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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Ultimate Scratch Pad / History Mystery

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If you wanna connect and you wanna explore

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The world of wonder's outside your door

Wah-oo-oh-oh-ohhh Dot! ♪

Connect, explore

Just run outside and discover some more


All the wonders outside your door


C'mon, c'mon, c'mon along now... ♪

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[Dot] "Ultimate Scratch Pad."

[Dot] Ooh, it's a thunder storm!

Isn't this exciting, Scratch?


It's like wizards battling in the sky.

Boom! Crash!

Scratch? [whimper]

Aww, my poor best dog.

I know you don't like loud thunder sounds,

but don't worry,

your cuddle buddy is here to keep you warm and safe.


It's just a little rain.

Nothing bad's gonna--



[birds chirp]

Oh, Scratch, your dog house!


Well, it's, uh... not so bad.

Just needs a whole new roof.



Something you and me can build together,

right, Dad?

Bigger and better.

Well, I don't know about bigger,

but we can certainly build one stronger.

It'll be a fun father-daughter project.

[excited bark]

[clearing throat]

Uh, a father-daughter-Hal project.

Handyman Hal is in for the house...

Though a bit light on the real tools.

No problem. Dad's got that covered.

[Hal] Whoa...

I know.

Okay, now let's get to work.

One super-strong, tree branch-proof

dog house roof comin' up.

Dot, Handy Hal, you guys measure Scratch

from the top of his head to the ground.

On it!


What do we need Scratch's height for?

Well, we want the house to be just a bit bigger than he is

so his body heat will be enough to warm up the space around him.

If there's too much space, he'll be cold.

And of course if there's no enough space,

he won't be able to stand up.

Or have room to do that.

[happy panting]

[laugh] Exactly.

Okay, gather around.

We'll use plywood to build a flat, slightly-sloped roof

to withstand another branch attack,

then add waterproof shingles to keep it dry.

What do you think, Scratch?


Good point.

Scratch could use a teensy bit more room to run

and to wag his tail.

Gotta have room to be happy.

I guess, but remember,

we're just putting on a new roof.

Well, while we're at it,

why not, y'know,

take things up a notch?

[both] "Take things up a notch?"

My very best dog

deserves nothing but the very best.

And how fun would it be to build a brand new,

super-fantastic dog house?



We'll just do a quick search for some

fantastic dog house inspiration...

Whoa, check out this site.

"Decked Out Doggy Digs."

Wow, these dog houses are so great.

They're not even houses!

There's a doggy ranch...


A doggy castle...

[Dot] There's even a doggy spaceship.

[excited, then confused, barking]

Huh, people really get into this stuff.

Look how many views this site gets.

Dogs are a man's best friend.

And cuddle buddies.

Well, since this IS for the one and only Scratch,

building something a bit more elaborate could be fun.


Scratch, you're gonna have the best dog house of all time.

We can add a porch,

windows, a flower box...

I'm thinking sun roof.

Scratch loves poking his head out the car window.

I've always wanted a walk-in closet.

I imagine Scratch feels the same.

If this works out,

maybe I'll add doggy digs to my professional repertoire.

[confused whine]



From one handyman to another, what's with the little leg?

Excellent question, Handyman Hal.

These little legs will lift the house off the ground

so water doesn't get in when it rains.

And this partition will block the wind

from the back sleeping area.

Doggy engineering at its finest.


Not right now, Scratch.

Okay, Dot...

Hold the nail here and tap it until it stands on its own,

then take your fingers away and pound it home.

I did it!

Wanna try, Handyman Hal?






Oh no, Scratch!

The paint is still wet. You gotta get outta there.


I found the hinges!

Where'd everyone go?

Right here, Dad!

I added a lot of pillows

so Scratch can stay warm and comfy.

I also added some LED lights to help Scratch see at night.

Check it out.

Very colourful.

It's like a disco dance party,

but without the music.

[gasp] Let's add speakers.

Then Scratch can invite his friends over

for a doggy dance party!

Boy, Scratch is one lucky duck--

I mean dog!

[irritated whine]

[Dad] Keep 'er steady, and... there!

One brand new roof with an easy-clean feature.

Just open and voilà!

And I've got the whole place wired for surround sound.

Huh. I really hope Scratch invites us over sometime.


It does look pretty great.

A new base, roof,

porch, lights, and music.

I think we're done, right?



we take Scratch's dog house

to a whole other level...

Like a roof-top deck!

I'm not sure that's necessary.

With the ramp leading to the roof

and a slide coming down.

What do you think, Dad?

Well, I... [sigh] I think...

We're gonna need more lumber.

[kids] Woohoo!

Yeah! Yes!

Thanks, Dad.

[Dot] Hm.

That's not the only thing this house needs.

I was thinkin' the same thing.

Wheel! Disco ball!

[both laugh]

We'll do both.

♪ [disco] ♪

♪ [disco] ♪

Best doggy hangout ever.

Yup, and we've got one thing

none of those other doggy digs had:


Huh. Being able to move the dog house around to get maximum sun.


I got to admit, this turned out pretty nice--

So nice that I think might put it on my company's website!

I have a feelin' the orders will start pouring in...

Especially if we show them a video

of Scratch in his new pad!

Excellent idea.

Handyman Hal becomes Cameraman Hal,

at your service.

Annnnd rolling!

Welcome, customers-to-be,

to the future of modern dog houses:

Custom Doggy Digs by Dad and Dot.

I'm Dot, she's Da-- Dad, Dot...

But don't listen to us humans.

Let's hear from our satisfied customer,


[whispered] Scratch!

Silly pup!

You don't need this old, boring house anymore.

You've got a brand new,

custom Scratch paaaaad!

With your own rooftop deck for lounging in style...

And a ramp for easy and fun access.

But that's now all.

For the disco dog who loves to party...

[loud disco music, alarmed barking]

Turn it down, Dot! Down!

Hal, which button is the volume?

The red one!

No, the other red one!


[Dad] The wheels-- Dot, get the brakes!

Uh oh!

It's gonna crash!

Oh no! It's gonna fall into the water!

Thank goodness you guys are okay.

[sigh] Yeah...

But our dog house isn't.

You're definitely gonna need some more lumber, Mr. C.

[confused whine]

I know I kinda messed up on your house before

'cause I wasn't thinking about what you'd like.

But I think we got it right this time.

[bark] Come see.

[both] Ta-daa!


Well, best dog, what do ya think?


You'll notice we added a few Scratch-y touches...

A bed for Mr. Soggy,

a front deck with an awning for shade...

And it's painted in your favourite colour, bone.


Good thing we left room for extra tail-wags.


Once we focussed on what Scratch wanted,

we made him something great--

but not just for Scratch.

We posted pictures of this new Doggy Digs on Dad's website

and now Dad's got tons of orders.

And more are coming in!

Yes, all our dog houses ARE customizable

to each owner's-- I mean, dog's taste.

I can't wait to help Dad build them.

Time for me to unplug.

This is Dot, signing off for now.










If you wanna connect and you wanna explore

Wah-oo-oh-oh-ohhh Dot! ♪

The world of wonder's outside your door

Wah-oo-oh-oh-ohhh Dot! ♪

Connect, explore

Just run outside and discover some more


All the wonders outside your door


C'mon, c'mon, c'mon along now... ♪

With Dot! ♪

[Dot] "History Mystery"

[knocking on door]


Hi Mrs. C.

[gasps] Sherlock Hal!

Is there mystery afoot this morning?

Nah, my feet seem pretty ordinary today.

Thanks for asking, Mrs. C.


Well if you're looking for Dot, she's-

Wait, I'll use my power of deduction to find her.



Is that music I hear?


And it's coming from the basement...


Mystery Solved!

Huh? Ah! Woah!

Hal! You scared me.

Sorry, Dot.

Sometimes my powers of deduction are too powerful.

Hey, what's this?

Nevermind that. What's this?

Woah! I think this is a treasure map.

I think it's your yard, Dot.

Another mystery!

It's like this hat and vest are mystery magnets.

We found a treasure map, ♪

we found a treasure map, we found a- ♪

Wait, what do we do now?

Find the treasure of course!

Mystery high five? Always.

[both] Yeah!

Let's go, Hal!

We've got treasure to find.



According to the map, we need to go...

This way.

The X- and treasure-

-is definitely in the backyard.



Hello mon cherie! Hi, guys.

Hi, Mom! Hi, Mrs. C!

Whatcha got?

What, this?

Oh, just a few things for a little show

your Mom and I are putting on for my club.

A music show? Really?


Grandpapa and I used to put on our fair share

back in the day...

Were pretty good, too.

Still are.

Perhaps we will show you sometime?

[both] Yes!

But right now we're hot on the trail

of a super important mystery.

Speaking of which...


Can we do a little digging out back?

As long as you don't dig up any plants.

Scratch, I'm looking at you.


We'll be careful!

Bonne chance!

[Hal] If we're here,

then that means the treasure is just up ahead!

[both grunting]

You sure this is the spot?

That's what the X on the map says.

Hey, what is the treasure is an actual big red X,

buried in the ground?

Maybe, but, I'm gonna say it's...


[both] We found it! We found it!

We found it! We found it!

[Hal] Whoa, what is that?

I dunno.

It says, 'Do not open until the year 2000.'

It's WAY past then.

True! So let's get crackin'.

[both grunting]


[both giggle]

Wow! I think it's a super old newspaper!

And I've got a... mask?

Oooo, we're gettin' to the good stuff, now.


Funny shaped gold though, but still gold.

Now this is neat.

Shiver me circuits.


Oh and look, whoever buried this

was nice enough to leave us a snack!

I was feeling kinda peckish.

[screams] Not a snack!


I wonder who buried this stuff?

It's a big mystery, alright.

Hey, check out this picture.

Good work, Detective Hal!

This must be who buried it.

You can see the treasure here.

It's being buried by...



What? Pirates? Noooo.

Ya think?

Absolutely. Here, I'll prove it.

We can look up pirates in my Dotopedia.

Search: pirates.

[gasps] Wow!

A pirate ship, for sailing the high seas of yore.

[both] Woah...

[Scratch barks]

Ahoy, land lovers!

See, Hal?

He looks just like the guy in the picture.

Big hair, bandana,

gold chain, puffy shirt...

And pirates bury treasure, right?

'Tis true!

Pirates bury our precious cargo

and leave a map to find it again.

We're a forgetful lot, arrr.

[gasps] We found a treasure map.

Truth be told, I like treasure so much

I booby trap it so no one dare touch it!

Or else.

Ha ha!

And, Arr!


And we found a booby trap.

The snake in the nut can!

Ho boy.

Looks like this mystery is solved

and the answer is: pirates.

Fraid so.

And if we set off their booby trap,

then the pirates must be coming back for their treasure!

Leaving us with no choice

but to defend our territory.

So are ya with me, Detective Hal?

Do battle with pirates?


I don't hafta be home till dinner.


Okay, Hal.

Activate the motion detectors.

Motion sensor perimeter - set up.

Good work, Sir Hal.

Thanks your majesty, you too.

You really think we can fend off pirates

with spray string?

Maybe we should look at the treasure again.

There might be something in there that'll help.


This thing looks like a cross between

a guitar and a star.

A guiSTAR!


Maybe they're musical pirates from space!

If they were pirates from space,

they'd probably have fancy alien technology.

But this robot doesn't have a remote

or voice activation or anything.

The mystery deepens.

[alarm bells]

[both gasp] The perimeter alarm!


[battle cries]

[Dot] Hold your fire.

It's just Scratch.


Phew! Sorry, Scratch.

That was close.

[alarm bells]

Out front! Let's go!

[alarm bells]

[battle cries]

Gotcha, pirates!


Oh! Sorry, Grandpapa.

But the pirates, they're coming for the treasure-

which we left unguarded!

Gotta go.


[battle cries]

Phew! It's still here.

There must be a clue here that could help us

defeat our mysterious enemies.

What about this hard thing with the holes...

Could be a finger trap!


There's some writing on it that says, 'cass...ette'?

What is a cassette?

Says here it plays music.

But we'll need a player like this to hear it.

Hey, that looks just like the thing I saw in the basement!

Let's go.

Okay, I followed the instructions:

plugged the player in and put the cassette in here.

Now we just gotta press...

♪ [80s rock] ♪

I know pirates enjoy a good sing-along, but...

what is this?

Hey, where'd you get this song?

In the pirate treasure chest.

Our time capsule!

Your what?

Time capsule.

Something we buried a long time ago

to capture a moment in time for future generations.

I almost forgot about it...

A newspaper to mark the date.

A snake-in-a-nut-can gag.

Oh! My first robot toy.

Aw it lost an eye and a leg,

but Grandpapa fixed it.

And this is the cassette of the song

your mother and I performed

in an air band competition.

Which we won. See? First place.


So, the girl in the picture-

You're lookin' at her.

And that means the pirate is-

[Grandpapa] Yes, that would be me!

The look was very fashionable at the time, you know.

Very air-hair-band appropriate.

Yeah... That brings me to my last question-

What's an 'air hair band'?

This is the hair.

[both laugh]

And this is the air...

...2, 3, 4

[both humming]

Well, I guess that's case closed.


Yup! Mystery solved.

Wanna rock out? Always.

[all humming]

I can't believe our mysterious pirates,

were around the whole time.

Just goes to show that sometimes

the most interesting things are right in front of you.

And since we dug up an OLD time capsule...

we buried a NEW one.

We put in laser perimeters, a new robot,

time stamped video message on a flash drive,

and this picture!

I wonder who'll dig it up...

And what they'll think it all is!

We're leaving a whole new mystery

for future detectives.


Time for me to unplug.

This is Dot, signing off for now!




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