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We're in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Our correspondent Marcos heard the story of Gree from Angola.

For many African immigrants it's tough in Brazil.

But not for Gree. He's building his own empire.

Gree Cassua, man. Let's go. Is it open?

Gree's parents sent him here to become an accountant.

But he wasn't interested in that.

I don't consider this a luxury home.

It's the right status for the friends I have.

This is Miriam Caramelo, my wife.

That's my son Apolo.

Why did you bring a woman from Angola?

Because my relationship with a Brazilian didn't work out.

I think it's better to bring someone from my country.

She understands me because of our culture.

At first they made fun of us because of our accents.

But they got used to it.

You're the big boss.

They can't make fun of you.

The accents of Angola and Brazil are different.

Gree became big when he specialised in producing favela funk.

It's rap with lyrics as explicit as possible.

There are nine music studios, three commercial rooms... sales room and two reception rooms upstairs.

Downstairs we have three rooms.

I have 24 people working for me here.

I needed to show the Brazilians in this market that I'm the best.

They began to respect me as the guy who reveals more artists.

I have black friends, but Brazilian black.

When they go to the mall they dress up.

I go in slippers and shorts, I don't have this thing.

What matters in Brazil is who has money.

What a big car, Gree. - I have other cars too.

Today I wear a 35,000 euro necklace. It's a kilo of gold.

In the past I couldn't wear it.

But now I've got security guards.

There are two guys behind us who walk with me.

They work in shifts, 24 or 48 hours. Six security guards in total.

I was at the party

she wore Victoria's Secret I wore Louis Vuitton

the princess's smile drew attention

this maiden goes to jet with the villain

Local aspiring rappers like to come to Gree's.

They can make music in his studio or play pool or table football.

The only thing Gree wants in return is a little respect.

All the music we make says:

This is Gree Cassua, nigga. Respect.

Gree Cassua is like college

you graduate you get information

don't compare us to the guys outside just look at the level we reach

this school is for the bravest, baby

The funk world has several white men and one African: him. Gree.

And it's just us. Lately it's just Gree Cassua.

Yeah. Respect.

Gree Cassua is the black man leading the troops.

He's like a father to all the guys.

A father, a psychologist, as he says. He takes care of us when we're sad.

Brazil gives you the freedom to be who you are.

I'm not leaving, ever. Just for travel and vacation.

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