Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Abigail - Ep. 2: Standby Me

Difficulty: 0

[Ominous MUSIC]

[Typing] Alright Abigail, how long did you give me?

[countdown beeping]

[electronic whirring] [robotic voice] Operator number

[LUKE] 0-1-7-3, Maintenance Technician, access

code November, Echo, Whiskey, Tango, Oscar, November. 1-9-2-0.

[robotic voice] Access granted. Terminal open

Remain offline. Standby for manual


[robotic voice] Well, okay then.


narrow window to plant and arm the decoy. Once it's triggered, it should short circuit

her long enough for me to disable her tracking unit.

[Fox] Security

They have automated units patrolling the halls.

But Abraham doesn't want anyone to know she's there, surveillance should be surprisingly


The badges Trix stole should get you into

her building here.

[LUKE] How long are we talking?

Depends on how she sleeps.

It's actually a clever design. Her boot sequence is determined by a doctor program

that repairs programming anomalies when she's offline.


Anything that might reveal the truth about

her nature is marked as an error and repaired. The design had the happy side-effect of simulating

the grogginess we feel in the morning. It's also a vulnerability. That's our window.

Let's hope she gets a good night's sleep

This all looks right Trix - let's run the simulation again.


[Robotic Voice] Command - not recognized.

[Electronic beeping]


You know, for a hologram she's pretty hot.

Hey, how accurate is this thing, you know,

anatomically speaking?

But how do we plan on breaking her washing


We don't. The Cube is a simulation facility.

They transmit scenarios and have the models interact under various circumstances.

Wait let me get this straight, they spent

millions making these things and then, what, watch them do the dishes?

or make love. In two years, Adam Inc will

sell the perfect companion

Okay so, I'm thinking you nix this whole maintenance man getup and send me in on a

sex mission.

OK, first of all, creepy. Second - how do we get a "scenario" into Abigail?

Well, we can't hack the cube, so we'll

have to show her the light.

[FOX] Hey Trix, do you have one with her at the beach? or the shower? Tell me you have one

in the shower

[robotic voice] Command - not recognized.

Abigail, status

[robotic voice] Offline, standing by for manual upload.

Upload received?

[robotic voice] Yes

Abigail, run command ---.

[Abigail robotic voice] Maintenance technician 0-1-7-3, are you Newton?

Disregard. Run command ---

[Abigail robotic voice]-Disregard. Installation on standby. Question, maintenance technician 0-1-7-3 are you Newton?

[Furious typing]

[Gabrielle Flashback voice] Once she's down

you have only a few minutes to kill her signal, let the decoy do its job, and get

out of there.

[Luke Flashback voice] Well, that's what you're for. [Gabrielle Flashback voice]I don't know what's in there. If that door locks, I won't be able to get you out.

Override. Run command: India Alpha

[robotic voice] Disregard. Lockdown. Question.

[Luke Flashback voice] I can kill her signal

Maintenance technician 0173, are you Newton?

[Gabrielle Flashback voice] And if you fail...?

Maintenance technician 0-1-7-3, are you -

No! No I'm not.

[Even creepier Robotic Voice] Then RUN!.

Alarms Blaring--Door Automatically Locking}

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