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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #101 English Podcast - Shopping at the Supermarket ESL (rep)

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welcome to speak English now podcast

with your host Georgiana the podcast

that will help you to speak English

fluently with no grammar and no

textbooks hi everyone I'm Georgiana your

online English teacher my mission is to

help you to speak English fluently

are you a spender today I'm gonna talk

about the tricks that supermarkets used

to make you to buy more than necessary

and you'll also improve your speaking

with a funny mini story

okay let's start when you leave the

supermarket have you ever wondered why

you spend more money than you originally

planned I do if it happens to you you

may think that you don't know how to

manage money that you are spending or

simply that you don't have enough

discipline but don't worry because

supermarkets follow a whole series of

very powerful marketing strategies that

induce the buyer to buy so don't feel

too guilty by the way a spender is

someone who spends money unnecessarily

and another interesting expression

overspending which means spending more

than planned or necessary these

supermarket strategies can simply be

called tricks the truth is that

supermarkets have more tricks than a

magician let's take a look at a few of

them and learn some vocabulary on the

subject the size of the cart matters the

shopping cart is the element we push to

add the products we want to buy these

trolleys with time have been increasing


the logic is simple psychologically we

feel more satisfied if we can fill the

cart and therefore with a slightly

larger cart we tend to put more products

inside the products they want to sell

the most are placed right at eye level

we are lazy by nature and therefore all

products that are visually easier to see

but overall easier to access are also

easier to sell prices with decimals this

is another classic sellers trick for

some reason 9.99 dollars seems a lot

much cheaper than ten dollars we save

one cent Wow if we do this 1 million

times we'll save a million dollars the

products we need the most are always

located at the back of the store it's a

very logical trick and even those who

don't think about it too much

we'll find it obvious the supermarket's

place the most necessary products at the

back so that you can see as many

products as possible while you walk

through the supermarket change of

location of products from time to time

supermarkets move certain products

around I hate when they do that the

reason is the same as the previous point

they want to prevent you from knowing

too well where everything is so once

again you have to walk more and

therefore the temptation to buy an extra

item is greater once you've filled the

shopping cart you have to wait in the

queue of the cash register when you wait

right next to you you have several

products that are cheap and then

you may need for example chewing gum the

temptation to add more products to the

cart is big many times supermarkets

only have a few open cash registers for

two reasons the first one is to save

money on personnel this was very obvious

but the second reason is to make

customers wait a little longer to buy

the products displayed next to the cash

desk this trick is dangerous because if

the customer has to wait too long he may

not return to the supermarket therefore

the aim is to make you wait only for a

short time music also influences there

are a variety of strategies here some

supermarkets use fast paced music to

stimulate a more impulsive purchase and

encourage faster shopping on the other

hand other supermarkets use a more

relaxed music that makes the customers

stay longer and therefore has a better

chance of ending up buying as you can

see supermarkets implement many tricks

but we can also have ours for example

have a list prepared of what you really

need go to the supermarket after lunch

if you're hungry you're probably by more

than necessary pay with cash like this

you have more control over your expenses

and consider buying on the internet this

way you will buy more wisely now you can

practice with a mini story you'll be

able to go over the vocabulary we saw in

the first section a mini story is very

simple I give you information using

phrases and then I ask you questions I

recommend that

you listen several times until it's easy

to answer just relax and enjoy let's

start tom went to the supermarket to buy

a bottle of water because he was thirsty

did Georgiana go to the supermarket no

Georgiana didn't go to the supermarket

it was Tom who went who went to the

supermarket to buy a bottle of water

Tom Tom went to the supermarket to buy a

bottle of water did Tom go to the

supermarket because he was hungry no he

didn't go there because he was hungry

but thirsty was Tom thirsty

yes he was thirsty what did Tom buy a

bottle of water he bought a bottle of

water at the supermarket what did Tom

want to buy a bottle of water he wanted

to buy a bottle of water at the

supermarket Tom went through the

supermarket to the right and then back

to the left did Tom go through the

supermarket first on the right

yes Tom went through the supermarket

first on the right did he go through it

first on the left no not on the left

first he went through it on the right

and back on the left while he was there

he took the opportunity to buy things he

needed who took the opportunity to buy

things he needed

Tom Tom took the opportunity to buy

things he needed what did Tom take

advantage of he took advantage of it to

buy things he needed

did he take advantage of buying

unnecessary things no only the necessary

things feeling the entire shopping cart

with irresistible offers Tom ended up

feeling the entire shopping cart with

irresistible offers did Tom end up

filling the shopping cart yes Tom ended

up feeling the shopping cart what did

Tom filled the shopping cart with with

irresistible offers or normal prices

irresistible offers he ended up filling

it with irresistible offers could tom

resist no he couldn't resist because the

offers were irresistible in the queue

tom filled another cart with more

products at a very reasonable price did

Tom filled the second cart yes tom

filled another cart a second cart what

did Tom fill another cart he filled

another cart with more reasonably priced

products were the prices good or bad

good the prices of the products were

good how many cards did Tom end up

filling one two or three - Tom and

filling two cards with groceries Tom

spend a month's salary on all that

shopping did Tom spend a year salary no

not a year salary Tom spent a month

salary what was Tom's salary spent on on

all that purchase on all the grocery

shopping when he got home Tom saw that

he had bought everything but water had

Tom bought everything yes everything he

had bought everything except water had

Tom bought chocolate yes he had bought

chocolate and meat

yes also meet the Tom noticed that he

had bought water - no Tom didn't notice

that he noticed that he hadn't bought

any water well this is the end of this

short mini story poor Tom he went to the

supermarket to buy water and he bought

everything but that this is the danger

of the supermarkets you go there and get

distracted by all the offers good prices

and novelties due to time limitations I

don't develop this story even further

but you can see how effective it is I

use this technique and other similar

ones in my courses here you have only

listened a few minutes but in my

programs you can listen to stories that

last for hours one of the most popular

courses is the enchanted course which

you can find that enchanted course calm

all right this episode ends right here

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