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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2$ Deck of Cards vs 200$ Deck of Cards!!

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Yo what's going on.

Welcome back.

Today we're going to be taking a look at the difference between a $200 deck of cards and a $2 deck of cards.

Now it's important to note that when I purchased these, they were not $200.

These Virtuoso playing cards

These are the first

launch edition Virtuoso playing cards.

So when they first started printing cards this is what they put out.

And they were about, I think $12-$15 on Kickstarter.

And because they did so well and produced many, many decks afterwards,

the price went up to like 200 bucks on eBay plus.

I did not pay $200 for these but that's the value

of them now, and we're going to see how they fare

in handling and everything else against a $2 deck of bicycle backs.

so to start off we're just going to take a look

at these decks individually and see the differences

in the.. mostly the tuck box, because I don't want to touch the cards just yet.

we're gonna do a blindfold challenge to see if I can tell the difference between these two decks.

but first let's just open them up and see what they're all about on the outside.

alright, so to start off... you know what lets start with uh... let's start with this deck here.

This is a regular blue back Bicycle deck , the kind you find at Costco.

Ah, they're roughly $2-$3 depending on where you can get them.

So let's start by opening this baby up.

As you can see the seal right here - that little cellophane starts here.

Opens up nice and easily as you'd expect.

This is the, uh..

This is the French/English version - bought these in Quebec

So they have a different back than normal $2 Bicycle cards.

Complete with a little black seal,

Hideous bar-code on the back.

Not too nice, covering up that ace.

But yeah, pretty... pretty standard.

Let's take a look at

the Virtuoso Lauch Edition playing cards.

Now to open these is a sin, but, we're going to have to do it guys.

We're going to have to... bust these open.

So, as you can see on the outside..

They got the little vert sign here - the 'V'

What's cool about these it that,

when you put three together -

So 1, 2, and 3..

they would make this triple design.

Ah, which kinda you know...

kinda doubles as a display on your shelving.

Let's crack these open as well.

Alright so as you can see here there is no seal.

These are just in a sort of

matte finish cardboard box.

they uhh,

same I guess you can really tell the difference between the weight and meat

scoop or the size but definitely like this is just your average touch case

looks really great!

Now for the blind-fold test

let's get into it alright so here we go I'm going to ask my assistant to hand me the

bind-fold, thank you very much.


this isn't a magic trick, I won't be

trying to cheat and peek through because I know most of you know that these blind

folds when it comes to magic are about as useless as something funny got'em and I'm

going to ask my assistant to randomly give me one of the two packs to open up

the cards give me randomly one of the two packs

let's see what happens here. Alright, if you could hand me one of those packs...ok


ok, let's see if I can tell the difference. oooooooooo I can tell you right away straight off the bat,

and I am blindfold here and I have no idea which which deck my assistant gave

me but these definitely feel a lot thinner feels you know what this deck

already feels broken in the edges feel a lot smoother. This is one hundred percent

the virtuoso playing cards. One thousand percent even.

Yeah these feel great I don't know I don't know which side they're oriented

on right now. I'm going to go out a limb right away and say this is

definitely the virtuoso deck yeah I mean these obviously fare really well they

feel great I can assure you I'm blindfolded right now pretty surprised

at my own cardistry skills when blindfolded, but these feel great. they

have a much -uh-oh I don't know where I am at.

These have a much thinner feel ummm, so when like, lepaul spreading you can *orgasm sound*

you can feel that right quickly. I hope I'm in focus by the way...probably

not. All right and now let's do let's do the bike deck obviously that was the

virtuoso deck, this is now...uh-oh...heh...uhhhhh...oh...oh-no...hmm...hehheheh...uhhhh. I think I think I may be mistaken umm damn it!

*orgasm sound* these feel really good yeah these definitely feel better. All right

guys I'm not a hundred percent sure if I'm mm these feel these feel a whole lot

thinner. Can I have the other deck as well? They feel...they don't feel as thick so

I'm holding them like this and they do feel thinner there's definitely a

thickness difference I don't know if you guys can see that but I feel like

there's a thickness difference and I feel like this one is a lot bulkier than

this one this one's a lot softer and more malleable now that I'm now that I

can compare them side-by-side okay if I had to Bank right now this is a hard decision

I'm going to look like a total fool if I get this wrong arn't I? you know it may just

prove that it doesn't matter which deck is which and cards are cards

but these do feel good oh oh here's the difference right here I'm feeling it

right now this one here this one here is developing a little bit of a click you

get that click in the middle of the deck whereas this one here feels a lot softer

it doesn't have that resistance mmm that might be the defining factor ladies and

gentlemen I'm going to say I'm going to say that this deck here

is a $2.00 deck and this is the $200 deck am i right hey ah so bright okay so at

first it did seem like these bikes over here felt really good and maybe it's

just the way that these were cut but they feel really thin I'm having a

really easy time sort of lepaul spreading them and springing them but

these ones these ones over here definitely now that you know you take a

single card and you can you can definitely feel the difference as well

easy to say when my blindfold's off but there you have it that was the blindfold

test for the two decks interesting very very interesting oh alright so now that

we've tested both decks out what what exactly is the difference I mean for

$200 honestly there is no difference I think mainly what makes this card this

deck a desirable deck of cards is because the Virts who are amazing like

what are they like flourishing team like a team flourishes they are the

Singaporean Olympic flourishing team they've they've designed these cards in

a way that makes them look good for cardistry it makes them look great in

flourishes and sort of like they got this like geometric design so when

you're doing like this type of thing you're looking like a real badass

they're meant for flourishing so even fans right let's do like a double

fan all the way all right so they're obviously meant for flourishing and

because the people who put them out so all the virts guys are super popular and

very good with cards they garnish like a big following online and obviously made

this deck a very desirable deck so all of those people who want to get into

flourishing this is like probably the number one cardistry deck out there it's

probably the deck that if you were to associate a deck with cardistry it would

be this deck right here which which gives it high-end value but more of a

perceived value from the aesthetic point of view not necessarily like I mean the

field does make a difference but these ones here they handle well as well they

handles great I mean you're fine you know I mean they're okay you know

they're like that they're like that go-to friend you know I mean he's just

always there when you like call him and you're like all your other friends are

busy but you got that one go-to friend who's just there when the other ones are

like busy and you're like hey man what's up he's like not much you want to hang out

he's like of course that's what these are like, you know what I mean. whereas like this is like the

guy that gets you into clubs you know for free VIP access in bottles

you know what I mean but at the end of the day you know they're both just chill

people there you have it my opinion on a 200-dollar deck versus a $2.00 deck at

the end of the day you know what they're both just playing cards if you're not a

magician and you're watching this first of all thank you for watching to the end

because you're probably bored right now but if you are a magician you probably

know this already you know there are playing cards that do have a better

quality stock and a better finish the virtuoso playing cards just happen to be

one of those decks they are traditionally cut which means they Faro

in which is a nice little touch the generic bicycle cards well obviously the

attention to detail isn't there on the finish and stock and cut case and

whatever end of the day are they worth $200 I mean not to me just because I

would never in a thousand years pay $200 for a deck of cards you out there who

are on eBay right now getting money good for you so guys I hope you enjoyed this

video I hope you found this entertaining amusing and insightful or just plain

stupid which is fine I find myself to be pretty stupid at times as well if you

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its tip of the hat Peace

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