Practice English Speaking&Listening with: N. Korea's top nuclear negotiator Kim Yong-chol en route to Washington

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story this morning North Korea's top nuclear negotiator is on his way to

Washington carrying a letter from the regime's leader at the same time the

North's Vice foreign minister is in Europe some watchers have suggested

chess on he could meet with her American counterpart Stephen beigen in Stockholm

it all points to arrangements for a long anticipated second summit between Kim

jong-un and US president Donald Trump Assange Jay starts us off the North

Korean leaders right-hand man Kim Jung char is enroute to Washington reportedly

carrying Kim jong-un's return letter to present Trump the North Korean envoy was

spotted arriving in Beijing on Thursday afternoon

he caught a plane bound for Washington in the evening and is set to land there

on Thursday evening local time Kim will stay overnight in Washington he

first such case for a North Korean official since 2000 and meet with US

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday it's likely who meet President Trump -

as according to CNN he's carrying Kim jong-un's letter to Trump a reply to

Trump's letter that was delivered last weekend

this comes as North Korea's Vice foreign minister chess on he has arrived in

Sweden she previously told reporters she was attending an international

conference in the Scandinavian country but as she's North Korea's US expert and

one of the key figures related to the nuclear negotiations observers say she

could meet US officials in Stockholm The Washington Post reports if the

high-level talks go well between Kim Jung char and Mike Pompeo US officials

are expecting chess on he and US nuclear envoy steven vegan to meet for the first

time in Sweden the daily adds the time and location of the second North Korea

US summit could be announced as soon as Friday and it says the summit is likely

to be held in the Vietnamese city of Da Nang in March or April but amid the

dialogue momentum the United States is remaining tight-lipped on Kim Jung

charge trip to the US asked if the State Department had plans to announce any

meetings involving the visiting official a spokesperson said there were no

meetings to announce president Trump often takes the Twitter

to announce North korea-related news but he has not mentioned the regime or its

leader in recent days despite the silence from the US the two

sides are expected to sit down with each other

watchers say the key will be finding middle ground on their respective

demands and take a closer step to reaching a deal on the North's

denuclearization Eason J Arirang news

The Description of N. Korea's top nuclear negotiator Kim Yong-chol en route to Washington