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Do you remember these words? Good, better, best.

Bad, worse, worst.

Let's review.

How are you doing today?


Good? Maybe a little tired?

Yeah. Let's wake up.

Let's study English. We'll wake up and practice English, okay?

We talked about things that are good and better and

the best, right? Let's talk about what we think is good and better. So I have lots of cards.

I think you know. You know who Beyonce is, right?

Beyoncé , bath,

pasta. You know ice cream. Ice cream is good.

Bananas, New York...


apple juice. Do you know cherries? What color are cherries?

Red. Are they big or small small? Small. And how do they taste?

Are they sour or sweet?

Maybe both. Both. Yeah.

Where do cherries grow?

Grow? Where? Where are cherries?

On a tree. On a tree.

So cherries are small on a tree. They're small fruit on a tree.

How do you say it in Portuguese?


Cherry. So one cherry, many cherries. And cherries grow on trees. Cherry tree.

Okay. Cherry tree. Okay.

And music. We like music. Where? On the radio.

So I'll go first. Um.

New York. That's a city. It's good. New York is good.

Boston is better.

I think Boston is better than New York. Mm-hmm. New York is loud.

Boston, yeah, I like Boston. Boston's better than New York. That's what I think.

Can you tell me one thing that is good and

then what's better? So I think New York is good, but Boston is better. Boston, for me, Boston is better than New York.

What do you think? Can you choose one?

Do you like apple juice? Yes. Okay. So what can you say? It's good. It's good, but

chocolate ice cream is better.


Yeah, it could be chocolate ice cream or you can think of another drink. Tea? Not even these.

Ah! Okay. What do you think? So apple juice is good,

but orange juice is better.

Yeah, I think many Americans drink orange juice. So apple juice orange juice

is better than

You think orange juice is better. Yes.

Yeah. Tell me one more time.

Apple juice is good, but orange juice is better.

Do you agree? Okay. Yes. Yeah. Okay. Good job. Can you choose one?

Something that's good.

Pasta is good...

Now you think. But...but

Pasta is good, but pizza is better.

Mm. Yes.

Pizza is good, cheese pizza is good, but pizza with lots of vegetables is better.


I agree.

What do you think? Choose one.

Ah. Tea. Okay.

Tea is good, but coffee is better.

What kind of coffee?

Black coffee. Black coffee.

With sugar.

So black coffee, plain coffee is good, but coffee with sugar is better.

Do you like coffee with sugar? Yes. Milk?


Okay. You choose.

Banana is good, but


is better. Okay. Good, but what do we have here?



is good...

Is or are?

Bananas are good, but

grapes are better. Yeah. I don't know. I think

bananas are better than grapes. I eat bananas in the morning. I don't eat grapes in the morning. So I think bananas are...

Bananas are better than grapes. Sorry.

Okay. What do you think?

Fall is good, but spring is better.

Mm. Why?

Why? Fall is more.... is colder

is colder than spring. Yes.

In spring, we have warmer weather. I agree. Yeah. Although fall is very beautiful with all the colors. Yeah.

Okay. What do you think?

Something that's good.

Chocolate ice cream is good, but


is better than...

Yeah. Cake is better than

chocolate ice cream. Okay. I think chocolate ice cream is good and cake is good. I think cake and ice cream

is better than just ice cream.

How about chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce? Oh, that's...that's better. Yes.

What do you think?

Cherries are good, but

blueberries is...are better.

Yeah, I think so too. I like the berries. Which are better, cherries or blueberries?

Blueberries. Yeah, I think blueberries are better. I like blueberries in the morning too.

I'll talk about Beyoncé . I think she's okay.

She's good .Beyoncé , but I think that Lady Gaga is better. Yeah, I think yeah.

I think Lady Gaga's better. Sorry.

Anyone loves Beyoncé. Beyoncé is good. But I think Lady Gaga is better a little better. A better singer, a better performer.

Yeah, I don't like the music, but [she] is [a] good artist.

A good artist. Yeah, they're both good artists.

I think Lady Gaga is better, and she's now in a movie. Yeah. Yeah, so I think

Lady Gaga is very talented.

Who do you like, Lady Gaga or Beyoncé? Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is better. Yeah, is um, anyone better than Lady Gaga?

No, she's pretty good. Yeah. All right.

Flavia, what do you think?

I don't know.

Well, think. Where do we listen to music? Like music on the radio.

It's not bad, right?


Music on the radio is good, but

Where else do we hear music? We hear music on our phone.

On the TV.


Yes. Um. On TV.

Music videos?

So you say, "Music on the radio is good, but

Music on the video?

Music videos. Music video is better. One video, but many videos. Are. Music videos are better.

One more time. Music on the radio is good, but music videos are better.

Yeah, I agree. I like that. I think music on the radio is okay, but I like music

on my phone.

And I can choose what I want.

Yeah. A hot bath.

Bath. What is...?

When you go into the bathroom, you have two choices. What are the two choices? You can

take a bath or take a shower.

Mm-hmm. When you take a shower, you stand. When you take a bath, you

Well, first you

sit, and then you can lie down. Right? So a bath, a hot bath, is that good?

Yes. Okay. So a bath is good...A bath is good, but

take a shower is better.

So you can say a bath is good, but a shower is better. But a shower is better.

Or taking a bath is good,

but taking a shower is better.

Either way.

Taking a shower is good, but taking a shower is better.

Do you agree? Yeah, I think taking a nice long hot shower is really, really good.

Okay. Good job

Now you try. I'll tell you one good thing. Tell me what's better.

Apple pie.

What's better than apple pie?

A lake house. A house by a lake. What's better than a lake house?

All right. So we talked about good, better, the best. We can also talk about bad,

worse, and

worst, the worst. Right? And we can say: the best of all, the worst of all, the best, the worst.

Let's talk about things that are not good. They're bad.

You know. Remember "parking ticket"?

Right, you have to pay money. A parking ticket. Lots of rain.



When your head hurts. Headache and not shoes, but wet shoes.

Wet shoes? When do you have wet shoes?

When it rains. When it rains. Maybe.

If your shoes are wet, it's like full of water.

Yeah, not good.


Okay. So I think

a parking ticket is

really, really bad.

A parking ticket for like $50 is bad.

But I think a car accident

is worse. Definitely.Definitely. Okay. What's one thing that's not good? It's bad.

Is bad? Yeah.

Lots of rain is bad, but

snow...lots of snow is worse.

Yeah, it is bad. When you have lots of snow, it's hard. What's hard with lots of snow?

Why is lots of snow bad? Because sometimes

I walk on the street

and it's hard. It's hard. It's hard to walk with lots of snow. It's hard to drive. Yes.

You have to lean up the show. Shovel it. Yeah, I agree. Lots of rain. It's not good. Lots of snow is worse.

What else is bad?

A headache is bad, but

a stomachache is worse.

Yeah, and I think it's stomachache it's bad but, oh, do you ever have a toothache?

A toothache.

It's worse because it's in your head. Yeah, but it's all bad -- headache, stomachache...

What do you think is worse, a headache or a stomachache?

A headache. So you think a headache

is worse. Is worse. A headache is worse. I think a headache is bad, but um a

backache for a long time is worse.

Yeah. What else is bad?

Okay. Yeah. Wet shoes. Wet shoes is bad. are bad.

But um...

clothes is worse.

Clothes... but also..."are." Yeah. Wet shoes are bad,

Wet shoes are bad, but

Clothes...wet clothes...wet clothes are worse.

Oh, yeah, definitely, like your shirt, your pants. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, I agree. Wet clothes are bad. That's bad.

What clothes. Having wet clothes is really bad.

You can think of Sunday morning, Sunday night.

Sunday is...Sunday is



Sunday night

is worse.

Yeah, and Sunday night maybe it's not so good, but Monday morning is worse. Yeah.

I think Sunday's good. It's a good day. But Sunday night! Oh, I think tomorrow I need to wake up...early.

It's hard.

So is Sunday a good day or a bad day? Good day. It's a good day, but Sunday night

is worse.

And Monday morning...Yeah. Is much worse, the worst of all.

Your turn. I'll tell you one bad thing. Tell me what's worse.

Doing laundry.

What's worse than doing laundry?

Noisy neighbors. They make a lot of noise. What's worse than noisy neighbors?

What are these? Bags. Bags. I like bags. What color's this?


Beige? Beige, cream, maybe cream and blue. This one has handles. This also has handles, and this one goes on my...

on my back. It's like a backpack. This one can go on my

shoulder. Shoulder.

So both are good. This is big, but this is

bigger. Bigger. Mm-hmm.

Um, I got this maybe a few years ago, and I got this last year, so

this one is

pretty new

Pretty new? It's not...I didn't get it yesterday.

But I got it maybe in December, January. So this one is


This one's newer. This one is

older. Okay, so newer,

older, bigger. This bag, the cream bag, is bigger

than the black bag. The black bag is

smaller than the cream bag.

Um yeah, I like them both, but I think this one's better.

I like this one.

All right. So we can use

adjectives with -er:


older, bigger, smaller.

Often was just put on the -r.

So for example,

The state of Georgia. Atlanta, Georgia. It's hot at times. Florida is...

hotter. Hotter. Mm-hmm.

I think Boston is cold. What about Alaska? It's colder. It's definitely colder. Do I need one D or two?

One D. One. Okay.

And Massachusetts is pretty big. The state of Texas...

Do you know Texas? Yes.

Bigger. It's bigger. I think Texas is bigger. Yeah. They have more land.

Do we have one G or two G's? Two G's. Because you have that vowel and consonant.

So big > bigger.

Texas is bigger.

You have cats. You have dogs.

Which pets are faster?

What do you think?

Cats. You think the cats are faster?

Faster than dogs.

Yeah. Does your dog run?


It walks.

So I think your cats are faster. Very fast. One T or two?

Two. Mm-mm. No?

Because -s. Yeah, so we're just going to add -er.

Faster. The cats are faster. So it means your dog is slower. Slower.

My dog is a big dog, and she's very, very fast.

Yeah, if she runs...and my children are fast too. Who do you think is faster, my children or the dog?

The dog.

Yeah. The dog is faster.

Good. We can say, the short answer is: The dog faster.

The long answer: The dog is

better than...faster...faster than the children.

The children. One more time. The dog the dog is faster than the children.

Exactly. She's so very fast. Sometimes she runs around the house, and you hear her. It sounds like a horse!

Yeah, okay. Old.

Do you remember my cream bag and my black bag? Which one was older?


Cream bag is

older...better than...older than

the backpack. The backpack or the black bag. Okay "older." We'll put it up here, right?


So which bag is newer?

The black bag is newer than the cream bag.

Exactly. Newer. Um.

Last year, I was in Hawaii. I had a phone, and in Hawaii I lost my phone.

It was very sad. Very sad.


Then I got a new phone. So I got my phone last year. Is my phone newer than your phone? Yes.

Is it? It's a pretty new phone. New phone.

So think. When did you get your phone? Is my phone newer?

Or is my phone older than yours? Newer. Okay, so say: Jennifer, your phone is... Your phone is newer than mine.

Very good. Yeah, okay. Um, when did you get your phone? I don't remember.

Like 2018? 2015?

I think 2016.

Okay, so is her phone older or newer than yours?

Older. Her phone is... Her phone

Her phone is older

than mine. Very good.Than mine. Than mine. Uh-huh. Very good.

So with things, we talk about old and new. With people, old and

young. Young. Young. Okay?

You know that I have two children. Do you know how old they are?

No, how can you ask me?

What's the question? I have two children. You don't know their ages.

Well, start with the question. Find out their ages. What's the question?

How old...?

How old are they?

How old are they? How old are they? My daughter, um, she will have a birthday very soon, but she is 11. She will be 12.

She's 11, and my son is 14. Okay. So who's older?

Your son is older than your children...your daughter.

Exactly. So my son is older. Who's younger?

Your daughter is younger than your son. You son. Than your son.

You have two cats. How old are they?

My cats is...

brothers. Oh! They're siblings. Same age. Yes.

Is one bigger or smaller than the other?

Dumba is bigger than Narizinho.

How old are they? Three. Three. Are they older or younger than your dog?

They are younger than my dog.

Do you know how old her dog is?

She's nine. Nine. Yes, your dog is older than mine. My dog is three.

Yeah, like the same age as your cats. Yes.

Okay. Okay. Um, we all have neighbors. Right? Some neighbors are nice.

Some neighbors might be not so nice.

Some are nicer than others. Do you have nice neighbors? Yes. Yeah?

How are they nice? They say hi?

Do they say hi every day?

Uh-huh. Yeah.

They're nice.

Do you know your neighbors? Yes. Do you say hi every day? Yes.

Good. Okay, so you said they're nice. Are your neighbors in Brazil nicer? No.

Oh. So who's nicer? The neighbors here?

The neighbors here or the neighbors in Brazil? The neighbors here...the neighbors here

are nice nice...nicer

than my neighbors in Brazil.

That's good. You're here. How about you? The neighbors here or the neighbors in Brazil, which neighbors are nicer?

Both are nice.

That's good.

I hope you don't get in trouble for saying that.

"I saw you. You said I'm not nice!"

Okay. Clean.

Whose apartment is this?

Andreia's. Andreia's. And you have a home too.

Whose home is cleaner?

My home is cleaner than Andreia's.

Maybe it's because she has two cats.

You have two cats.

Okay. I got one.

In the bathroom,

there's a sink. Right? And you have your things on one side, and your husband has his things

on his side. So in the bathroom

this is yours. This is his. We can say "side." My side.

His side.

Which side is cleaner?


My sides? My side.

My side is cleaner than my husband's.

How about you? In the bathroom, you have two sides, right? Which side is cleaner?

My side is cleaner than my husband's side.

Or my side is cleaner than his. You can say it like that.

Okay. We talked about

the floors. Maybe I think your floor is cleaner than my floor, so my floor is...


So we have "dirty" and again we change the -y to an -i.

Dirtier. My floor is dirtier than your floor. Your floor looks good.

If you look at the floors, Flavia, whose floor is dirtier? Yours or Andreia's?


I guess it's the cats, but I think my floor is dirtier than yours. Your floor looks good.

Oh. Thank you.

Repeat after me. Look at the spelling of each word.










See? With many short adjectives, we add -er.

Repeat after me. Again, look at the spelling of each word.








When a short adjective ends in -e, add an -r.

When a short adjective ends in consonant-vowel-consonant,

double the last consonant then add -er.

When a short adjective ends with consonant +y, change the -y to an -i and then add -er.

Now write sentences with three adjectives. Follow the spelling rules.

Here are my examples.

A book is heavier than a phone.

Brazil is hotter than Canada.

A tiger is faster than a turtle.

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