Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Meet 'n' Greet: Christopher

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There you go. It's signed

First question

Would you rather have fingernails that keep growing or arms so short that you can't scratch your butt?

And it itched ... all the time

Fingernails that keep growing

That's better!

Having too short arms sucks, right?

I already have quite short arms. I can hardly reach ... We'll take another one

Have you ever googled yourself?


I might have googled myself just once...

It said something like:

How tall is Christopher? How much does Christopher weigh?

I don't know if that's what people have googled the most ... But, I'll tell you now

1.90cm... when I have my skates on

Weight... somewhere between 75 and 80 kilos

Shoe size... 43

44-45 if it's Nike..

They are a slightly smaller

Which app is the last one you downloaded?

That's easy. I downloaded it yesterday

It's the Blockbuster app

I wanted to watch Harry Potter

I realised I never watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

So I fell asleep to that one yesterday

New question... What's a good song to you?

Well... To me a good song is...

It's a song that has something you don't hear every day

Once in a while you hear one of those songs where you think...

"why didn't I write that?"

Last time I felt like that was...

I think it was Bazzi and his song "Mine"

Let's do another question

What's your best party trick?

Of course, this is something that has evolved slightly over the years

In the old days, it was to pull out a guitar...

Now it's a bit... kitch to pull out a guitar and start acting like the king of the campfire

I can...

read people's minds

It's a trick that I...


use... especially on girls

Question from Nicklas Sahl

How do you prefer your coffee?

Black with milk...

I prefer that!

Do you have a secret talent?

There is one sport that I practice a lot nowadays called paddle tennis

... I'm getting very close to the national team

That's not true...

It's true!


Who was your idol when you were a child?

That was the Danish football player Michael Laudrup

He played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid

Football took up a lot of time when I was a kid

My question for the box is:

Which one is your favourite Christopher song?

nooo... that was too much

My question for the box is:

Who has the best voice of all times?

Was it Whitney Houston? Freddie Mercury?

Is it Bruno Mars?

Michael Jackson?

That's my question!

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