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BETH HOYT: Guess who's here, hint.



BETH HOYT: Hi guys.

Welcome to "MyDamnChannel LIVE." It's Tuesday.

I'm Beth Hoyt, and today we have a treat for you.

As you probably know, Daily Grace has moved to LA.

So she's not here, like a subway ride away to the show

in this studio.

But guess what?

We beat down the door of technology.

And we are bringing her to you.

Um, she's going to be talking to you all show.

So get in the chat.

This is the first time we're doing this.

There maybe some-- we don't know what's going to happen.

It's technology, and it's 2012.

But we're giving it a shot.

Ladies and boys, live in LA, Daily Grace.





BETH HOYT: I can hear you.

Can you hear me?

DAILY GRACE: I can hear you.

The technology's amazing.


How are you?

DAILY GRACE: I'm doing so well.

BETH HOYT: I almost wore that-

DAILY GRACE: How are you?


I almost wore that same hoodie.

That would've been--


BETH HOYT: --sisters.

Oh, not that one.

Just a grey one.

Have you seen any--

DAILY GRACE: I like the jacket that you're wearing.

BETH HOYT: Thanks.

Have you seen any celebrities in LA?

What's happening in LA?

DAILY GRACE: Have I seen any celebrities?



I see a lot of people that I think are celebrities.


DAILY GRACE: And I ask people, is that someone?


DAILY GRACE: And it usually isn't.

BETH HOYT: Oh, well you missed out big, 'cause guess who was

on-- guess who was blocks away on "The

Today Show" this morning?

Do you know?


BETH HOYT: One direction was like so close--


BETH HOYT: --to this place.

Yeah, I know.

All right listen--

DAILY GRACE: Oh my gosh.

BETH HOYT: I know, I know.

I knew you'd be like, why did I move to LA?

But um, listen.

We have, you know we have [INAUDIBLE]

who want to talk to you.

So Grace, take the show.


I'm handing her to you.

DAILY GRACE: Thank you Beth.


DAILY GRACE: So guys, I am out here in Los Angeles doing a

Google Hangout today.

Just me and you guys, very intimate of times between us.

This is the place that I'm staying right now.

And to prove that it's not a green screen, I just want to

do something very quickly.

See, this bed is not very comfortable.


Ah, but today we're doing something really super simple.

I am going to just answer your questions.

I'm going to read your comments.

I'm in the chat room now.

So if you have any comments, please type them out with your

little troll hands.

And I will try to answer them, and talk to you

about things and stuff.

So let's see what we have here.

If I can refresh my page for one moment, and look at what

you have said.

Grace all up in the face.


I'm all up in your faces.

Side note, congrats on the IAWTV

nominations from Olivia Davidson.

Thank you.

Uh, the IAWTV awards were [INAUDIBLE]

announced yesterday by the, what's trending, I believe.

And "MyDamnChannel" got a lot of nominations,

which is very exciting.


some kind of professional validation.

And isn't that what we're all striving for.

So we'll find out in January if we win the nomination.

That's the second part of the two part plan that

we have right now.

We've accomplished our first part of just being nominated.

But I believe the award show is going to be streamed live.

'Cause I think last year it was streamed live.

And it might be streamed live again this year.

So you'll get to see faces of victory, and faces of defeat.

Which is basically what you see from Claire Danes every

episode of "Homeland."

Let's take some other comments and questions from you guys.

Do you like England, Grace?

I love you.


Um, yeah I do like England.

I like England because let the kids drink at 18 years old.

And I think that's great because they learn early on

how to respect alcohol.

Is that what I really believe?

I don't know.

I just think England's cool.

It's dark and gloomy.

And people have weird mouths.

It's like a little um, everyone is a cartoon

character in England to me.

And that's fun to be in a place that

has people like that.

Um, coming home to New Jersey for Christmas, question mark

from McKenna MarieX0X0.

I think I am.

I haven't even discussed this with my parents.

I think I am.

Cause I don't think I'm going home for

Thanksgiving this year.

Excuse me.

I had to burp, as my body reacting to that news.

It was shocked.

I think I'm going to stay in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving.

Isn't that crazy.

I'll just have turkey juice while I'm out here.

[INAUDIBLE] thinks that's what everyone does.

Um, yeah I hope that I get to go home over Christmas.

Here's the spoiler alert.

Planes are very expensive, and I don't like being in them.

Who does?

I always wonder how flight attendants do it.

Do they ever have moments of, like, total freak out, except

from that guy that worked at JFK that grabbed the Coronas

and jumped off the plane, or however he left.

That was great.

Ah, make a joke about Quebec, um, Ali743.

Um, what's the deal with Quebec?

A serious question.

What is going on up there?

You guys got some stuff going on.

Ah, where is Celine Dion from?

I know she's from Canada.

Is she still married to Rene, her manager

slash husband lover.

I don't know.

That's what Canada's got for-- and Maple candy.

I will give you guys maple candy.

That is good candy.

Um, oh my God, I love you guys.

I watch your videos when I'm on the toilet.

Cause you always talk about shooting, right?

Right, Hector.

Great I'll take it.

I mean people have busy days.

If you do have a minute to spare to watch a Daily Grace

while you're on the toilet.

I give you tiny claps for multitasking.

Sabba Emmy Riley answer me.



There we go, we did it.

Um, Jordan Helms, will you come to Nashville, excessive

question marks?

Um sure, if there's a thing that I need to be

in Nashville for.

Miley Cyrus is from Nashville.

And spoiler alert, I just shot an episode of "You Deserve A

Drink" with [INAUDIBLE] last night.

[INAUDIBLE] a drink from Miley Cyrus that will be out on the

internet as soon as I have time to

edit it with my fingers.

And apparently there's some news that Liam, her fiance,

had gotten caught cheating on her.

But she is sticking by her man, says anonymous news

resources that I don't know of.

I'm just assuming.

That's most of news is just assuming what's

happening in culture.


Sam Monsuier, you should fly a unicorn

to go home for Christmas.

I will consider it.

Go green.

Fly on a unicorn, that makes sense.

Um, where do you buy your potatoes from?

Pierre Azuma.

Ah, any restaurant that sells french fries is usually where

I buy my potatoes from.

They do a really [INAUDIBLE].

I will literally eat any french fry.

Even bad french fries are still very, very good to me.

I don't think I've ever had french fries that are-- that

were inedible.

Have you guys ever had french fries that were inedible?

Cause that place should be shut down.

Cause it is very hard to mess up a french fry.

They're just good all the time.

Grace, what about coming here in France?

That is not the right grammar.


Um, but I would like to--

I've been to Paris, and to Nice, and to Bordeaux.

Where I took a wine class to learn about wine.

Where after I graduated college I backpacked through

Europe, and I went to France.

And I took a wine class in Bordeaux.

And I did not learn anything about wine.

Our instructor literally said the first thing, [INAUDIBLE]

that's [INAUDIBLE]

and, or something.

That's not even close to French.

He had a very thick French accent and basically said, if

you can't understand me that's your own fault.

And so I learned nothing, and I paid a lot of money.

Guys, this went very fast, this time

that we've had together.

I'll answer one more question.

Then I'm going to have to go, and get on with my life, and

finish making this bed by jumping on it.

Let's take one more question.

And then I will say, I will bid you adieu.

Um, Kid Delirious.

Grace, what would you do if you met a guy named Keenan?

I would say your name's Keenan, what the cow?


now it's time, it's definitely time to go, definitely time

for me to go.

Thank you guys for all of your questions.

I'm going to throw it to Beth in the studio.

Oh my God, that's the only time this ever fits.


I caught the, I caught the live action.

That was so cool, we did that.

Thanks Grace.

DAILY GRACE: Thanks for having me Beth.

BETH HOYT: Thanks for joining.

Good luck on that bed.

That did sound very like really hard when you, I mean

when you jumped on it, like not right.

DAILY GRACE: Yeah, it's um, it's not

an expensive mattress.

BETH HOYT: It's a good thing you're still in your teens,

and it doesn't hurt your back to sleep on

those kind of beds.




All right, well thanks Grace.

Have a good day.


Bye Beth, Bye guys.

BETH HOYT: OK, cool.

That's our show.

Thanks to Grace in LA.

Thanks to you guys for tuning in and

drilling her with questions.

Subscribe, I'll be here tomorrow and I won't be alone.

It's our big Thanksgiving show.

I'm going to be joined by the hilarious cast from the

cooking channel's fodder shows.

We're going to be cooking and bowling with turkeys.

The usual Thanksgiving Day stuff you know.

Um, I'll see you tomorrow all my little favorites.



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