Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 3 Game Worlds in VRChat | #4 (American Sign Language)

Difficulty: 0

Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en

My name is Sha

This first game called, "Blast Jump". Wow, this is a good game! Fun and hard. Very good

Ready? Let's show you around here

This is the start area. The player needs to take the blaster and equip it

One hand only. You can use your left hand or right hand

Of course, you can pick any color as you like

If you play with your friends, you can see your friends with bright color lights and find them easily

We're going to take the blaster and start the game

This is the only one blaster for people who prefer using their left hands

If I use my right hand to pick it up

The blaster on the left hand

This world called, "Zombie Tag"

Really. It's basically like the infected mode and the sign for infected

When one person is a zombie and touches the other person, they will become infected

Touch more players and they will become infected too

Wait. The new person is here. His name is killjack114. Say hi


He will join and play with us. Let's go

This is a map

It's local. I can see the map but other people can't see it

I can carry it during the game. You can bring it to the game or not. Your decision

This map shows you where you are. You can either run away from the zombies or hide

This map has some secrets. What does that mean? You can walk through the walls . Wow

Let's go! Let's play!

This is one of the hidden places *Laughs*

This area is very hard to find it

No one searches here

*Laughs* He walks passed me

This horror game is very popular. A lot of people love to play this game and

It's called, "Horror Darkm - - *Laughs* Darkness 2019

One year old

Are you ready? Let's go

That means I'm ready



The camera can't see and read it

The sign said Someone killed my friend. One tells the truth and three lie. Find the culprit

... Find the real murderer

Go the other way *Laughs*

Where is - -


- Easy - Yeah

Easy. Go ahead

Touch one of them

You do it



Bye bye


I don't know

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