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There are plenty of reasons why a film will get cancelled. It can be kicking around in

development hell, studios could disagree about the direction of the screenplay or what creatives

to hire, or the film might get canned if it doesnt sync up to whats currently making

money at the box office. Regardless of the reasons, DC fans are quite familiar with their

hopes and dreams for certain features being crushed thanks to cancellations. So today,

were counting down the top 10 cancelled DC movies well never get to see.

10 DCEU Cyborg - Sasha So Cyborg has definitely moved up in terms of team affiliation in last

few decades moving from Teen Titans founding member to one of the Justice League core a

status that was also granted to him in the DCEU where the character made his debut in

the 2017 film . There was a lot riding on this a lot of potential sequels and spin offs

that either came to naught or are trapped in development hell like Ezra Millers flash

film. Another film that was slated to come out was Cyborg and actually recently at the

time of this recording some leaked images from the Snyder cut of justice leage have

been released by Snyder who is really pushing to get that cut released and fans are bummed

because the cyborg movie at the time of this recoding has been shelved and Ray Fisher is

no longer set to reprise the role. So if you loved this version of Cyborg or at least wanted

to see more than alas that is no longer on the horizon. Justice league actually collapsed

the dceu which is now the worlds of dc even though everyone just cals it the dceu still.

Cause why not.

9 ZatannaKelly In 2005, writer Hadley Davis announced that

she had written a live action comedy treatment for Zatanna, one of DCs magical superheroes.

Davis, who is most well-known for writing the Michelle Trachtenberg figure skating film

Ice Princess, never confirmed whether there was studio interest, and the concept of a

Zatanna film essentially slipped into oblivion after that. Its safe to assume that any

efforts on that project were all together abandoned. On the plus side though, theres

still hope for Zatanna fans; rumour has it that the character will likely appear in the

Justice League Dark film thats allegedly in the works for the DCEU, which would have

her rubbing shoulders with the likes of Constantine and Deadman.

8 LoboSashaThe main man himself was set to have a big live action debut directed

by Guy Ritchie . This was supposed to happen in 2009 after Warner Brothers saw the success

of iron man and sensed that a new age of superhero films may be on the horizon. So they were

interested in guy Ritchie theres not much about this and it kinda vanished but its

not even the only time this adaptation has been pitched in fact its still being talked

about as of 2018 there were rumours that it was still in development and that maybe Michael

bay would direct it and potentially it could star the rock but then in 2019 they were like

nope thats not happening either because drum roll Lobo is getting his won dc show

and theres a thing that these companies have about characters being on the big and

small screen theyll make exceptions but there is a low grade concern about confusing

viewers. So with a series in the pipeline and appearances on Krypton the big bads

big screen chances have dwindled. For now who know what the future holds. Whatever it

is please no sexy boy band logo. I dont want it he can go hang out with boy band namor.

7 Jack Blacks Green LanternKelly Back in 2004, comic book films were having

a rough time. Halle Berry just won a razzie for Catwoman. Blade Trinity was a disappointment,

and The Punisher got a rather PG take released up on the big screen. To make matters worse,

Warner Brothers decided that they wanted to do a Green Lantern film. This was a ways before

Ryan Reynolds was being considered for Hal Jordan, and instead, after seeing more serious

superhero movies flounder like Daredevil, the studio wanted a comedic actor to play

the hero. And after the success of 2003s School of Rock, Jack Black was on their radar.

It didnt get far; a script was completed, but the film never made it out of the development

stage. There was also a lot of heat online over it, to the point where the screenwriter,

Robert Smigel, said Black was never officially attached and that if he was cast as the hero,

itd be an insult to the comic character. Black was never even supposed to play Hal

Jordan; the script had a brand new ring bearer, some dude named Jud Plato.

6 Batman vs Superman but goodSasha Now you may be saying Sasha are you ok we already

got a Batman V Superman movie I know it wasnt great but did you block it entirely from your

mind. No were talking about a different one, one without jolly ranchers and sweet

tea. This film was also supposed to be happening in the early 2000, 2002 to be exact. Its

working title was Asylum and was meant to be a way to reignite both franchises as Superman

was coming off of Superman 4 and Batman was coming off the Schumacher era. They knew there

was potential in these properties but how best to bring it out. This was being pitched

along with several other projects some that are coming up or have already been mentioned

on this list. All at the same time just throwing ideas at the wall to see what would stick.

This one was in phantom casting mode starring jude law and Collin Farrell as batman and

superman this was was not set to be really connected to any of the previous films so

if it had happened it may have suffered from b v s symdrome of having to do a lot in a

short span of time. Who knows it might have been worse. Dont look at me like that you

dont know

5 Green Arrow Prison FilmKelly Affectionately referred to as Green Arrow

Escape from Super Max, this cinematic dud was once a venture pushed by David S Goyer,

the man who had co-written Christopher Nolans Dark Knight trilogy and the Blade trilogy.

He also worked with Zack Synder on Man of Steel, but well let that one slide. Anywho,

he once spearheaded an attempt to get a Green Arrow film going, one whose plot revolved

around Oliver Queen being incarcerated for a crime he didnt commit, having been framed

for an assassination of a high ranking government official. Locked up with villains he had helped

put away, he ends up forming partnerships with members of his roguesgallery in a

scheme to escape the max security facility. The co-write of the script even told MTV that

he used his previous architecture education to design the prison, and that it was a character

itself. Villains who would make an appearance included Edward Nigma and Lex Luthor, and

Goyer even promised a Joker easter egg. All seemed as if it were on track for the film

to get made, but then 2008 happened. The MCU released its first installment with Iron

Man. Goyer ended up working on other projects, including Nolans Batman films. Then there

was radio silence, until website Den of Geek asked Goyer about the project in 2015, who

said it was ahead of its time.

4 Batman Year OneSasha Oh Batman Year One written by Frank Miller and released throughout

1987 this was a glimpse into Batmans early start as a crime fighter and set up some lasting

dynamics. Including a new origin for Catwoman that it took years for her to escape. This

is considered one of the pinnacle story arcs for Batman and was already adapted into an

animated film and for a time Darren aronofsky known for his character pieces like the fighter

and psychological thrillers such as black swan wanted to make this into a live action

reality. This was in talks after the end of the Schumacher batman era or the era of bat

nipples and ice! This one got to the scripting phase with Miller and Aronofksy working on

the screenplay together but the pitch was ultimately rejected because it was rated r

and Warner Brothers wanted to maintain their young viewer base so an r rated film was out.

The duo blame a lot of this on the need for toy sales over years concept images for the

batmobile and costume have leaked. Ultimately we know that Nolan would take over the Batman

franchise and Batman Begins is very year one esque but with a lot of the grit and well

prostitutes removed. Still this is a window into what have been and in the multiverse

somewhere probably was.

3 Tim Burtons CatwomanKelly Tim Burtons Batman films hold a special

place in many DC fans hearts. They were the first massive cinematic adaptation of the

caped crusader, and proved to the world how profitable comic book films could be. Turns

out Burton had another Batman film in the works though, a spin off that would never

come to fruition; a Catwoman film, with Michelle Pfeiffer reprising her role. Pfeiffer had

purposely been left out of Batman Forever because of it. Penned by Daniel Waters, the

screenwriter behind Batman Returns, a development deal had been signed with Warner Brothers

in 1994, with Burton attached to direct. According to Waters, the plot of the film revolved around

Catwoman having amnesia thanks to the events of Batman Returns, with her going to the DC

equivalent of Las Vegas where she encounters other superheroes, and the film would play

with making fun of the whole male superhero mythos. But after the success of Batman Forever,

which was the highest grossing feature of 1995, Warner Brothers decided to not go down

the dark route that the Catwoman script explored, and the film fell into limbo permanently.

Instead, in 2004, we got a Catwoman film starring Halle Berry, and well, we all know how that

one turned out.

2 JJ AbramsSuperman FlybySasha Even as a working title that one makes me chuckle

it makes me imaging Superman flying overhead and aggressively chucking care packages at

people. This one would have been an early 2000s projects helmed by jj abrams who is

everywhere these days but at the time he wasnt quite as hot the commodity as he is now. Abrams

goal was to bring superman back to big screen after the series had ended on the rather lackluster

note of 1987s superman 4 the quest for peace. This was going to deal with the extremely

influential and popular Death of Superman plot Kellys least favourite plot of all

time which is why this my number. Her head is over there exploding shes glad this

didnt happen. Recently at the time of this recording the death of superman and the reign

of the supermen arc have been adapted as animated films theyre alright. Death of superman

would be a lot to cram into one film thats a lot of set up also for supermans great

return to be for him to die would have been a bit harsh. Still would it have been better

than Superman Returns. Well never know. Superman Flyby cause hes dead.

1 Superman LivesKelly And last but not least, were ending off

this list with yet another Tim Burton film that never came to be. Were talking Superman

Lives, Burtons man of steel feature film that starred Nicholas Cage as the titular

character. Nic Cage as Clark Kent was something we ALL needed to see but were horribly deprived

of when Warner Brothers thought that Burtons vision cost too lofty ($190 million dollars

too lofty), and after a year of pre-production, much of the key creatives behind it walked,

and the film fell into limbo, with WB eventually working with Bryan Singer on 2006s Superman

Returns instead. A 2015 documentary was even made about the film, chronicling the behind

the scenes events surrounding its cancellation, and interviewed those involved with the projects

development and conceptual work, including Tim Burton, Kevin Smith, Dan Gilroy and costume

designer Colleen Atwood. In 2017, at the TIFF, Nicholas Cage told EW of the unmade movie,

I quote, “the movie that Tim and I would have made, in your imagination, is more powerful

than any of the Superman movies.” And honestly, we believe that.

There we have it friends! What other DC cancellations have bummed you out? Which ones from our list

would you still love to see happen? Give us a shout in those comments below and share

your thoughts!

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