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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kids Describe the Police | Kids Describe | HiHo Kids

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- Hello, you're under arrest.

Have your hands up please, or you'll go to jail.

- Hands up or I kill you in the face.

(psh psh)

(suspicious muic)

- Hi, I'm Ethan with a E.

- Hi, I'm Helana with a H.

- I'm Koji with a K.

- We're gonna draw police.

- Police. - So like, what do think

like a police officer would look like?

- Where's the police?

I uh, oh no.

- Have you ever bene arrested?

- No.

- Have you ever been arrested?

- No.

- (laughs)

- Have you been arrested?

- Yeah. I was arrested once.

- You went to jail?

- I didn't go to jail.

- You had


- Yeah I got a ticket.

- What did you do?

- I was drinking alcohol when I was too young.

- What was alcohol?

- (laughs) Something that grown ups drink sometimes for fun.

And you drink it and you kinda,

um (laughs)

So should we get into the drawing then?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

Whatever you tell me to draw, I draw.

- Go crazy kinda.

- We can go as crazy as we want.

Let's start with the face.

What kinda face do you think he's making?

- I think he has a mad face.

- He's angry. - So you like that?

He's angry?

Do you like police officers, or?

- Yes.

- Okay.

- Are you scared of them at all?

- No.

- If they're bad, no.

If they're good, yes.

- Like, what's a bad cop?

- A bad cop is like arresting someone

who didn't do anything, like rob a bank.

- He's kinda short.

Pencil skinny.

- Pencil skinny, okay.

- Big and strong and can bust heads out.

- Bust heads out?

- Yeah.

Then it roll all the way outside.

- They have kind of circle hats.

- (woop) And he has the police symbol on it.

- A blue vest.

- With like a white tie him.

- Like a...

- Like a bow tie.

- Like a bow tie.

- What do you think cops say to people?

- Freeze.

- (radio static) There is a bandit that's stealing

a lot of gold.

You've got to catch him 5-1-6. Over. (radio static)


- So he's arresting the giraffe?

What do you think his expression is when he's doing that?

- He's confused that he arresting a giraffe.

- They have to put someone in jail.

But it feels wrong.

Really wrong.

- Draw a mustache. Draw a mustache.

- Like a big one or a small one?

- Like a big one - oh watch out.

- Like this.

- Like big and bushy?

- Yes.

- Okay, so it's like that kinda?

What do you think your parent's would think

if you got arrested?

- Uhhh,


- You think they'd be mad?

- Yeah.

- Why do you think they'd be mad?

- I'll get grounded.

- You'll get grounded?

- Yeah.

- And does he have anything on that belt?

Does he carry any like tools or weapons or anything on it?

- Yeah this.

Thing to wrap his arms

- Oh yeah. - the bad guys arms.

- They have handcuffs too.

- Yeah, that's what they're called, handcuffs.

- Maybe a gun.

- A pistol.

- A pistol.

- Small one that he can carry.

But holds 100 darts.

He's a nice cop, very very nice.

- Oh, so he doesn't carry any weapons

cause he's a nice cop?

- Yeah.

- [Man] What do cops normally carry though?

- Guns.

I don't like that.

- I'm scared of the place with guns.

- Why are you scared of police Helana?

- Because there's guns.

Kill peoples.

- You just don't need that, you don't need to shoot them.

Just don't need to.

- How would cops protect themselves then without guns.

- They know kung fu.

All of them know kung fu.

- They should all know kung fu?

Any last details you want to add to this one?

- Clouds.

- Clouds?

- Yeah.

- [Man] Why don't you guys show your creation?

- Okay, here you go world.

- Officer wiggly guy.

- This is what I think a cop looks like catching a bandit.

- I like his mustache.

- Least make the world safe.

- You hope that you never get arrested?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it.

Stay out of trouble.

- Draw a mustache.

- Like a police mustache like this guy?

- Yeah.

- I'm a boy.

- Oh, you got one too.

- Bye bye.

- Good job guys.

- I hope I see you on TV.

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