Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A message to our students

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Dear Collins college students

hello from your faculty

and staff

we wanted to check in with you

to let you know that we're thinking about you

we know you didn't plan to finish the semester like this, we didn't either

but we'll get through it together

we want you to know that we see you

our students that are also parents

our students who have had hours cut at work

our students who are worried about your older or immuno-compromised loved ones

and our students who are worried about their own health and safety

our students whose schedules have gotten out of whack

who are having a hard time with isolation and pandemic-caused anxiety

we want you to know that we recognize your classes aren't the only things on your mind right now

might not even be close to the top of your list

we're working to make your virtual classroom experience as easy as possible

and we want you to be successful in that format

we are all in a moment of transition

and transitions are hard

especially at the beginning

this change is going to be hard for all of us

but just because it's hard now

doesn't mean it won't get a bit easier every day

so here are some tips to consider following as best you can

number one: create a schedule for yourself

it may look different than before but decide on a bedtime and a wakeup time

get dressed every day

that could help you feel a little sense of normalcy

create an online workspace

that is separate from your bed

set specific goals for each hour of the day

including goals for your classes

some goals related to exercise

and maybe some goals to take a break

also remember to get some relaxation goals

eat at consistent times and remember to eat as healthy as you can

if you're trying out new recipes at home

don't forget wash your hands before and after prep

tag @thecollinscollege on Instagram and Facebook

we want to see what you're up to

two: communicate with your faculty if you're

having trouble being successful in the new virtual format

we have and always will prioritize your success

and we're here to help you finish out the semester strong

don't be afraid to reach out to us

for virtual office hours via zoom or phone

three: remember you still have access to university-based resources

four: please practice social distancing

this whole change is pointless if everyone keeps interacting in person

so please don't host parties

don't have your friends come over to your dorm

and don't go to parties or visit other people

if you want to interact with your friends

do it virtually

that's your safest bet

stay home as much as possible

the sooner we all stay home

the sooner we can get back to class

and we can get our industry back on its feet

keep up to date with the news but not all-day

take breaks and use technology to stay connected with the people you care about

and keep washing your hands

be safe and be well

we miss you all

we love you all, we do

take care of yourselves

we are keeping you in our thoughts

and we wish you wellness

remember that we are here for you

this is a hard thing and we can do it

we'll get through this together

keep supporting each other

take care of yourself and your family

please remember that we are a part of a bigger community

and we all need to look out for each other

thank you for being an important member

of The Collins College family

when this is all over

we will look back and reflect on our strength

as a community

and as an industry

we will all be amazed at how far we've come

take care everyone

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