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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Is Peanut Butter And Jelly Good In Everything? Taste Test

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- I don't think you're ready

for this peanut butter and jelly.

- Let's talk about that.

(upbeat music)

Good Mythical Morning.

- After 1,600 plus episodes of extreme eating on this show,

of which slurping brain ramen or sipping each other's urine

are just the tip of the iceberg,

I think it's safe to say that our understanding

of what the limits of food are has been very much stretched.

- Mm hmm. - In fact,

we may have lost touch

with what the average person thinks is palatable.

- Which is why today,

we're putting a twist on our taste test

and involving average tasters

as we are setting out to find the true limits

of a beloved dish,

P-B and J.

It's time of tasting the limits of

peanut butter and jelly!

- Mythical Chef Josh and the Kitcheneers

have created a series of peanut butter and jelly dishes

that are gonna escalate in their daringness.

In other words, each dish is gonna

push the limits of P-B and J,

just a little bit further.

- Yeah, and like Rhett said, since our stomachs

have been abused to the point of no return,

we will not be the ones deciding

when a dish has gone too far.

That will be up to our panel of everyday Mythical people:

Kevin, Bethany, Davin, and David.


- Hi. - Hey, guys.

- [Rhett] Hello, panel!

- Alright, if and when a panel member

decides that the food in front of them

has pushed the limits too far,

meaning it should never be served

at home or at a restaurant,

they can tap out of the game by hitting their buzzer.

- And we're gonna guess which crew members

we think will tap out,

and we're gonna get points for every correct guess,

lose points for every wrong guess,

and the winner will receive a packed P-B and J lunch

with a loving note from Mom!

(upbeat music)

Okay, Josh,

tell us about our first limit pushing PB and J dish.

- So, our first dish is PB and J ravioli.

- [Link] Woo, that looks good.

Let's just say, it looks.

- So, we've done a strawberry balsamic sauce,

there's a peanut butter and ricotta ravioli,

a little bit of fresh blackberries,

basil, and peanuts on top.

- Now, we can't eat it.

We gotta speculate. - We gotta just go off.

We gotta do the eye test.

Look at them smelling it and stuff.

Bethany was like, "Mm, I think I like this."

- Davin told us at the start of this season

that he's never had Kool-Aid.

- Mm-hmm.

- Until we served him Kool-Aid.

- Right. Now he's really drinking the Kool-Aid. (laughs)

- [Link] I don't know what Kevin and David

had for the first time. - I think,

I believe that one of them

might even be allergic to peanuts,

and that's, like, the joke on us.

I hope somebody's allergic, but he-he.

- Okay. - No.

- Alright, I've made my vote.

And now, now, have you made your vote?

- Yeah. - Okay, dig in, guys.

Let's see what, let's see what it's like.

- Oh, it's hard.

- [Link] When I first heard about this episode,

I didn't think we were gonna get to eat.


- This is an awful lot of ravioli. (mumbles)

- This is very, very tough exterior.


- Bethany, are you being critical already?


- She said it's hard.

- A very tough exterior.

- I really don't like this.

I don't like peanut butter, guys.

- He didn't like peanut butter.

He's not allergic, he just doesn't like peanut butter.

- I don't like peanut butter.

- [Rhett] Well, dang, Davin!

- Alright, everybody else is waiting, I guess.

Kevin, let us know what you think.

Are you X-ing out?

What's your process? - I mean, this is great.

- [Link] You like it?

- Yeah, I do.

- I think it's great, too.

- Yeah, I mean, it just tastes like a P-B and J

that kinda got, like, left in jelly.

- I mean, my kids love ravioli, like cheese ravioli.

They'd love this even more.


- I think it's pretty good.

I think the texture of the ravioli

is a little tough. - Hard.

- [Josh] The pasta was cooked perfectly, thank you.


- But, I think the peanut butter blends very nicely

with the balsamic glaze.

Thank you Josh. - Oh wow, okay.

- She's going full Food Network on us.


She's like John Cavitt, eye contact and everything.

I don't look at Josh when I'm critiquing him.

- Right. - I look out.

- And David Hill, whatcha got over there?

- Compliments to the chef.

This is awesome. - Okay, you see.

- I would have this for lunch.

- Okay, so, Rhett, who did you think was gonna bail out?

- I thought everybody was gonna like it, Davin!


- Well, I got the Kool-Aid man's number,

'cause I felt like you were gonna go out, man!

You don't like peanut butter?

- I don't like peanut butter.

I like the jelly, though.

I'll have more of of these.

- He likes jelly!

Do I get a half point?

- No. No, actually, you lose a point.

- Yeah, I get a negative point,

he gets a point. - And I gain a point.

- And, by the way, this is not the only Italian dish

that Josh has P-B and J-ized. - Right.

- Because, over on the Mythical Kitchen channel,

he has a new video, where he makes P-B and J pizza!

Go over there, and he's gonna teach you how to make it.

Check that out today. - Isn't that right, Josh?

- [Josh] That's right, link.

(upbeat music)

Alright, guys, the second dish we have,

peanut butter and jelly burritos.

- Wowzer.

- So this is a grape jelly carne asada,

we have crunchy peanut rice and black beans,

a black berry chipotle salsa,

and a little bit of ghost chili and raspberry guacamole.

- Hold on, you said ghost chili?

- Just a skosh.

It's a burrito, it's gotta be spicy.

- Just a skosh. - Watch out, guys.

- Man, when you put just a half burrito,

just standing erect, like this, in front of me,

I mean, I just wanna eat it.

I'm sorry, my hands went down to it.

Okay, I can't though.

I can't.

I gotta stay away from the burrito,

and I gotta guess which one of y'all

is not gonna like it.

- [Link] Let's see, so.

- I gotta say, it smells good.

- You know, if Davin was here,

I bet he'd say it smells good.


- [Rhett] Oh gosh.

- I don't know who likes,

if it's gonna be really spicy...

- I've locked in someone.

- Alright, I got one person in mind.

- Interesting pick. - Uh huh.

- [Link] Alright guys, we've locked in,

so, dig in.

Except for you, Davin.


- [Rhett] Davin, don't even look at anybody.

Just sit there and smile.

- It smells really good, though.

- David Hill, whatch' you thinkin'?

- I like it, like, I... - You love it.

No X from David Hill.


- Full disclosure: I didn't eat the meat part of this area.


- She did not eat the meat area.

- I actually do really like it too.

I feel like I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

- Can I have your meat?

- Yeah, absolutely.

- So, Bethany has not X-ed out.

What about Kevin?

- So, full disclosure: I did eat the meat,

and it's the first time I've eaten meat like this

in probably five years.

- What do you mean?

- I will say, though, it was really good.


- Wow, nobody X-ed out!

- I thought Kevin was about to X out.

- Well, dang, I actually took the meat into account,

and I thought that Bethany would eat it and realize,

"I can't eat meat,"

and have an existential crisis,


and then X out,

but she avoided the meat.

You're so squirrelly!

- I didn't think about that.

I just thought Kevin was gonna wuss out on the ghost pepper,

but ya didn't.

You know what?

I admit when I'm wrong,

and we both got a negative point.


- Oh, look, you know what?

You got a nice little red, little arrow to go over,

how could I forget that Davin is definitely not

in this game anymore?


(upbeat music)

- Alright, so, today we have peanut butter and...

- Today? - Today, okay?

- I like that.

Makes me feel like a restaurant.

- Okay, gentlemen. - Keep going, isn't it today?

- Today we have for you

peanut butter and jelly eggs benedict.

- Oh, lawd. - This is a personal favorite

of the chef.

So, we have eggs that have been poached in grape jelly,

we have ham that has been glazed in raspberry jelly,

and then we have a crunchy peanut butter hollandaise on top.

- So that egg is purple, huh? - That's not natural, is it?

- Enjoy. (laughs)

- Okay, see, now we're getting to some stuff that,

like, there's a little trepidation over here

at the desk. - A little? (laughs)

- So what's happening on, like, average man's

desk over there? - Looks like I opened up

Dr. Seuss and decided to eat.

- Um, that didn't really make any sense.

- Open up, Dr. Seuss.


Alright, so...

- [Rhett] Who's on board for this?

I mean, David Hill's giving a very suspect look,

Bethany's giving it a sniff.

- Oh man, I think we're gonna have...

- You think we're gonna have two flies drop?

- I think we're... (squeals)

- [Kevin] Did he call us flies?

- Okay, okay, okay.

- What? - He called us flies.

- I think I did hear "fly."

- This is weird.

- There's some trepidation here.

Alright, dig in guys. - Let's all dig in.

- Dig in.

- Oh.

- Now, I... - That's real yellow

and real purple.

- I've had a breakfast sandwich.

- Oh, runny eggs, ooo, you know you like that.

Oh, don't cut past the yoke!

- I'm afraid of the yoke.

- That's not a real test.

- Okay, alright. - I'm gonna get

the perfect bite here.

- [Link] I'll eat a breakfast sandwich

with, like, jelly, like... - Teeny, tiny bites.

Growing up, my dad would teach me

to put grape jelly on...

- Who taught you that?

On a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit.

- [Rhett] That's a good idea.

- [Link] Yeah, grape jelly is good on that.



- Bethany's out. (laughs)

- What happened, Bethany?

- I had a bite this big,

and it was terrible.

I couldn't even, I'm sorry.


- [Bethany] You did a really good job, though, Josh.

It just tasted really bad.

- Did you just call him John?

- Josh.


- Kevin, you've taken multiple bites.

What do you think?

- I mean, I'm feeling pretty good about this.

It's not, like, I probably wouldn't go out of my way

to order it on a menu,

but I would experiment with it, for sure.

So, I think I'm gonna stay in.

I think I can go a little further.

- So, but, the grape jelly's fine.

It's just the peanut butter with the runny egg

that starts to be really weird.

- David? - I like the runny egg.

- David, what'd you think?

- This, at first, looks like playdoh,

so, I'm kinda like "uh,"

because of the last time, previous times.

But when you get into it,

it's really good at first,

and then there's a weird taste.

So, it's a good experimenting,

but when you hit the meat,

this is where it is.

The meat with the jelly cover.

- When you hit the meat, that's what it is.

- When you hit the meat, that's where it is, okay.

- But, it sounds like you could X out.

So, it's not too late.

You wanna X?

- Oh no, no, this...

- Come on, you can't, that's leading the witness, man.

- It's not my first choice, but,

I'm like, I'll give it a try.

I'll give it a gander.

(laughs) - I'll recommend it.

- Give it a gander.

- Alright, who'd you vote for?

- Okay, I got one right and one wrong,

because I thought Kevin and Bethany were gonna go,

and I only said,

I got Bethany right and Kevin wrong.

- Dang it, Bethany, you are my dark horse!

- Well you got two of them wrong. (buzzer)

- I thought the boys were gonna knock out,

and you were gonna be the story!

- That would've been a better show.

I'm sorry.


- This show sucks, now!

(upbeat music)

- And so, for our final dish, you have something special.

- Today? - Today.

- Yeah. - It is a

peanut butter and jelly whole baked salmon.

- [Rhett] What?

- [Josh] So, what we've done is we've taken

a whole nine pound salmon,

we've stuffed it with crunchy peanut butter and grape jelly,

then, on the top, we've done a little rainbow

of grape, strawberry, and apricot jelly.

- Is it cooked?

- Of course it's cooked.

To perfection.

- You're gonna have to stab right in him.

- There's peanut butter inside?

- Enjoy. - You opened up the fish

and stuffed it with P-B and J. - Yeah.

- [Rhett] How do you eat it?

- [Josh] Any way you can.

- Kevin, why are you smiling?


- It's a defense mechanism.


- I always thought you were always happy.

Now, I'm rethinking everything.

- Yeah.

Just always on edge, all the time, just constantly.


- Kevin


- [Josh] Just dig a fork into the top.

There's some good meat on the top, just dig a fork in.

- There's some good meat on top.

- [Josh] Take a big old bite.

The skin is meant to be eaten, as well.

- Who's gonna drop out? - Gotta make our,

maybe nobody, I mean,

look at this. - Kevin, David.

Both, or neither?

- The more time that I spent with this salmon,

the more I feel like,

this might be a great idea. - Uh...

- I mean, look at it.

It looks like there was some kinda accident,

somebody had all the groceries...

- [Link] Yeah. (laughs)

- [Rhett] You know, they're bringing them home,

and then they were attacked,

or something happened,

and everything got mixed up.

Who's not gonna, who's gonna drop?

- Okay. - Alright.

- I've locked in my answer. - I've locked in my answer.

- Alright, fellas, dig in.

- [Rhett] You remember when Bethany and Davin

were a part of this?


- The view is really nice from here.

- Oh, Kevin's having a difficult time.

David, look at David. - I'm gonna filet this thing.

I'm gonna filet this open. - Look it.

- I need more meat over here.

- Oh my gosh. - Oh, there we go.

- That fish is beautiful.

It's cooked. - Oh yeah.

- And then what?

What do you want me to do? - Oh look at that.

Get some of that meat.

Look, all the meat just fell right off the bone.

- [Josh] Cooked to perfection.

- [Link] And then there's just a bunch of peanut butter.

- Kevin, need some more meat?

- No, no, I'm okay.

- Yeah, give Kevin some more.

- I'm trying to get some of that sweet.

- You know, peanut butter and jelly salmon...

- Sweet meat, with the peanut butter...

- [Link] Shout out to the movie Peanut Butter Falcon

which, we've talked about before,

is an amazing movie.

He eats peanut butter on sardines, I think.

- Peanut Butter Salmon is a sequel to Peanut Butter Falcon.

- Oh my gosh.

The peanut butter really does help,

because it's such a strong flavor,

but this is a very strong flavor, too.

- [Kevin] I don't mind it.

- (whispers) Hey, Kevin, are you done with that?

- [Devin] He wants more.

- He want's all of it.

- [Link] It seems like David Hill

is requesting to have it back.

That he actually... (laughs)

I do not...

- I don't mind it.

I really don't mind it. - I mean, I would be

hitting an X.

- I don't like it.

I like salmon by itself and P-B or J by itself.

This is the one time where there was not

a synergistic sort of coalescence.

- Now, nobody's hit an X,

but, again, once we hear from you...



- Okay, Kevin, what was your experience?

- Uh, not good. (laughs)

Yeah it's the texture and also looking at it

sends chills down my spine.

- But, David Hill, you seem to be

becoming one with the fish,

as they say.

- This needs to be on a menu somewhere,


or an experimental restaurant.

Like, this is actually good.

When you blend in,

when you actually get the meat,

not the bones,

you mix it in... - Avoid the bones.

- You mix in the peanut butter and jelly,

and put it in your mouth, oh yeah.

- What did you think?

Did you believe in David Hill?

- Yes I did!

I said Kevin was going down!

- So did I! (laughs)

David Hill, we believed in you, man,

and you came through for us.

And, according to you, and Lindsay Lohan,

there is no limit. - Yeah, apparently.

- [Bethany] The limit doesn't not exist!

- That's what it is.


- The limit does not exist.

- The limit, there is no limit.

- Okay, and that means that we...

- Does not exist.

- We both tie,

and we both will get a packed P-B and J lunch

with a loving note from Mommy, and more.

- Josh, thanks for making all this stuff.

Oh, gosh, and thank you panelists.

And thank you for subscribing

and clicking that bell.

Oh, oh, also remember... - Yeah,

you gotta tell them,

they gotta go over to the Mythical Kitchen,

and see how they make a P-B and J pizza, y'all!

Do that. - Now you guys say,

you know what time it is.

- You know what time it is.

- I'm Rebecca. - And I'm Jenna.

- And we just threw a party for National Peanut Butter Day.

- And we just had a peanut butter taste test.

- And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality.

- That's a good day.

- Yeah, real good day.

Click the top link

to watch us carve peanut butter sculptures

at Good Mythical More!

- And to find out where the Mythicality's gonna land!

- I wanna lick the sauce off the cheese.

Can I do it?

- [Woman] Yeah, but only if you use

the other piece of cheese to dot it.

- It's worth it, right?

- [Woman] Yeah, do it.

Don't make eye contact with me.

- Nah, I got it. (laughs)

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