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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: О ЧЁМ ВСЕ МОЛЧАТ I 10 НЕДОСТАТКОВ IPHONE 11 PRO MAX НЕ БРАТЬ

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Excellent moisture protection and dust standard ip68.

Great display.

FaceID works practically perfect even in the dark

and you cant deceive him with a photo.

There is a wide angle lens and 12MP front camera. 535 thousand

points in AnTuTu, and 5373 points in 3 d mark in sling mode

shot extim.

Camera with Deep Fusion mode. 20 hours of battery life

streaming view video.

Phone is nothing dangerous does not emit.

And if you do not look at the price - It seems like a great device.

But this is not so.

Not at all like that.

And the problem is not even that I am a fierce syaomit.

I'll tell you now.

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fast and capacious reviews.

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Today's video is mini review on iphone 11 pro max,

and I try not to overlook apple technique not from

I dont have it.

And from the fact that she is like an idol.

No matter what the flaws are, the label is worth the trouble

which are associated with it.

If yesterday is a good present there was a chain or a ringlet

for the beloved, now is the last device of the apple giant.

And those for whom this is not so - you are very lucky, and probably

we are from different worlds.

But this is all the lyrics.

And so - 3000 likes and will be full review.

In the meantime, briefly 10 reasons, which should

turn you away from the purchase this phone.

And of course the black packaging and white accessories, to pro

the version has nothing to do with it.

Although it smells slightly under-delivery.

And even a quick 18 wadded charging that cannot

don't cause a smile in a number of reasons from what I consider

this device is not worthy worship.

Although the whole thing is bitten bullseye.

1) Weight 223 grams.

For example, van place 7 t pro weighs 207 grams.

And even that weight I consider quite critical. 223 grams

- this weight is not just must be justified by iron,

8 GB of RAM or camera on the slide in the housing (which

by the way is also quite controversial decision). 223 - more

and without cover, peppy throwing shell without claims to

aristocratic ease.


2) Monobrow of the wild sizes.

You can get used to - justify - not.

I am not a stylist.

But the larger the percentage the area of ​​the apparatus is

the display is better and here this is only 84 percent.

Shameful 84 percent.

And even in low-cost models up to $ 200 this figure

the minimum is 91 percent, for example in redmi laptop 8

about 91.4 percent.

But who here believes.

3) Removed 3D touch.

Of course for autonomy, but now the force of pressing

iPhone does not detect.

But cut out what is very cool in demand

function bad way to become better.

Moreover, this function is quite cool help in games.

Interestingly they will be with each a useful function to do so

Maybe next time just remove the frontal to

there was a larger percentage of the area screen, and all problems are resolved.

4) Wireless charging just 7.5 watts.

With reverse charging not.

They wanted, but could not.

And this is not good.

And 7.5 watts is just tears even for 2019.

5) Horizontal their perfect face ai di does not work.

Yes, and you need to hold the phone pretty close.

And even in a hat and in the evening he will determine you.

But do not define in horizontal position, well shy


6) Selfies in dark conditions does not work out at all.

The front line is worse than that of competitors, especially in the dark.

And this is a fact that for many will be decisive.

Night life of young people no one has canceled.

7) Slow down to 240 frames.

And it's not that it's few.

But the fact is that it is at times less than competitors.

Yes, and I'm used to 960 ... Well, fun shoot all sorts of explosions.

And with long shots In 4k, the device is not warmly heated.

But that's another story.

8) Black frames on the sides.

Here's how, but with white the theme is it looks over


Its like I bought a white phone, and the frames are black.

Despite the fact that in the iPhone 7 plus everything in that sense was great

white on white.

9) Cameras.

And yes I'm talking about sad shirik.

Filming interests me at only 4 to 60 fps, examples

of how he removes you already have seen.

And of course I consider complete compare idiocy

DSLR, even the cheapest with a phone camera.

Nobody canceled physics.

But shirik - pop, useful just to make fun of

no processing results his shooting will not take out.

Yes, and night mode in it not.

Generally the main camera I came in.

But I remind you - that advertisement, shot on an 11 iPhone which

you see on the internet filmed in such lighting, with such

stabilizers, and such pros with unrealistic literate

post processing what they even on redmi laptop 7 it's

would do no worse.

Straight arms are needed for everything.

Although okay-photo iPhone and the truth will do for you though

photographers will spit because you take their bread.

After all, by and large besides the effect of depth to us

nothing is needed.

10) The camera was drowned in the housing pretty not bad and let

not completely, but also so cool.

It seems that the back panel should collect less dust.

But this is not so.

Panel in prints.

The entire substrate for the cameras in the dust.

I dont know how they did it, its like the slime is not glued there,

but the fact remains.

Dust the sea.

And whatever you think - I don't forget and cable lightning

- their super divorce.

And the fact that the top phone support yusby 2.0, unreal


And the audio codec is only AAS.

YES and what they never will not add there

mini jack or card slot.

And their audio zoom is more seems like a joke.

It does not work.

As they say, Salvage will win evil.

And in their head only how to do more

money if not on flash drives then to the repository.

And the phone still crashes - the truth is slightly.

If you overload it heavily, that I can do very well.

Yes, I even have a van place 7 t pro freezes every other day,

and this is not a marriage.

The phone freezes in the cold just instantly.

In the European version there is more certification marks

on the case, which is outwardly strong spoils the big picture.

I will not say anything by the screen.

Who knows, he will understand - who does not want to know, will begin to demand

proofs ... And you generally noticed how much adequate criticism

on iPhones in the internet.

Although the camera is my opinion just fire for the phone

as well as night shooting ....

Do you know why it is not enough.

When you spend 100 rubles for review, the desire of

call yourself near - slightly evaporates.

BUT I was distracted.

I recommend the phone as dear gift for yourself

or loved ones.

I think this thing is an analog jewelry, and in price it

losing about the same like a diamond after

how did you get it out of the store.

Well, honestly - such a thing you cant buy on credit,

if after salary under end of the month you have

free weaving of course take it.

If not, as they said in my youth a good show

more expensive than money.

Only iPhones are no longer Pont.

It is just a telephone.

Like all the others.

And you can only surprise them a neighbor on the desk, or his


Forgot to add - wow effect the girls on the phone do not


The first 3 phrases that I heard from spouse after

I gave it to her: "Why is it so big"

"And why are black here framework, I wanted white "

"And where are the buttons, I dont want gestures to manage. "

And I understand her.

When you use some kind the thing is not updating it

causes due delight.

Like it.


I'll talk about airpods soon about.

And about fakes too.

Yes or no, good no will give an answer.

Good luck to you, friends!