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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 3 SCARY GAMES #16

Difficulty: 0

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to "Three Scary Games". This first game that we're gonna be playing is called "Alien: Blackout"

And yes, this is the next game after "Alien: Isolation", that awesome "Aliens" game...

...where you are exploring the derelict space station with Aliens infesting every corner of it. And it was terrifying, and it was awesome.

Also, this video is sponsored by Alien: Blackout's publisher D3 Go.

But this is a mobile game, which is an odd choice, but I'm not gonna let that get me down.

I'm gonna give this the benefit of the doubt, and I'm going to play this, and I'm gonna give my

objective opinion on it and see if it's actually scary. Because if it's scary, if it's fun, at the end of the day,

that's what really matters. So let's do this.

Engineering Bay, okay. Woah...

Classic, I like it. Very pretty.


It is! That's the same person! It is the successor to that game. I knew it!

So, this is Ripley from the movie's daughter. For those of you who don't remember,

I'll put a link in the description to my playthrough of "Alien: Isolation".

Great game! If you haven't seen that game, it is an amazing game. If you haven't played that game, it is an amazing game.


Hello..? Is this some diagnostic? "Welcome to Mendal!" I don't know what Mendal is.

Is Mendal something that I need to-? Oooh..!

"S-Class commercial shuttle Weyland-Yutani."

Was it ever confirmed if-? Was it ever confirmed if Blade Runner and the Alien movies are in the same universe?

I think that was confirmed, wasn't it? Because the replicants are all the same...

Yes, it was! Because- ddhau(?). It was. Of course it was. Uhh yeah it was- oh shit.

Oh, hi. Do I touch that?

Ooooh noooo

Oh no, it's like a five nights at Freddy's- Hello! Hi! oh...

Oh, okay.

Yes, finally! What-?

Hi.. oh no

Ahh, oh that's- yeah...that's a problem.

Oh, well, it's as easy as that!

Well then!


Okay, we got ourselves a deal.

Am I? I don't know if that's a good idea. Oh shit. Oh my god, uh--

Uh, am I? Those doors? This door. Control room? I don't know what I'm doing

I have no idea what I- what- what am I doing? "Engineering Bay Corridor 2"...

Oh! Oh no... oh no.

Oh! Oh no...

Oh... Okay, you are?


Yeah, but not me.


Yeah, well, you know how it is.


Well yeah. Didn't I do that?! Wasn't I supposed to do that? Or did the whole thing get shut down because they were trying to prevent--


-encroachment? Either way, bad news all around. I don't quite-- I don't actually remember what the story was. (Me during an english exam.)

All I know is you were running away a whole lot. I don't remember the actual objectives that I was doing.

Okay, so you're in there? What is-? What is the point of being in there?

That's what I'm doing baby. I don't know why, or what I'm supposed to be doing, but I'm watching over you. Like a hawk.

Well, I don't know what to tell ya.

Okay, where is that?

*metal scraping / sliding noise*



Yeah, that's a problem. Is it coming for me? Wait me! Oh, no, wait. Oh that was-!

Uh! That was not a part of the deal!

Uh, I'm tapping! Agh!


Yeah, I'm all good!

Oh no.


The motion trackers..?

What the fuck?


Uh, oh...


*another metal slinging / scraping noise* Wha-?

Wha- me? No. Okay...

Maybe they should stick together? Maybe that's a good thing, right? I don't know what the green means!

I'm not 100% sure what the green means.

Okay. This is cool.

This is honestly an interesting way to do it. It's kind of nice having an overview of everything.

I wasn't sure at first, but I kind of get it.

Okay, so I need to watch out for myself and watch out for them, guide them so that they don't die...

...and hopefully...

...that means that they're gonna get their objectives and get out.

And I only have a certain amount of time to do it; 'til blackout. Hence, "Alien: Blackout". Okay, easy peasy.

Then they're not dead.


Hurry up.

There we go! And they're good... right?

"Yes, Ms.Yutani." Why are you-? Oh you guys are going- Oh, wait, why?

Why are you doing that? Okay. What are you going-? Wait wait wait..!


Why? Oh no..

Okay. Okay, I think I get it. This is cool.

This is cool.

I will? Why do I need to move?



Yeah, I agree with that one.

Why do I need to go to any other place? (That's how most games work, Mark.)

Okay! "You and your ne- new crew head to the Administrative Hub to find where the scrubbers have been taken."

Okay, great. Yeah, that's good. I'm happy about that. That was the first level? Ehh, that was just a taste of it, I'm gonna keep go-- oooh shit..



Okay. Oooh... Alright, you go this way.


You go-


I'm gonna get 'em to split up. That'll be more efficient, right?

Perfect. You hurry up.

Hurry hurry hurry

This is probably fine


Uh-oh, uh-oh.

Uh-oh, uuum..!

Oh no..

Oh no...

Okay, you got it buddy!

Ooh, shit.

Oh, okay.


Oh shit.

Oh, oh my god! What?

What?! Oh shit. Um, oh, oh shit!


Uh, go here! *screaming* Oh, shit!

Oh shit, um..!

Oh-- oh shit.

*unintelligible marki noises* Wait, so he's just dead now!?

Oh no.

Oh no

Well, I didn't know that it was-! I didn't know that that's- that's how- I didn't know!

Oh my god! I didn't know! I didn't- I did not know.

I really, honestly, truly, did not know.

Oh no.

Uh-oh. Wait, what was that? No.

I didn't know. Is he-? Ooh shit.

Uh.. *alien in vent noise* Oh, oh, woah!

*loud noise / alien crashing into vent*

*vent opening noise* Is he just dead?!

I didn't want him to die.


Okay, so I just gota watch...

...for where...

...they could be...

Try to trap him in the area. I didn't know how to play the-! Oh shit. Oh shit. Um, uh..!

Okay, you're good so far.

Right there.

Hide hide hide...!

Okay, it's going in there. That's fine.

Oh shit

This is cooler than I thought it'd be. Like honestly, I didn't know how a mobile Alien game would work, but this is cool.

This is really cool.

Oh shit. It's really... it's really going for it. Oh wait, um..

Uh, which way you going? Okay, yeah go that way. Yeah go that way! Yeah, that's the way you want to go! Okay.



Shit, where is it then?

Where did it go? Would it have gone in the-?

I guess it might have gone in the vents, I guess

Cuz there's an access point up there on the north side, but that's about it

I don't know what else I mean the motion tracker seemed to be my best bet. Hurry up

Go for it. Just go for it. Why wouldn't you go for it?


Maybe because it's not gonna be game over once they get in there. I forgot about that

Dammit, I should have argg, I can't believe he's dead

Oh sh-

Oh shit

No, it shouldn't have happened I didn't know that that was

What I didn't know what do you mean

Wait what yeah, that's just it. I don't get another chance about that. He's just dead forever. He's dead. He's dead. Okay, he's just

He's dead. Okay, um

That's not what I was hoping for

Really not what I was hoping for. I was really hoping that there was gonna be something else

Ok yeah...

Oh shit, there it is, it's at the far end of the hall there



Oh shit, where did it go? It was right there


Oh shit Oh, oh shit, okay, um close that door

It's just right there but if the doors closed it shouldn't know right

Where'd it go? Where'd it go? Where'd it go?

It went in the ducts, I guess. That's as much safety as I can give them but there's still the ducts

Oh shit!

Did I block it in no, I didn't block it in at all

They might be dead I don't know

Oh shit!

Oh shit

Oh, uh, ooo


Okay, alright, what was that what was happening you're going there why are you going that way that's the stupid way to go

Why would you go that way?!

That's a terribly, horribly, stupid way to go!

Oh shit, I can't cover him at all

I have no idea where they are. I have no idea where they're going

I have no idea if there's gonna be something waiting for it then. Who's that?

*Loud noise in game* Oh.. OH

Mother...hide then! Oh, wow. Oh


How would I have known


How was I supposed to know

I couldn't... I couldn't have known

Yutani hide, where is he? Where is he? I don't know. Ooh

There he is, okay

He just vanishes off the face of the earth

Okay, you're just hiding in there right for the best actually because there seems to be hoho, that's that's a problem. That's a problem

Yeah, it's a problem. Oh

That's a problem. Oh

Yeah, it's a big problem



There's nothing really that can be done about this!


Shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Okay, you are not going that way

No, no, no

You wouldn't want to go that way. Anyway, that'd be ridiculous. Can you hurry up you Yutani? Things are getting pretty dicey here

I don't really know what to do

Oh shit what noise what noise we talking about?

Talking noise and me my noise. I'm not a noisy guy. I don't think anyway, okay. I gotta- Yutani..

Oh my god, I've got to get Yutani all the way over there. I don't know where this thing is.

Oh it's over there. Okay, Yutani. Hurry up

Okay, go go go, oh shit, ohh shit go this way


Oh-hoho hoho

Okay, you're seeing him we waited to go oh he's going that way okay good

Okay, all right, that's good no, no no, um, okay you need to hide

Cuz I don't know where he is or where he's going. Uh,


Uh, okay, you gotta move. Okay, you're gonna sneak, you're gonna come out. Where are you?

I can't cover you from there. Okay there. Okay, it's up there

Okay that's good to know. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh no hide hide hide

Hide hide

Hide hide hide hide hide.

Oh well, you better just go then go for it come out

Jesus I am trying my best here. It's not working. Oh my god. Hurry up, please.

Oh jeez, Oh God. Okay, just go for it.

Oh shit. Oh shit

You made it!!

I can't!

I am trying my best!! I knew that was blind corner, but I didn't know where it was gonna go.

Alright, so that was Alien: Blackout. That was really good

Surprisingly good

It is innovative in a way that I've never played a game like it before

But I do like the overview kind of look at it

It's a little bit like five nights at Freddy's but more meticulous in that the cameras

you actually have a reason to check around it kind of gives you a reason to look out for this thing and it gives you

a reason to look out for the people that are about to die from this thing and I didn't know how to play in the

Beginning and I didn't do so good, but I got better towards the end

I just got- I miss clicked here and there but that was pretty good

So if you want to play this game for yourself I'll put a link in the description below. It's five bucks iOS Android

There's no microtransactions, which is nice

It was always nice to just pay for a game and you get to play the whole game and there's no pieces missing

So that's kinda nice. So let's move on in the next scary game. Let's go

Now this one's called I'm lost which is so sad, but we got to get out of these woods somehow

It's another one of those games where?

*reading note with reverb* Note from doctor

Your son may not live another month

He's in bad pain and recently fell in over coma which means there's tumors actively growing onto his brain stem which is practically untreatable

With that said you're best options is to just come say your goodbyes and send him off

The cancer is over powering him at a fast rate.

All out efforts and options have been exhausted the only options left are to watch him die slow and painfully or pull the plug.

I'm sorry but it's all we can do

We can give you sometime to decide what you wanna do, I know it's not an easy decision.


*turns reverb off* HEY!!

That was oddly timed! That was a vi- I was- I was a victim of unfortunate timing. Right?

Ahh, beautiful





Oh I gotta move forward. Towards the light cause I'm dead.

Cause I hit a deer and died and got impaled by the antlers

Also my son is dying. Not good all around but I guess this would explain why I'm lost

Man this is a long tunnel to go to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. Hello.

I can't sprint so this is as fast as I can go

Right, oh


Beautiful good stuff


Well, I'm not dead

Well, I came back from the death. Oh, this doesn't seem too good. So I'm assuming this is gonna be bad.

Oh! Hi, hello, what are you looking at? Huh? You ever seen a guy in a car accident bleeding to death before?

Get outta- oh shit.

Oh no, I escaped the light of the tunnel that goes straight to hell. No wonder I'm lost. I'm in purgatory

I'm gonna be here forever Oh, what is this?

This is a bad tunnel. This is the opposite of a light tunnel. This is no good. This is no bueno

Oh, this is un-good. This is anti bueno. Is that a leg? Oh


How you doing? You statue? You person?

Okay. Goodbye

Whoa, I'm out. Okay. Well, I guess I'm done now stare too long in the Statue never good for anybody. Uh-huh. Uh-huh go on

Oh shit, and now I'm in the woods


Something else is in the woods too. That's always a good sign. I like that



That, that sounds good. I like that sound. That's a good sound. All right. Oh

We're walking, great. Where am I? Where's my son? I'm guessing if I'm not there

He just has to die a slow painful death, which is not good. So can I get back to my son?

So I could pull the plug on him

Is this a road or is this just uh the edge of the map that hasn't been it's the edge of the map that hasn't

Been developed yet. Okay. Well guess I'm going back into the woods Oh hyuck

What was that? You want to run that by me again?

I didn't actually think you would I've got no sense of direction. No bearing no sprint. Oh, that is my sprint. This is sprint

I am sprinting

Who's that? That's some weird wolves out tonight

They're real, uh

Demonic sounding

You guys are

Fun. Cool. Is this am I approaching the edge of the map that's not developed

I have no idea because I don't know where I'm going. There's no I - approach the edge of the map. That's

Undeveloped because I don't know where I'm going

God damn

I'm just gonna assume I'm going towards the sounds which isn't my base instinct

That's not- normally the back of my brain is like don't go towards the demonic sounds of death and destruction

Also the demon goats and babies those no good neither. That's all my- that's everything that's just happening in the background of my mind.

Just screaming that constantly I guess is living up to its name

I do indeed feel like I am lost. I am indeed lost

Until something actually jumps out of me. I'm gonna assume that's absolutely dick diddly

So come on do something if you want to or if you too big of a baby then don't

Showed him. Hello?


Hey, don't do that thing I told you to do

Don't do dick diddly!!

Don't diddly dick. I don't know, pick one! Pick whichever one- Oh it's the edge of the map again

I have no idea where I'm going.

You're just messing

I feel like I'm going in a big circle

I feel like I'm being funneled into a stupid circle because I'm just dumb and I have no pathfinding ability

And I don't know what I'm doing.

I have been walking

for 30 minutes!

I have found nothing! There is dick over there, diddly there.

I've been picking random directions now because I'm pretty sure I've bumped up against the entire perimeter this entire island

Whatever it is without anything

happening so

I'm just gonna try to go in to the densest part of whatever woods there may or may not be and hope for the best

And don't trust the noises, they're just on a loop and there's no direction to them

So it's just a bunch of nothing.


Which way

This way. Oh look is there's another sign that I just so happened to not see

Ngh, it's okay. I'll get over it. It's all good baby. It's all good. It's all good

Hey, it's a thing

Hey, how did I not find you wandering randomly for 30 minutes?

It's fine. Back into it.

My son, dying, I am dead

A bucket of blood

Always refreshing after a long walk what we got here

*reading note* I've been stuck in my home for the last five days.

Don't I know the feeling!!

*continues reading* On November the 16th I was chosen by a humanoid creature, roughly 5 foot 5 greyish colored.

I'm gonna head out of here soon to find food and water. God be with me.

numbers numbers numbers numbers

Ok, so what does that do for me?

What am I supposed to do about



You know, what you at nap time my guess nappy mark, he needs his nap

I nap with my eyes open though

Oh someone cursin' I can do that, too

Fu- *beep*

Sh- *beep*

A- *beep*

Fu- *beep*

What's going on talk to me, I feel like you're not communicating enough.



Ahh, that's an annoying alarm

It's all a dream

*answering machine* 1 new message from 762-431-9901

Received at Friday at 3:52 AM


*static and unintelligible speaking*


*robotic voice* 942 (?)

*continues static and unintelligible speaking*

*answering machine* To replay this message, press 1

To hear next message, press 2


Okay, I guess there's no reason to do that. All right, well that just seems like everything in this guy's life

Yeah, I'll walk towards that yeah, I'm gonna walk towards that yeah, I'm gonna look real close to that yeah

Come on, bring it on. Yeah what you got huh?

Help. Who? Who are you?

Yes, I'll help I'm helpful

Who's behind - OHH YOU

What, huh? HEY!

Couldn't hear you you were whispering so I got closer

Two weeks later. Nice nap, I sure do love my naps

Been stuck here longer than that other guy, oh, I was just taking a piss

"Go to the kitchen" I heard in my brain you guys didn't see but I heard it. Oh, that's oh, yeah

Yeah, okay

Use that ah

These voices in my head. Maybe I shouldn't listen to them. Oh well place blood in the pentagram.

Good great. I can't move out of this place. Okay. Guess I'm not done here.

Don't do it don't do it don't do it. Don't do it. You're gonna do it. Oh



What's that I can't hear you you're whispering. Hello. Hi, yes. Oh, you're good. Oh


Stranger danger? No?

Uh, I got a knife. Oh boy. All right fine. I'll come to you then

Mission accomplished I did it. I'm the best better than there ever was

No- uh oh.

*reading note with reverb* Man found dead in apartment last Wednesday

Police where called to the scene of a man found dead inside his apartment it's unclear if it was suicide,

however a knife and blood was located withing the apartment but the man looks almost untouched. aside from a small wound on the hand.

Police say the body had no visible marks to rule out that he died from self harm with a knife. No poisons we're located

The man left behind a son who shortly recovered after his father's death.

A note was found and it explained how he would sell himself to evil to save his son.

*end of note and reverb* Oh! It all worked out then.

c'est la vie

Everything's hunky dicky here. That wasn't bad

Just a lack of clear direction and polish

like a lot of these games that are just made either as a first-time project or by very small indie developers or

someone who's like not fully

Experienced not saying this person isn't fully experience with game development, but obviously it doesn't have the polish of a full game

It was still not bad had a few jumps a few scares a few Goods

But we need a move on!

Next game

Alright, so this one's called Critters For Sale and I gotta admit the style of this one is

really impressive to me. I like what it's got going on- snake, monkey? Ooh


I'll go with snake then

I'll take a critter. I'll take a snake. I like snake. Snake's great who doesn't love Snake


Click to begin. My name is Sergei

I'm 27 years old, November 2033, temperature is 23 degrees Celsius, critter snake


I don't like that.

Your phone's ringtone disrupts a good night's sleep


You take out your phone to check the message you just received

Michael Ja- Michael Jackson? A text from Michael J- A text from Michael Jackson, huh?

All right. Meet me at 4 a.m. In the limelight

Must be Chris and his lame attempts at humor

Satisfy Michael Jackson's requests? Bitch, I don't get out of bed for less than- Stevie Wonder

I'm not falling for this not at 3:00 a.m. In the morning

Later that night. It's comforting cold air in the room interrupts your sleep you soon wake up again

I can't move!!

No, thank you. What is happening?!

No, thank you

You start thinking up being paralyzed with a terrorizing figure next to you is an indicator of sleep paralysis

And that if you could close your eyes

This... would... all... go... away.

Were those youi hands?

Oh no, not my supple neck, however, this doesn't seem to be another episode of sleep paralysis

The entity's grip on your neck feels very much real

The perpetrator watching you die with a cold gaze utters a few words that you know will be your last

Third noid man, you can't hurry up. Wait, you can't escape

Wahoo, I died

I'm dead. I'm dead real dead from the noid man. Void? I don't know look like noid man

I'm gonna go with noid man. All right back it because I guess

What Oh snake let's do this come on Oh, baby, okay, we're back into it

Still hate that so note to self don't

Reject Michael Jackson's invitation never been to the limelight, but it's just around the corner

So I should just check what this is about at 3:00 a.m

Hahaha, okay into the club

A bit fat no to that one. Oh


It's like a point in cloak. Wow

What are you an innate inclination to break this intricate piece of art is settling in you

Huh? Yeah. Oh, yeah, thank god. That's a life. I uh got it. He seems to be embedded in the sculpture

You decide not to take it take it anyway

Okay, that's probably fine. I love the style of this game go back. Sure

Good evening. Welcome to limelight. How may I be of help? Ah

I was invited to the nightclub by someone calling themselves. Michael Jackson

May I have your name?

Sir, yi

Sergei volkov. Oh

Yes, of course you listed as a VIP guest

VIP news day. I mean, of course, I should be one minute. Mr. Sergei

We will escort you to the entrance of the club. Actually. I'd like to discover this place myself

Where will I find the entrance only such treatment for a VF years myself. It's through that door

You see over there traverse the corridor and you'll find the door leading the lobby. Oh, thank you. Thank you very much

I'll be on my way. Don't mind the broken cat statue. I'm a VIP


Clunk, this door is locked

funny about that this doors locked

All right. Continue long. Oh

I like the smooth jazz

this doors locked

This doors locked and Daniel. There we go, Oh


Depicting the Giza pyramid complex lose yourself in its beauty. Of course. I didn't mean to I'm sorry. I didn't want to lose myself

Allah I'm dead aren't I? Oh

I'm back


Okay that

Wasn't good

Cats okay clunky out of your head. Her name is MIA. You don't know how you know, but you do yeah

Okay, whatever you say Mia, uh

I like this one Oh

it's locked, however, the key withdrew from the sculpture. The receptionist desk seems to be compatible, attempt unlocking?


Of course, screw you Mia I get out of here. The door has been unlocked. Thank you. Enter the room?

Yes! Why would I bother unlocking it if I wasn't going to go in there?

Okay, well that was fun, so oh I don't like that

Oh, uh, um, uh


Well I don't like those noid men. There's something I don't like- I'm gonna serve the highest council


Is this an mp3 player push the trigger on this remote when you're ready

Okay, bye

Carpet man. All right, let's push this button. Hey, I got places to be. I got people to see let's go, baby

Push that button. Yeah, of course Bam, *honk noise* Bam!

baby, oh


Did I do good? that I did I feel like I did good I feel like I did real goo- oh,

Aw, but- the- d'awww I didn't want to serve the noid man

All right, well then this game...

It's really cool. I'm gonna do one more. I'm gonna do a little more.

I just want to do a little more. I want to do a little more. It's really cool though. I like this

This is this is good stuff

Now this is what I call good stuff. I just wanna see what was in the other door with the cat.

Good evening

BlahBlahBlah. I'm not even gonna get the key

I'm not even gonna get the key cuz I don't want to break the cat statue. Yeah, let's continue along. Yeah, let's keep going

Yeah, I'm gonna keep going

Whoa, what do- ooh enter the lobby?

Sure! The lobby, you say.-- oh

*funky music starts*

Oh, shit dude, look at those kicks. Look at that spread! Look at that 'brella. Oh this place is bumpin'

good question

Ooh, Michael!

Jackson? Oh

Don't like that don't like that at all. Sergei, you found your way here, how are you?

Remember what?

naw i'm markiplier

I apologize, but that's not me. Uh oh

Then oh

No, wait, no



It took so long to get here! your head was split in half like a pumpkin

Well that did reveal a little bit of truth happening here. okay. weird. all right. weird.

All right

I'm gonna end this one here just

Because I don't have the time in this particular video to go through all the options of this one.

And who knows how far down that rabbit hole would've gone. so I'm just gonna leave this here

I'm gonna move on to the next game and then we'll just call it even if you guys want a play this for yourself

Link's in the description. Alright, so this one is Something in the Shadows. It's supposed to be a haunted house style deal

I don't know. Do I really need to get out Oh

notes collected


Okay, alright, ooh... hey how you doin


Ah behind you, I don't believe you

Didn't believe you. Not for a second. I'm a bit of an expert at these horror games

You think it's gonna take that to

Startle me

The answer is no

The answer is absolutely no. you're gonna do great deal more than just simply that to get me the heebie and the jeebies

So don't even try it


Hello comb. Hello note. Hello anybody seen a note? No...

Hello. Use the front door. I don't believe you. Again I don't believe you. I feel like that's a trap

I feel like I shouldn't trust the weird notes that are strewn about my own house

Then I wrote for all I know

Maybe I'm a little crazy. Maybe I'm a little forgetful. Maybe I'm a little bit of both!

Actually that's actually true

Ooh more notes. All right

Leave now. Well, I want to - it's locked. I need to find the key somewhere

Uh who knew it wouldn't have been so easy. So what do you got for me?

Now I get- I know I know how these goes now. They move the spooks are about to start. A light bulb!

I wonder at what I could use it for- I wonder

I just wonder. A light bulb, you say? I have no idea!

No lights. Well.


What? Nah not- get that. Want that. I've been collecting notes, why can't I get that one?

What about that? Book? Ooh...oh! what did I get? I didn't even read it.

I didn't even read it. I didn't- I didn't read it. A bunch of baloney


All right basement

Noope. I do love a good basement though.


That's handy.

Flash bulb. I can use the bulb I found. Still needs some batteries. I heard something unlock upstair.-That's not normal.



Has that been in all the paintings? Has that been in all the paintings?

I didn't notice.

No.... No way! Nooooo.




How did I- how do I miss that? How did... how did I miss that



Good thing all these lights work

It's too late!

It's no use! Whatever you- whatever you say. Got some batteries or somethin'?

Yeah, alright.. okay



Anybody? Oooooh!

Batteries! Ah, right the flashlight works. Did those doors downstairs just unlock?

I definitely know the sound of that happening... from a great distance

Well, I'm headed down to inspect right now

I know what the dealio is with this. oh you were not there


You weren't there. Mr. White eyes. Mr. Glowy-man you

definitely... you weren't there. Don't look at me kid


Oh I don't like this now.


He's here. Who? Who's here? Got a key... Aayy!

The lights turned off. Maybe there's a circuit breaker. Oh, is that me? That's me. That's me. That's me

Hello. Hi. Oh.

What why did that happen

Why why'd that happen okay down in the basement

Perfectly good. great. They blow up the basement

Love that basement. Worried about that

Whoa. Oh, I don't like that note that notes that

That note's not fun. I don't- I don't like that note. okay. Oooh! Circuit breaker, okay

There we have it

okie dokie

Where's that damn key. Good question. Where is that damn key?

Okay, I'm assuming this is gonna be an easy going straight out the door

Everything's fine. I'm good, and I get to go home real quick


That's how these things usually work for me.

I am a bit of a badass

Ohhh that was not there. That was not there. It was so not there

That was a big lie.. ooh hey

Is that the-

My flashlight doesn't work either- my flashlight seems to work just fine. Whoa hey-

Wha- I- Wha- I'm gonna- Naw... I- I think


I'm gonna go with nah on that one. A big ol' nah.

Imma- Imma no. Oh! You were right- heyy

Hi- are you doing- hey, is that Darkiplier over there? Okay, never mind. Oh fun. Great. Okay good

I'm gonna leave now. See ya my house


Yaayyyyy it-

I did it!

I guess I did it!?

wa hooo

Okay, so that was Something in the Shadows. Good atmosphere. Good potential

Could've used just a little more substance to the scares, but good nonetheless. I like that

it had a lot of potential. Opened up the door for a good haunted house experiment, could have used a few more scares like

Even just a cliche jump scare would have been nice at some point

But I did like the atmosphere not saying it needed jump scares, but needed something more. You know what I mean?

Anyway, that is three scary games. Thank you everybody so much for watching.

Let me know if you got anymore scary games you want me to play down the comments below

Check out the other scare games that I've played in the description a whole playlist of them tons of them

So, thanks again, and as always I will see you in the next video.


The Description of 3 SCARY GAMES #16