Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tank chu guyz 4 eighty subs + shoutouts (re upload)

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Hey everyone guess what I got 80 subscribers!!

That's eighty more subjects for Robot Overlord

And we want to keep robot overlord happy

other than robot Overlord and his Rockets,

Here's what you have to look forward to

Mini comics every two weeks even more speed draws and less Rockets up the wazoo

Yippee so, thanks for watching and as always you kind and don't steal art, or you know where that rocket is going

But now shout outs go to:

Menjudas1163, FireSnakeGaming, HieloCar 74, Phonix 0616,

GoldWolfPlays and last, but certainly not the least..


Did that please you your robotic highness..?

Please don't dismantle me..

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