Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Metal Detecting the "Wheat Field"

Difficulty: 0

Hey everybody thanks for tuning in to

another episode from We Dig Antiquities.

Right now we're on an old home site and

specifically we're in the driveway right now

I've found a few old coins here and as you're

probably going to see later in this

video we found a few more today, some

interesting things as well. So join us

and check this old driveway out...


Here, you dig this one,

I'm giving it to you, I think its a wheatie...


It's another wheatie...

a '53 [Nice! so I just pulled two wheaties out

just about a foot away, in a nice red ant pile

and there's a third one


{laughing} [another marble] I always like finding marbles

[That's awesome]

Crusty old screw...

Ok we should have been rolling for this one,

dug this hole maybe three or

four inches deep

just pulled two Wheaties out of the same

hole and there's more down here so we

decided the start rolling again so let's

see what else is down here

Another one! Are you kidding me?!

A '44

Oh my god, there's more...

Well we've had our fair share of coins spills but

I could say that a wheatie spill is

probably a first.

Where are ya?

There you are..

That one's a '60, no wheatie there.

But there's still more {laughing}

This is unbelievable...

Another wheatie! This is nuts! A '56

[WOW] No way! You're kidding me right?!

This is crazy...

I almost don't believe this...

If this is another one I'm gonna flip...oh that's a '60.

oh, got it, got it..

A '59

I think that's it, that was crazy!

The Golden Token of Progress... {laughing}

City of Sarasota Parking Meter Token!


I have never found one of these before,

that is actually pretty cool [nice!] Alright!

Still in the hole...

Wheat penny!


[How many is that today?]

No, '53

Um.. [I got four...]

seven or eight probably? [seven or eight]

[We haven't even been here that long]

It's a good site.

The Description of Metal Detecting the "Wheat Field"