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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 5 ЛАЙФХАКОВ от SLIVKISHOW

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Probably every kitchen

there is such a metal sponge.

Which after a few uses of stretched

staot less functional

And keep it in your hands is not very nice.

In general, you need a small plastic bottle, from which must be carefully cut off the neck

Now take a sponge is inserted through the middle of it is a lace

and is fastened on the site.

Threading the other end of the tether through the neck, and fix it with a lid.

Done! We got a great catch for the sponges!

Which is much easier and more pleasant to hold in your hand.

And thanks to a sponge which will not be so quickly lose its usefulness!

By the way, remember the last video about the removal of rust?

The day before yesterday we were contacted the guys from Domestos.

And they said that we have not the Domestos.

What are they trying so hard developing Domestos rust

And we took from germs and dirt!

And of course he had not had an effect on the rust!

Generally the sake of objectivity, we bought the right Domestos.

And now, a quick test it, what would the experiment was honest.

For comparison, included in the experiment and the Domestos from the old video.

And so, we fill our blank versions of the two funds.

Almost immediately, the reaction begins to occur with rust

And two minutes later, we see a lot of bubbles escaping to the outside!

They became more and more, it was clear that the reaction is in full swing!

Rust and metal particles fly from rising to the surface.

After 20 minutes, it was decided to extract the preform.

Like last time Domestos from germs is not particularly affected by rust.

That is logical, because it is against germs and dirt and not rust.

Now let's see what will tell the version from corrosion.

But such a result!

And brushing is not even necessary!

And the moral is, before you buy something that you need to carefully read what is written on the label!

Can happen is that you will be on the stationery of the blade of the knife, but will not be very knife.

Run naked blades is not safe!

You will need the usual wooden clothespin

To be disassembled into 2 parts.

How to fix the one part,

And with the help of saws for metal cut on the length of wood.

So you need to do with 2 parts.

Then take a plastic tie or wire and fix them together.

Now insert the blade into the slot, so that would be the opening of the blade and pegs coincide.

And he took a small bolt and a nut is screwed them into the blade holes,

Thereby firmly fixing it.

We get a great homemade stationery knife!

Blades can be shortened with the help of pliers.

And fix it over a stretched position

Using 2 hole.

It often happens that the ends of the lace on the hood hang unevenly and have to constantly correct.

Or some joker at all to drag one end of the inside!

What used this does not happen again,

Align the holes and find the middle at the top of the hood.

Now find a thread with a needle about the same color,

And do a few turns through the drawstring hood and on the inside of his hand.

Now get this little noticeable dot on the hood

But the laces will now be on the same level!

Take the cork from the wine and put it on a drill bit in the screwdriver.

Now take a piece of sandpaper

And turning momentum pressed against a stopper

Thereby stachivaya it under the cone.

Remove and cut off any excess.

And here we get just such a universal plug

Due to the conical shape it is now possible to easily close a variety of drinks.

For example, those who have a one-time metal cover.

If you have a half cans of milk or yogurt

You do not really want to drink up

That is a good idea!

Pour it in 2-3 teaspoons of sugar

And about 10 of the same spoons of flour

Knock out there one, or better two eggs

And a good shake to all the ingredients mixed

And there was no lumps.

Now take a pan add oil, and pour a little of our liquid.

Meanwhile, quickly cut into sausages and cheese, overturn our pancake

We spread it on the ingredients and wrap as shown in the video.

Another warm a little and get a delicious dish for breakfast!

The beauty of life hacking is that we do not get dirty extra dishes, which will mix the components.

And in the same bottle we can store the mixture to make a breakfast for the next day!

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