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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Size 4 & Size 12 Try on the Same Outfits from Forever 21!

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- Hey guys, it's Sierra, welcome back to my channel.

Today I am back with my lovely big sister, Lisa Schwartz.

- Hello!

- I am so excited to be collabing with you again,

because the first time was so fun.

- I know, we are back, and it's gonna get

even crazier this time. (laughter)

- You know what, it is getting crazier,

because Lisa brought something for our rating scale.

Should we break it out?

- Duh. - We have champagne!

So we are gonna be trying on

some outfits from Forever 21 and rating them

on a scale of one sip of champagne

to five sips of Champagne

based on how good the outfit is.

- I'm gonna fake it every time, be like five!

(laughter) Five!

- Outfit looks terrible, we're like

all fives, all around. - Any excuse to drink more.

- So I'm really excited, but we're actually doing this

a little bit differently, so both Lisa and I

are going in completely blind to the outfits.

So my lovely producer and best friend Skylar

is behind the camera. - [Skylar] Woot woo!

- She ordered all of the outfits,

she chose the outfits, she got our sizing,

and we have no idea what we're gonna try on.

- No, I feel like last time we kind of had an idea.

- Yeah, I sent you some pictures.

- Yeah. - Like, we pretty much knew.

This time I literally have no idea

is she, like, picked cute outfits or random stuff.

What'd you pick?

Give us a preview.

- [Skylar] It's a good mix.

It's like a lot of different, like, you have tops,

you have bottoms, you have rompers.

You have a funny thing.

- Ooh. - Ooh.

- A funny thing. - A funny thing.


- Is there like super tight items?

- [Skylar] Mm, maybe.


We'll see.

- Alright, let's get into it.

I, like, never shop at Forever 21.

- I don't do it anymore. - Yeah.

- It's too scary when you go in there.

There's too much happening.

- [Sierra] It's, like, overstimulation.

Like, I don't even know where to look or what to try.

- But sometimes I feel like there's pieces

that are like so great.

- Yeah, but then it's hard to know on the quality,

but sometimes I feel like it falls apart after two wears,

so then it's like I should have just bought something else.

- [Skylar] Are you ready, ladies?

- Ready!


Okay, so what is this?

- [Skylar] So this is a Chambray

off the shoulder ruffle romper.

- [Sierra] 24.90.

- [Lisa] 24.90, okay.

- And this is a romper? - [Skylar] Mhm.

- So, okay, I feel like I never do off the shoulder,

but I think this could be cute.

- I love, why don't you do off the shoulder?

- I don't like wearing strapless bras.

- Oh, understood, but I feel like it's sexy, like.

- It is, I like showing a little shoulder.

But let's see it.

Okay, I hate this romper, but let's make a toast.

- Here we go!

(bottle pops) (squealing)

Oh, don't waste, no wasting! (laughter)

- Yeah, I'm gonna need this, wearing this romper.

It's not great.

- Yeah, we're starting this off on a low note.

- Cheers! - Cheers!

- Okay, so what do we think of this romper?

Honestly this is just so much more fun with champagne.

- I mean, shopping and drinking.

There's, like, literally nothing better.

- So, okay, wait, we can't drink until we do the rating.

- Oh, (quacking).

- Okay, well, if you're going to, I'm going to.

So what do you think of the romper?

- Boo!

- It looks good on you though.

Like, this looks objectively bad on me.

It's very clear it's not for me.

So this is an extra large,

and usually that's what I am at Forever 21.

I mean, extra large or a zero x,

and it's very clear that these thighs

were not made for my thighs.

- I mean, the material is so thin

that it's never, to me, like super flattering.

Also, if you wear this is the summer,

the minute you have a little bit of tummy sweat.

- Oh my gosh, that's gonna be so bad.

- It's something to consider.

- Well, I couldn't even get this over my boobs.

Like, this is still open on the side.

Like, it was fine over my hips.

- Contemporary, is that like a high end version?

- It better not be. (laughter)

- It does have some pockets though.

- We love a dress with pockets.

But-- - It's--

(groaning) I mean--

- Yeah, I just.

I'm gonna give it, okay, so if we're doing

like one is bad, and five is good,

honestly I'm gonna give it a one.

This is something, like, I wouldn't

even come out of the dressing room in it,

if I tried it on, I'd be like nope, easy no.

- I guess, like, this fits for me,

and I always love this, but the material's not great,

the style is just sort of ordinary,

so maybe like a three? - Yeah.

Well, cheers to that. - Cheers.

- [Skylar] So next up, you guys have

the striped palazzo pants, which are like a classic.

- [Sierra] Oh, I love Palazzo pants.

- [Lisa] Okay.

- [Skylar] And a plunging twist front bodysuit.

- [Sierra] The word plunging-- - [Lisa] I know, my like--

literally, my heart just dropped in my stomach.

- My heart plunged.

- These are very your colors. (laughter)

- Ooh, I love.

This is a blonde girl color.

- It is, it's gonna work for you,

and it's gonna work for Skylar,

and on me it's gonna be like blah.

- So what do we do?

We're doing like smalls and larges.

- Yeah, I think I'm an extra large at Forever 21.

I think all yours is smalls.

- Oh my god.

- So the pants, I love the stretchy waistband.

- Okay.

- But these look a little see through, is that just me?

- Oh, white pants, girl.

- Yeah, white Forever 21 pants.

- Great.

They're also a little clown like.

- Yeah. - It could go either way.

- It's like rustic clown. - Hipster clown.

- Oh, I love things like that, that gather in the front.

- It is flattering.

Is this a bathing suit?

- I think it's just a bodysuit,

but it kind of feels like a bathing suit.

- Yeah, oh, it's got the snaps.

- Ooh, it's got the snaps.

(laughter) - I wanted it to be like--


- Okay, so there's some good

and some bad in this for me.

What about you?

- It's not as bad as I thought it was gonna be.

- I love the bodysuit. - Love.

- Starting with a positive.

It fits great. - Yeah.

- I feel like it looks cute.

I love the gather, love the cutout.

- Yes, the only thing is the crotch,

like the snaps is like super thick.

- It feels like you're wearing a diaper.

- It feels like you're wearing a diaper.

- It's like gathering.

It's not great. - Yeah, it's not great.

- So in the bodysuit, everything honestly is great,

other than the crotch, which is like,

you know, not the end of the world.

The pants on me, it's the thighs, again.

Like the last one, it's like waist is fine,

the length is fine, it's really the thighs are just,

they're not made for women with larger thighs.

- Which is crazy, because these

are supposed to be like that, so they should

make them like that. - Right.

- And also like, let's be inclusive, Forever 21.

- Yeah, come on, guys.

- I feel like a lot of their clothes

are made for like 12 year old girls.

- I think, the thing with Forever 21 is,

like, it's so hit or miss.

Like, we were talking about this earlier.

I have a cardigan from Forever 21

I got six years ago that I still wear all the time,

but it's like one in 10 items

is that, like, perfect fit and everything's great

and it lasts a while.

- What do you think about the print?

- I actually like the print, I think it's cute.

- I kind of like it too.

- But how are the pants on you?

- They're super comfortable.

They're really long on me,

and we were talking off camera

about, like, they have a little, like, what is this called?

- A built in short.

- To cover up your private area.

- Which is nice, because it is see through.

- Yeah, and there's a lot of bulk

happening down there right now.

They're just cheap. - Yeah, they're cheap.

That's really what it is.

- If it was like a high end version,

I think I would be in love.

- You can tell, look at this.

I have to do a close up on this.

- Ew!

That looks like hair, it looks like body hair.

- [Sierra] The seam has already ripped,

and this isn't even on a tight part

that would like pull the seam.

This is literally like at my knee.

For the outfit as a whole,

I'm gonna give it a two and a half sips

of champagne out of five.

Speaking of which, we've gotta grab our champagne.

- We sure do.

I'll give mine, what do you think?

- Honestly, it's cute on you.

But how you do feel?

Because that's what it's really about.

- I feel pretty good.

I mean, it's not my style of pants.

It feels a little, like, bold for me.

But I would give it like a four?

- Yeah, yeah, I like it on you, it's super cute.

- Okay, but this, like, all the way.

- Yeah, love the bodysuit.

But that's the thing.

This is like the one in 10 item at Forever 21.

- But how cute, with high waisted pants.

- Yes, exactly! - Yes.

- I'll definitely wear this, I think, I'll keep it.

I'm what, two and a half, and you're four?

Cheers. - Yeah, doing it on purpose.


- Lisa's gonna pretend to like all the clothes

so that she can drink more champagne.

- Looks amazing.

- [Skylar] Okay so next up we have

a bandana print maxi dress.

- Bandana print maxi dress. - I can't, like, picture it.

- Oh no.

- [Sierra] I like bandanas.

- [Lisa] I like them on-- - [Sierra] On my hair.

- [Lisa] Yeah, or on my neck.

Oh, I kind of like the cut of this.

- Oh, I haven't been able to, like,

oh, that's like a nice cut!

I love, like, fluttery sleeve dresses like that.

- And the A-line.

Is that A-line, or like that high waist?

- Yeah, like, the empire waist, keep it really high.

- Yeah.

- I feel like I can't picture it on, so let's see it.

- Bitch!

- Yeah, okay, so we've come to the conclusion

that we look like moms who are

like kind of trying to get laid.

Like, we're like out at the pool.

- Yeah, I mean, I can't stop staring at your boobs,

so like, I think it's working. (laughter)

- Well yeah, I mean, am I supposed

to wear something under this?

But then-- - I hope so.

- Yeah, but, okay, I thought it was a rack dress,

because it has a tie. - Yeah.

- But it's not.

And like, I don't know, it's tight around the stomach.

- This is so tight on me. - Yeah, but it--

- But then big in here.

- It's big up here, and it's big up here on me too,

which doesn't usually happen.

- Like, maybe if you got it--

- If I got it tailored, and that's where

it should lay, I feel like.

- I mean, that looks cute on you.

- But does that?

- It's a different kind of cute.

- Sexy, yes. (laughter)

- But I think the print isn't as bad as I thought.

- I was just gonna say that.

It's not as like picnic-y as I was thinking.

- No, it is very much, like, moms who went to the bar

and were like we're gonna get french fries.

We're gonna be bad.

- We're gonna just like let it out.

- We're so bad. (laughter)

- I would give it, like, a one and a half.

- Really?

Because I'd give it, like, a three,

but I think my scale is comparatively,

because the first two outfits were so bad on me.

- This is true, and also this color looks nice.

I mean, you're kind like hippy chic.

- I'm ready to go to Coachella but not go all out.

- Yeah. - [Skylar] Or Stagecoach.

- Yeah, oh yeah, I'm going to Stagecoach in this.

- Pop some boots on and let's do this thing.

- Love me some Kenny Chesney.


- [Skylar] Last but certainly not least,

I got you guys matching Juicy Couture velvet tracksuits.

- Yeah! (laughter)

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

- Oh my gosh, I wanna be Regina's mom.

- I'm so excited.

- Wait, but are they like Forever 21 version

of Juicy Couture, or--

- [Skylar] They're, like, Juicy branded.

- Oh! - [Skylar] Definitely, like,

expensive for the website.

- [Sierra] Oh, but they're-- - [Lisa] Wait.

- [Skylar] They're juicy.

- [Sierra] But they're from Forever 21?

- [Skylar] Yes.

- [Lisa] Wait, Juicy has a collab with Forever 21?

- [Skylar] Forever 21 also has a collab with UPS.

Like, the postal service.

- Forever 21 is, like, collabing with everyone,

like it's YouTube in 2011. (laughter)

- Me. (laughter)

- [Skylar] They were definitely the most expensive thing.

They were, let's see.

The pants here are 60 dollars.

- Oh! - I'm like shook!

- Wow! - [Skylar] Forever 21.

- Okay, so this is why when you were ordering

you were like hey, how much

do we wanna spend on this video?

And I was like eh, like it's Forever 21, whatever.

- 15 bucks. - Now I see.

- [Skylar] One set.

- I'm like weirdly here for this.

- No, me too.

Because like, I don't wanna pay for Juicy.

- Oh, I have the small, I think you have the,

yeah, we gotta switch.

We gotta switch, girl. (laughter)

- Okay.

- No one wants to see me try to fit

into a small sweatsuit. - I do, I do!

- Okay, because like, I never,

I never wore designer stuff growing up.

- Yeah, me either.

- And when the Juicy Couture sweatsuits were in

was when I was in middle school,

and I had the Target version.

- Mhm, I was like, I was actually 21.


Yes, the Target version!

- Yes, and now I'm gonna live my like best life.

- I don't know about this though.

- Yeah. - It smells weird.

- Okay, let's try it.


- I've never been skiing in my life.

- We're just the same drunk moms,

but now we're on a new vacation in Aspen.

- To be honest, I'm surprised at how soft the stuff is.

Like, it's not, I thought it was

gonna be a little bit cheaper.

- Yeah. - This feels pretty good.

- This is by far my favorite of what we tried on,

which is very surprising to say.

- I also feel like we're in, like, a dance group.

- Yeah, I feel like I could be

in Step Up 47 or something, you know?


But like, like you said, it feels higher quality

than the other things. - For sure.

- But I still wouldn't pay 60 dollars.

- No way. - No.

- I'm into the top a little bit.

- Yeah, you know, and the fit,

this is the first thing that I feel like

has actually been the proper size for me.

Like the other items, I definitely

would have sized up, except for the bodysuit.

But both pieces of this feel-- - Yeah, those look good.

And they're not like the thigh thing

that you were dealing with before.

- No. - And the length is nice.

- Probably because they're made by Juicy

and not made by Forever 21,

but they're sold at Forever 21, you know?

- Which I'm shocked by.

I wish, like, I get branding,

I just don't personally like wearing brands.

- Especially when the word is Juicy.

Like, I don't really want people to see me

and the first word they associate with me is like juicy.

- Yeah, I prefer moist. (laughter)

- Yeah, I think the fit is fine, I actually like the color,

and I would wear this sweatshirt.

Like around the house, maybe the grocery store.

- Yeah. - The sweatpants,

they fit fine, they're just not,

like you said, too branded for me, for sure.

- Yeah, and they're just like kind of regular sweatpants.

There's no pockets, there's nothing.

It kind of just looks like, I don't know,

those sweatpants you get at Target.

- Yeah, except they're like 60 dollars.

- Yeah. - So, it's like eh.

- Thank God Forever 21 returns.

- Although I might keep this jacket,

I actually kind of like it. - I like it too.

- Yeah, like I'd wear it around the house for sure.

- Yeah.

- But this, like I said, by far my favorite outfit.

I'm honestly gonna give it a four out of five.

- I'm gonna give it a four out of five too.

- Cheers! (high fiving)

But you guys let us know down in the comments

which outfit was your favorite.

I think this is mine, what about you?

- I think I really liked the bodysuit one.

- [Sierra] Yeah, that looked really cute on you.

- [Lisa] If the pants were, like, a little bit,

like not as thin, not as see through,

I think that would have been for sure,

but I mean this is definitely the most comfortable.

- For sure.

And over on Lisa's channel, we are doing

the same thing, but with Old Navy,

so there will be a card right up there.

I got always get the corners wrong, one of those.

So there, there, somewhere.

Click it and watch Lisa's video.

Make sure you subscribe to her channel as well.

She is a lovely, lovely person.

If you guys wanna see more videos of us together,

make sure to-- - Yes.

- Let us know.

- Yes, I wanna do athletic wear, I love athletic wear.

- Oh my gosh, yes.

We can do like Lululemon, Fabletics.

- Well, we gotta go hit the slopes now.

- Yeah, we'll catch you guys on the flip side, heh heh heh.

I hate myself, bye. (upbeat electronic music)

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