

I really want to plant something

that is gonna be easy for them to maintain,

not take a lot of water.

Mariah, you like these?

Yeah, those are pretty.

Those are pretty, aren't they?

These are hydrangeas.

I was thinking if we put these

all along the front of the house.

What else?

I like this purple one, too.

"In the Summer" -- see?

NICOLE: Once they know that they picked it out,

I think they're gonna want to go out in the yard.

They're gonna want to, you know,

weed the flower beds and take care of it.

Smell these, Xavier.


Do you like it?

Oh! Some of it get on you yet?

So maybe not sniff the flowers that close from now on, yeah.

I had more fun.

I had fun, too.

I had more fun than him.

[ Thunder rumbles ]

The rain's coming, but we're chugging along.

Nothing's stopping us now.

Aw, just a little weather, that's all.

Not a big deal.

The rain is coming down pretty hard,

but this crew is not going to let that stop them.

They're promising that the wall and the steps

will all be in place by the end of the day.

MAN: Go!

Nine steps.

The porch rail should be low and thick.

JACK: Exactly. That was the period, but we can't do that.

I can't replicate the original low porch-rails

because to make them safe by code,

they have to be 36 inches high.

I thought I had 32-inch spindles, and they're 36.

I think this is too high.

Oh, you have to have 36, though.

Well, you do, but we want it off the floor.

Yeah, you're right.

So I'm gonna have them,

I'm gonna tell them they got to cut them right here,

which will make them 32, and then reapply the one-by

where it should have been.

This house is really coming together.

The front porch is almost done,

and now we're leveling the ground

so tomorrow we can build our brick path

and finally lay some new sod.

Darren, you left your comb over here.

I did, thank you.

Or is this David's?



Bryan Rice, you left your comb.

Oh, my comb!

I know, you were looking for it.

I think it must have fell out of your pocket there, buddy.

I've been looking for this comb for a long time.

Is that right? No.

No, no, no, no. This one needs to go out.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I don't know.

We're in brick-paver hell. Tweak it, tweak it, tweak it!

NICOLE: What do we got?

Our project for today is to connect the porch

and the sidewalk steps with a classic brick walkway.

Now, David, I love you and I just met you,

but the curves don't even come close to matching.

It's like "reeeow."

DAVID: I know.

Okay, okay.

I'm just playing Captain Obvious here.

We have a bit of a challenge

because, you know, it's my project.

These things come up all the time.

The sidewalk steps aren't lining up with the porch steps,

so we need to figure out a curve for the path.

You know what I think?

What if we just went an extra row

on one of the sides to even it out?

'Cause, like...six inches.

And then once everything's in, you won't notice.

The front of the house is the first thing you see.

It has to be right.

And unfortunately, it's been a while

since all of us have been in geometry class.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa. Why you curving now?

This one needs to go out, right?

But I think they have to go closer to Darren.

Eh, eh. Push out.

Is that right?

Oh, my God. No.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

I don't know. I don't know.

We're in brick-paver hell.

It's like, tweak it, tweak it, tweak it.

Let's see how it was originally,

because their fantastic porch is still on, right?

Yeah, their door is not centered on the walkway.

Oh, my gosh.


Why don't we just have them build,

like, a flat box here, a flat box here.

It looks like that over there.



Seeing the original porch next door

has given me a perfect solution.

If we make a two-tiered wooden stair box

on one side of the stairs,

it will create the balance we need.

Perfect solution, and it gets us out of here.

Good? Lay the bricks.

Lay the bricks. Lay the bricks, yeah?

I may be a perfectionist, but I don't ask my guys

to do anything I'm not willing to do myself,

so it's another late night on this project,

but I guarantee when it's all done,

it'll be worth it.

All the major structural work in the front yard is done,

and now it's time to make it pretty.

I kind of like what was originally here --

was the boom and boom.

Thinking I would just put flowers in therm.

Nicole just throws another curve ball at us

making her fancy box holders.

But we'll get her done some way.

Somebody put their cigarette butt on my porch!

No butts! Dwayne.

What color filter is it?

Yeah, I will track you down. Yeah.

We are picking stain color.

Oh, it's that all day long.

Why did we even pick a second?

That's it. Charwood it is.

How's that? Isn't that easy enough?

By the end of the day tomorrow,

this transformation will be complete,

and I can tell the kids are excited, and so am I.

NICOLE: Putting a flag up. You want to help?

Yeah, yeah. Why not?

You know what this means?

What does this mean?

This means that this is the best house on the street

'cause we're putting the flag out.

I think right there, don't you?


This is my favorite time of the day.

Everyone's gone home.

Isn't it quiet?

Sun goes down a little bit, got a little breeze.

Yeah, you gonna see the flag do it's thing

when the breeze come out.

How you doing there?

Looks good. Should I get the flag?


This is it. This is our LeBron project.

This is it right here.

There we go.

Saw it down there.

I'm so excited to give this family back this home.

That's what it's about. Giving back.

Isn't it?

Hanging with your shoes. I like it.

LeBron, don't get his shoes dirty.

Oh, I value shoes too much to get his shoes dirty.

I know.

[ Laughter ]

Check out my exclusive project videos,

some of my best renovation before-and-afters...


...and insider pictures and facts

online now at

It's so amazing to see this front yard

finally coming to life with flowers and greenery.

My dad said he was just gonna come and supervise today,

but then your mom pulled him aside.

She grabbed him.

Several hours later...

Now all of a sudden, all the mulching's done.

The flowers are planted. I am of my son.

Your daughter is amazing.

Everyone's helping out.

Our volunteers are here.

Ethan's helping, LeBron's mom, and, of course, my dad,

because if there's one thing he knows, it's gardening.

Nice job, you two.

So they asked me to get in the Bobcat

and move the tree so we can plant it.

Waiting for my mom's signal.

This house has been a lot of work,

but it's turned out pretty amazing.

I'm really proud of her on this one.

Come on in, E.

NICOLE: Ethan, of course, is down with me

for the entire week in Ohio,

but it's not a time for him just to sit around,

and what a cool thing

that this is how he decided to spend his summer vacation.

[ Tractor beeping ]

Keep going, E.

[ Laughter ]

LeBron, don't get his shoes dirty.

LeBRON: Oh, I value shoes too much to get his shoes dirty.

I know.

All right.

I think that's good, guys.

There we go.

It's gonna be nice.

It's a "family tree," get it?

Of course I get it. I love it.

NICOLE: The biggest transformation on this this house

is when the sod comes in,

because it looks like a construction site,

and then, all of a sudden, this magic grass

goes everywhere, and the house looks picture perfect.

Do you have sod at home?

I don't have sod at home.

I don't have air, either.

It's all right. That's what makes me tough.

A couple hours of sod, and this house looks finished.

Are we gonna roll down the hill?

DARREN: You can.

No, come on.

You got to roll down the hill with me.

I do?

Are you gonna do it?


Oh, my God. This is awesome.

This is absolute --

How did I get over here?

[ Laughs ]

Look at mine! Perfect.

Do I kind of smell like manure at this point?

Yeah, I do.

Look at that. There's our house, LeBron.

LeBRON: This is amazing.

I know.

When we started this project less than a week ago,

this house looked like it needed a lot of work,

and now it's a warm, welcoming home

with tons of curb appeal.

That's pretty cool.

NICOLE: I got the goose bumps again.

Did you get the goose bumps yet?

The solid retaining wall we built

is going to hold this yard up for a very long time.

The porch is restored to its original style,

with tongue-and-groove boards and a simple railing.



This is our first LeBron James Family Foundation house.

It is.

Could you make your foundation name any longer?

The LeBron James Family Foundation

gives back to all the needy, not the greedy.

The needy, not the greedy. I like that.

Next time on "Rehab Addict"...

NICOLE: The boys' bedroom just doesn't cut it.

[ Grunts ] Yuck.

There we go.

This is bad.


Now I bring it to life.

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