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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Let's Play - Gmod: Trouble in Terrorist Town - My Heart Will Go On (#6)

Difficulty: 0

Hey Jeremy, what are we doing, man?

We're playing Trouble in terrorist town again jack

We didn't wait another year to do it. Oh are you are you guys in I'm just I'm spectating

Four seconds before the of start the next round okay

No, it says one second Jeremy all right does it zero seconds jack all right and welcome to the ship

I feel like I'm gonna be a little bit on edge because I don't know, you guys well enough to uh, trust you.

You don't know well enough to die! It's well enough to die.

I want to get to the bottom captain *DEAGEL*. It's called the bridge Jeremy, dammit.

Oh, well, this isn't what I thought. Oh, dude. Who's still on the bow. all right? I am.

Stop usin' boat terms, nobody understands.

Who's that over there? Watch this!

weeeeeeeeee... splusshhh

I see ya.

Did you... you went in the pool? I jumped in the pool!

Oh. That's interesting.

I also went in the pool. HEY!

It's me, I'm me! Are you the killer Geoff?


What is everybody's names?

I'm mr. Shifty

Mine is innocent backwards. I'm richard head.

I am gonna... Draks 'em Sklounce.

What are you Ryan hey?

I'm uh, Honest Man Abe. Never a terrorist. Honest Man Abe.

Whoever want's to be my friend...

Oh, yeah. I wann- I wan y- I wanna show you. See me up here?

Yeah, come up here. Okay. What are these white lines?

It's like a couple doors down.

Kinda Blurred Lines *Sings Blurred Lines*

You'll see the open door's right there. Oh there ya go. Ryan right in here.

Do you see a white line? I sure do. I see it down there too.

Do you really? I but I only see it like in certain spots. When did you learn how to levitate things?

It's definitely *IM MAGIC*

Right there

Hey, Rye-Bread...

How do you pick up a gun that if you already have a bunch guns?

Select one hit cue yeah down, and then it's it's kind of strange

Fraida bring it out man man get behind me

I've got you, baby

We're the king of the woods

Hey alfredo can I ask you a question Drax is Klaus yeah?

I do you have a nickname also drag Sims class are you coming Fredo? No, it's Bob

I think I got I think people should call you the song gosh. Yes turbo song evening about the earlier Jack. Did you see?

The white line I like don't blow Alfredo's codename


Like it what sells south I feel like it's evolving my head sauce my nephew's name is nickname added da da da

Yeah, I guess it makes it. It makes you sound more like the rock exactly nobody likes rock. No. You know just rock

That was weird guys was it that one

You left me fucking the roof by the way

I I'm still in Rainbow six mode, so I hit C to crouch and open to my menu was just standing there helpless

what a man runs away from a dead body going I

Don't feel like you are

No one no one noticed that Ryan was dead. I won't he went ahh and then Trevor went

What was that noise on it didn't care? Yeah?

Okay, macton you guys guys. I'm preparing the show

I want to actually go up to them just hit Q to drop a game. It's a big, man

Since the odds are that I'm not gonna be the killer again

I don't want to go to the actual bridge now with it we Liz

No, I don't want to go anywhere with you. You're a mean man, and you killed me

I've over the door on myself, and I just said I can't it won't there's a switch oh

Oh by the way this either made for trouble in terrorist town

So I didn't see any but there's a possibility that there's traps that only betrayed whoa whoa whoa whoa what was that all right?

Someone just can Bob elated with someone dead no

Robot roll call all right

Live live live all right wait it was you you Jack

Who's in my hole like being alone with you, but I really want to find this I?

Just walked into the room you're acting real shift right now


Jeremy when that thing we love the shine that walked I can I can confirm that I did well all right

I don't think it was Jack the through the thing any of these work

To see if they would blow up and

You're talking over each other guys hey should we keep talking be respectful foot pop hold on it's a little far

No, you're hurt, what happened

You're the juban okay, I think I got hurt because there's no cannonball does anybody want a pamphlet calm, so you've become a murderer

If you do there by the prison Jeff's a murderer. I'm not the murder Tommy asshole said so you've become a murderer

Guys I'm gonna cannonball the pool

How do you open that door try


Why are you badly wounded dragging us Klaus right because I can't involved in it hurt me didn't hurt me

You know I was with Jeremy when someone shot him. Hey guys yeah. Yeah, if you go towards the back of the boat

Yeah, there's a music hall. Oh, I see Geoff is here. Hey. What's up? I'm just putting on a little show up here

You're not a key. You're not the killer. Are you no? I'm not all right you want to you want to be on the

Band you know you'll be on here right you're gonna be a show tunes

We're working with here. I found the crown jewel. Yeah, yeah, you can just hit it soon there already

I just thought that would be good. I know why you choose me. I'd probably deserve it but

I'm in need of a new pianist

Did you kill Jeff by point while he's playing pianist

Oh Jeff's bought is it all over the back white I'm not gonna shoot you you're you're innocent

I believe you're innocent I am in you to believe that I'm innocent, but I don't want you to shoot me

I'm not going to shoot you my point is we got two innocent men in lots of guns. Oh

Okay, it wasn't Ryan. Oh Jack

Let's see let's investigate him

Okay, it wasn't Jack

Alfred are you still with Trevor. No, I'm

Okay, so I'm gonna find my way home now

Here's the thing that I need the two of you to sort out, which one of you is gonna be a traitor

And then oh he'll totally know whoever's in it. I'm all good do me a favor and kill the other person okay

This is just two of us. Okay. Well those three of us, but I'll wrap you here in a second

I'm just offering you truth, and you can accept it if you want mm-hmm well see this blood

This is all Fredo's blood. We had a Blood Pact, and I put him in the flow who was near

Uh who's near that center area there that being said Alfredo you were like a table when I got discombobulated we?

Walked in I heard a shot. Well. Where are you shit whoa?

You started shooting me first no, but don't kill me, please

Jeremy Jeremy just start open. I know I did because it's gosh. I was here. What gotta be

Trevor I'm going to the bow does it ghost just whisper Gemma if you were my fave you're my friend

Uh-huh you'll kill off. All right? Whoa whoa whoa says the man who shot at me first. I did shoot at you first

that's because odds are starting to become in my favor and without we have a

Blood Pact, I mean my crowbar is filthy with your blood now come come to me listen

I don't need to look I'm going north or south on this alright

I'll meet you guys at the bow and we're we I'm in the hospital right now

Well get out and good and go to the bow out

Here well Titanic together, and though yes

Alright, who's that? Oh?

Alfredo, what did you get him I got him he got him is he dead oh?

here we go finally found my way to the fucking I

May have murdered Jeff for dramatic effect murder Ryan assuming you traitors Jeremy killed me

Was about to initiate a plan with Jeremy to exterminate everyone else so right I guess happening she was walking shot

yeah, we can pick a

Smaller one I was like Leonardo DiCaprio when the ship was sinking just running around in the flooding hoarding connection problem


Take it easy we're about to be actual damage. I'm already damaged ah alright alright. We go alright

I'm innocent you that little thing. I'm so in this, ayah. It's not Jeff your help

Yeah same to you, buddy, what is your username Deus know?

Your name again why I don't see it, then is droughts, it's tracked something what is it okay? Hey Trevor track some squats

Yeah, hey Trevor


Trevor do me a favor can you listen backwards real quickly yeah t NE ce o-- and and I?

See what you're doing. That's why my name is innocent backwards

Could be anyone, but also if I can ask that question while innocent I still fuck it up

I don't have the brain capacity to respray tab. Why are you getting your grenade out hey innocent backwards Jeff just case

One that chances are one of the three of yous the killer smell spelt Harris backwards. All right. Well Drax's oh god

I have a cone well to be honest Trevor. It wouldn't say terrorist

So we found a man

But I think I still got it right let the right guy. I want to get up on this

Yes, okay

What's uh? What's spray G. Oh yeah? That's right

It's me and my buddy I would put you in the right spot there you go. Oh, thank you

Keep in mind there is fall damage in this yeah, yeah, what about spring damage?

Someone's check the grave it wasn't me


May have died from his own stupidity no

I shot you up with a shotgun

You guys want a faint like so I will admit to murdering Jeff only because I watched him drop a grenade and then run so

Early, no. It was a man

it was actually a smoke bomb it wasn't a grenade he drops so that Jeff me ride in Oh Ryan decide

How do you die I don't know, but uh mr.. Shifty I was with you when Ryan died so yeah, we're good. We're good

Shit who's alive who else is live. I feel like you might have done I

Know I killed yeah, I was deep in my smoke coughing well. They're all up on the roof so Jeff. I'm sorry you understand

Accident okay I

Realized I was in trouble so I ran yeah, and you killed you you understand

How suspicious that looks you know it was it wasn't just a discombobulated. It wasn't a real gonna know

I didn't know that I saw something fall on your head, and then you run

Your Oh

Get fucked oh, I bring a cone is it a code of peace. Yes. Oh, I can't pick the cones are always o'clock

There's your cone, oh, thank you sir, no problem say it. Oh, it's been shifty. I see uhm I see you right

Stephen Street, mr.. Chef John don't do it. Why is my magnetic stick the opposite? It pushes everything away

Set up for round two at all me you know it doesn't seem like I'm do that I could do you want to overwatch?

Yeah, I got the sniper. I'm being the yeah

I'm just watching I'm watching for any weird whoa I gotta tell you who's I know who I suspect

But I'm not gonna pull the trigger yet


Alfredo their hands really think it's rock hey

Stop it. Yeah check this out No aah. Hey Trevor Trevor

Carrying do I have to kill you no Trevor stop moving you might witness a murder

No, I'm gonna see my shoot that thing out of the air all right. Oh, I'll try turn around turn turn here I left

That was on shooting window I tried to shoot it out of you. I got it. Oh, okay, sweet job

I'm running. I think it's probably probably Ryan's a killer. I'm not doing anything. That's the point

I'm not near you. I'm gonna watch you

Action Ryan's I don't trust him, and if I die, you know it was Ryan Ryan. Hey, babe, Thanks

We're putting each other we're the only two or bench

With Ryan


Really good chance Ryan's a trainer would it be the traitor well all right? He's going up the ladder if I die

It's because Ryan killed me up the ladder looking at me Fredo. I almost

Really want him. I really want him to know that I could if I wanted yeah, you know I'm watching him

He's trying to get a bead on you guys there wasn't anybody Ryan's only

He's got two and a half minutes to kill anybody as long as I got eyes on the motherfucker you guys are safe

Koby Evers Trevor Ryan just throw at me. Oh Trevor. That's you

The killer his bloodlust has got to be here

You're not

Coming all right he's not he wasn't over Cesar hey

Trevor he was not so sure I'm not so sure

Ryan's not the killer they yak

I killed Trevor he's not an overseer well deny. You know an iron people up on the train tracks with sniper

So stay back

We train we've trained for this right we watch for murder and then kill those who are guilty is Jeff alive. I'm alive

I'm with Ryan who I don't think is the killer. Thank you. Oh

Jesus Oh

Jeff making a mistake way, I feel like you're me

The overseers think it's wrong

The overseas

Bryan's on his own on the other side yeah

I guess stuttering too much to be innocent. What what Jeff um I shoot you in the fucking head right now

Why would you kill me? I'm not the killer as you said I'm not innocent

I said you're stuttering I'm very and although the trader. Also only has a minute left, so it's probably about

To witness a murder I feel like what are you doing over there Ryan picked up a different?

Maybe Ryan is the killer what they're gonna bring what yeah? Where'd you go Jack?


Kill Brian before or do you guys it didn't kill you oh, no Trevor was fucking playing

I was trying to cut the wires. I don't know what wire to cull what's it?

Where'd you put it under the change right under you guys which?

We I thought we established in the last load that it has what a radius blows every

Boss the map last time yeah, maybe just that map a

Shot right now yeah, okay, that's fine. What'd you get?

Really fucked up my thing by just following me around the hole

All right all right, so I'm a shotgun so I can't be an overwatch or this or numbers here. This is lose the traitor

I am NOT the trainer. I was just the trainer Jeff. We just firing

People looking at was allowed

Jeff I'm not doing anything the trainer last time

Over there

I don't know who was by the way you can't throw the knife that you can buy it looks like it was our job

Okay, yeah, no, it's Jeff and I I watched you

I'm not an overseer because I don't that guy mmm. Oh is that guy who my back Jeremy backwards? Uh? How do you know?

Oh, that's a bad hurt a lot. I don't think it's Jeremy then it's somebody else. It's honest okay

Why you should mean it wasn't jack you were shooting at Jeremy how do you use them?

It was not Ryan turns out did that hurt you Trevor

Yeah, I have a confession what's that? I threw the grenade earlier oh?

Sure you the killer I'm not I'm not I found it it's in da her name

How come I can't?

How do I use the magnetic

It's a picture mister me see

It's not easy to use a magnetic stick, what are you doing? What are you doing? What do you do now for you?

I'm trying to Swimmer your series have been dissolved. What are you doing?

Alright, I'm not the one that left my soom that if you're alive you're the killer

That's not great. That's good. That's a yeah. That's a harsh assumption there, okay?

Where's what happened in Trevor Trevor Trevor? I'm right here. Oh, he's right there

He's I was following Jeff because he was being real Fukushima power bomb you'll sketch

Someone's in the warehouse what yeah?


Still a lot of time, so I'm gonna make

Okay someone okay, try to take me out, okay, who's this who's this? There's nothing there was this

Stop firing Jeff Trevor's akela


Way and then say who threw that yeah, well I was a high position with Jeremy and the fucking Ryan murdered me

It was not me you were totally right. Here's the problem. Here's the problem turn AIDS Ryan

Yeah, once there in your hand you can't not throw them

They're just it's too much fun. I can be an overseer just run around with a grenade in your hand

I don't know how to use the magnetic stick

You right click once on something wrong if it's a body you can right-click on it

And then left-click on a wall and hang it up. It's funny

I'm Ryan from the site, I know

Look at my magic your step on my cone. No. I'm not the killer. Please tell me I can step on this cult

Come on. The cone. I think you're on his head

Who's done that's never me

Jeremy me or Alfredo cuz we were all right next we know we were next to each other

Yeah, it was and then I saw it wasn't any of us then I saw here what I'd go around the corner

here's what I hate to admit one of those one aids are not like you can't call someone guilty because

I'm just gonna make it pretty right Hey. Yeah you yeah

Where maybe over here fun fun to throw around yeah, if you're looking real suspicious yeah


To kill this person right here, let's go Fredo

It's Jeremy I


Frado's body don't kill me Jeff won't kill you. I don't think I believe Jeff

Of course I'm innocent okay, then I'll leave you be right. Where do you know where they are?

It's not me you dickhead. No. That's Jack. No. I'm up on the roof. I watched Ryan get shot. Hey Trevor. Yes guess what?


Fucking no. No I think it is Trevor

Who's alive it's not me I think it's just me Jack and Geoff. No, I'm

I thought you killed Trevor and I shot Jeff right in the groin he's up top. It's not me yeah

I'll believe that when you're dead Wow

Jeff are you the are you the traitor?

Sorry that was a little disrespectful

Yeah, I may put a bullet through the back of Trevor's head

Jim but I don't know where you did that Jeremy. Where are you?

Jeremy can you tell me where you're at yeah sure where yeah, I'm at the corner of fuck you gonna kill you. Oh, fuck you


Trevor fuck whatever your name is Jeremy oh shit

Move your big toe it's intense move your

Headshot that was tense alright. I killed one person should we do one more? Yes, I was writing it murdering

Hedging my bets yeah, and then I murdered the shit out of Trevor and me and Jeff Jeff

Yeah, you killed you shot me in the truth. No no I was watching

You show me

I was trained on you with my rifle, and I'm like is it Jeff and then you got shot at me like well

Ha Jack. I got news for you. It's never me

Discombobulated, er I went all in on it being someone else

On top of the chippy great. I really didn't oh, oh oh Trevor. Did you throw it it's never me just a

Minute once a vis trigger-happy what


Pretty sure he was absolutely

Trigger-happy one more round though you shot him. No. He was talking directly at you and then died I was like well, okay

I'm gonna have a rave in the street whoever wants to join boots and cats and boots and cats

Let's do like hand fall down

Let's go to Roarke Street. Yeah work streets good

I'll bet see this white square. This is gonna be the home of the rave right here. That's a grenade all right. There's a smoke

Dust a smoker. This is Ray. I have a smoke Renee right here here. We go pop pop a rave come on Raven

That's gonna be an incendiary

Everybody in I'm sure it'll emerge alive


Why is this guy's you you don't know how bad, I wish though is the traitor see four and they're so bad oh

My god

Jesus Christ hey hold on all right calm down now

This is how my traitor round went there was the body of Drax? Yeah? There's the body of Jeff, okay, so?

Okay, so where's Ryan we're in the

Mist was Oh Mike yeah, but doesn't mean anything Ryan Jerry is it you it's not me. I swear

How many people of Jewish units near you? I swear. It's not me then it's Jack

Let's fuck you you guys don't want to murder everything. I was just looking at the rook and like the rail

Are you just two times you go battle buddies?

This is how I run I feel bad because I've killed Alfredo twice

Hey guys, I leave leave the death in the game all right. You know what stop

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