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- [Voiceover] We've grown so much since this started.

- Hello Agents, welcome to The Ingress Report.

I'm Susanna Moyer.

I'm coming to you from Washington, DC,

the site of one of the primary Persepolis Anomolies.

Around the globe, in support of both

the primary and secondary sites,

Agents have spent weeks planning and coordinating

in preparation for what is to be a hard fought battle.

With the Enlightened in control of more Lightman Shards,

the Resistance face the day with and even greater challenge.

The day began in Bratislava where thousands of Agents

converged on the historic city.

Agents also gathered to support their cause in Bari,

Covilhã,Thessaloniki, and ten connected cells

across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

- We are a flex team, so we are

moving around help other Agents.

- [Susanna] The Enlightened were strongest

in Bari and Thessaloniki.

- For me its my first Anomaly, but for other team members

its second or third, I don't know.

- [Susanna] They threw multiple strategic Fields

over these sites and supported them

with strong ground action.

- I was a really hardcore gamer before that,

and now I'm mostly playing Ingress.


(Radio chatter) (fast paced, upbeat music)

- I came from Poland, from Warsaw,

we came by car, an eight hour drive,

I didn't sleep for around 24 hours now and,

Anomaly, sleep is for the weak.

(Radio chatter)

- And if you are green, your mission is to get

everyone Enlightened, and my mission is just to

annoy green, and I like annoying green.

(Radio chatter)

- Maybe the biggest surprise was when

we get (audio unclear) and in three seconds (audio unclear)

from AXA shields and eight levels came,

seven level AXA shields for the third group.

- Going 2000 kilometers away from home,

meeting people, trusting them,

feeling confident, and having fun.

- [Susanna] The Resistance maintained a firm grip

in Covilhã, and dominated Bratislava.

(Woman speaking foreign language)

(Loud cheering)

Control of the Connected Cells was divided,

with the Resistance and Enlightened each claiming five.

The Enlightened controlled Bari 438 to 157,

and Thessaloniki 486 to 108, the Resistance took

Covilhã with 624 to 392, and Bratislava,

claiming the primary city 4992 to 1790.

The first Persepolis Anomoly belongs

to the Resistance, 6381 to 3606.

The action then crossed the Atlantic,

where Agents in America's capital

would determine the day's final outcome.

They were supported by Agents in Buenos Aires,

Phoenix, Toronto, and Connected Cells across the Americas.

Now Resistance Agents, will you be victorious today?

(Crowd Cheering)

Sounding pretty confident, Enlightened,

will you be victorious today?

(Crowd Cheering)

Perhaps motivated by the loss earlier in the day,

the Enlightened made a hard push.

- Just getting to see DC like this is a

really interesting way to get around the city and

visit new places and have a lot of attention on us,

which is pretty cool.

- [Susanna] They initially led across all sites,

but were overtaken by tenacious Resistance efforts

in Buenos Aires and Toronto.

The Resistance also led across the Connected Cells,

claiming six to the Enlightened's four.

They took Toronto 608 to 586, a margin of just 22,

and Buenos Aires 303 to 285, a margin of 18.

- I want to be part of something big,

and I want to see our Faction win.

- The fun part about it is finding the volatiles

and being able to go there first, so we are actually

helping the mission, and also being able to walk

directly through the middle of

competing Factions, which was a lot of fun.

- I've done everything.

I've been a wrecker, I've been deploying,

I've been doing mod, everything.

(Radio chatter) (Upbeat electronic music)

- Congratulations, you are a Zipcar for life winner,

how do you feel?

- I feel ecstatic, I'm so excited.

- Congratulations sir, you are the

Hint Water winner, how do you feel?

- Thank you, that's exciting.

Yeah, especially on a hot day like today.

- DC was captured by the Enlightened.

(Crowd Cheering)

The Enlightened maintained constant

field cover over Pheonix, and claimed the site 570 to 184.

They also controlled the primary site

of Washington DC 1432 to 956.

With 3273 to 2651, the Enlightened claimed

the second Persepolis Anomoly.

Also in DC, Agents took part in

the GORUCK Special Ops Challenge,

which revealed volatile Portals

to those who completed the demanding course.

- This is not just going out and doing a GORUCK event

and doing an Ingress event, all of your actions

have an effect on your faction.

- To beat the tip of the spear is absolutely great

because we are the ones trying to find the Portals

that are worth the most point in this event

so we can win for our Faction, and our team,

and so we are the top dogs.

Right now we're capitalizing on the GRT experience

to keep our Portal component parts together,

and keeping everyone working together as a team,

but also we're using the experience

of our Ingress members, our senior Agents,

to go ahead and to capture Portals en-route

while they're doing their GORUCK mission Zulu.

- So yeah, this is my first time ever doing a GORUCK,

I'd never heard of the term before I came here.

- Enlightened!

- It's a lot of fun, in this game,

it's really about people, not Portals.

(Upbeat electronic music)

- All the GORUCK people said "Hey we've done this before,

"let us do this, teach you how to do this.".

All the Unicers were like "Hey we've done this before,

let's teach you how to do this.",

it's been a very collaborative experience.

- [Susanna] The operations pushed Agents

to their physical and mental limits.

- For now, we're working to set up and defend our Portals.

- [Susanna] Testing both leadership and teamwork.

- You see the two communities merging into one,

doing stuff that you wouldn't have done with GORUCK

and vice-versa, so it's a good way for two groups

to actually go ahead and find

something new and I think it's fun.

- Ingress is a game that gets people

out moving and walking around,

and it gets people outdoors and they fun while doing it.

GORUCK gets people outdoors, gets people moving,

it's a challenge, so they have the same goal,

when you come and put the two together its just like,

there are no words, it's brilliant.

- I think I will come back to GORUCK,

and I think I'm gonna bring some friends with me.

- [Susanna] One participant, Agent Fitz,

later wrote on his G+ page that

he wouldn't trade the soreness in his body for anything.

And on Sunday, when the frenetic activity

of the Anomaly settled, Agents took part

in the second official Mission Day in Bratislava,

immersing themselves in the history and culture

of this ancient city, and earning the Mission Day badge.

I'm told to expect more Mission Day events in the future.

I've also received reports that

on Friday a piece of intel was handed to Agents

by a mysterious man in a red baseball cap near DARPA.

The package was later delivered to me

by Agent Lexie Loohoo, and a cross-faction group of Agents

who went to great lengths to ensure its safe passage.

I can confirm that the package contained

previously unseen Shaper Glyphs,

apparently intercepted by the Echelon

surveillance program decades ago.

What is this mysterious message?

I will be working to uncover its meaning.

It was a full day of twists and turns,

but when the dust settled,

the Resistance emerged victorious.

Although the Enlightened led 4 to 0

in terms of controlling the Lightman Shards,

the Resistance currently control

the Percepolis Anomoly series overall 9032 to 8379.

Following the Anomoly, the Lightman Shard

Target Portals reversed alignment.

The Resistance target is now located in Keelung City,

and the Enlightened target is in Santa Monica,

this change alters the landscape dramatically,

and marks the beginning of a new chapter

in this global strategic struggle.

The Percepolis finale Anomolies will take place

on June 20th in Tohoku, Utrecht, and Portland,

with satelites in Jakarta, Perth, Liverpool,

Poznan, Helsinki, Milwaukee, Nashville, and Fort Collins.

I will be in Utrecht to cover what

is sure to be an exciting end to Persepolis.

The next Ingress: First Saturday

is just a few days away on June 6th.

Thousands of Agents will be taking part

in nearly 150 cities around the world.

Find one near you at

With the Nazia on the horizon,

has today's victory strengthened

ADA and Jahan as we head into the final weeks of Persepolis?

Will we hear from more of the Niantic researchers,

now trapped within the Portal Network

as the battle for the Lightman Shards intensifies?

As Agents continue to reshape the world,

the answers can't be far away.

From Washington DC, for The Ingress Report,

I'm Susanna Moyer.

- [Voiceover] Omnivore is seeking, but I will not be found.

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