Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Guitar Viral | Episode #1 - Guitarists Nails? That's Gross! Are you a woman?!

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Are you looking for more

information to learn about guitar?

Do you want to learn without so much effort

and with qualified persons that can teach you?

Well, My name its Ruben Bettencourt,

and this is GuitarViral.

Welcome to the first episode

of GuitarViral.

This its the first of many others

that will happen daily

where I will teach more

about classical guitar

I have been teaching online,

where many students have get in touch with me,

in order learn more about the instrument

and today I will start talk

perhaps a little more standart,

however this video series

its directed more to

advanced guitar techniques.

You can have a look on my website

and perhaps you might be interested

in having lessons with me.

I will mention it on the

(Youtube video) description,

so please subscribe the channel,

as well search this information

which should be shared among others.

Therefore, I will talk about 5 fundamentals

in the next days, so keep track of it,

Today probably very basic, in the next days, so keep track of it,

Today probably very basic,

but one of the most important

elements to play guitar Nails.

I will show for the first time

how I shape my nails,

how I take care of it

and how they are glued to my natural nail.

I work with a North America company,,

I will mention it on the description,

I think its very important

to have a great sound,

take advantage

and maintain the enthusiasm,

which is very important on concerts.

I talk by myself,

which I had many problems with my natural nails,

I really talk by experience.

It isnt easy to be aware

to maintain it daily,

with goal to be at the highest and best condition,

and we can do a good performance

not only we need it

to survive on the art by itself,

but also to highlight,

keep listeners enthusiasm

and get the most of this concerts.

So, I will show how I shape my nails,

I hope you can learn the best of it,

and be the first from other moments

we would share together.

This process begins with cutting nail shape,

after that its bend the corners

to stick on finger. Aplied super glue,

cut with scissors the nail excess,

and after that use nail file.

After this application,

I trim the with a rotary file

on the back nail end

for a finish next to the natural nail

Apply fiberglass to strength,

as final polish and let it dry.

Cut with scissors the excess,

file the nail and

its finished the first stage.

After that with fine grade,

sand paper and micromesh

for final polishing.

Thats normal to have a glass look and soft touch.

After 10 minutes, this its the final product

where give opportunity to perform good Music

and enhance motivation to play guitar.

Well, this was the

first video of GuitarViral series,

I hope you enjoyed,

as well this its the first video from next days episodes,

make sure your subscribe the channel,

I will give you all information and descriptions,

links and everything I mentioned today,

take the opportunity to share informations with me,

leave your comments that you believe necessary for discussion,

and I would be pleased

to have you tomorrow again for another episode.

This is GuitarViral!

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