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People even now because it's like the hundredth anniversary of the Russian Revolution or celebrating Lenin

It's like that's not good

That's like celebrating Hitler

Okay, I'm dead serious about that

It's not good and the fact that people

Can dare to think that that's okay means that there's something wrong with the way that we look at history

Lenin was a monster and if you want to know about that

You can read Solzhenitsyn's writings about Lenin because they communist apologists say well, I wasn't Lenin Lenin was a good guy

He was all motivated by love of the working class

People Who Still Celebrate Lenin

It's like well his henchman was Stalin and if your henchman is Stalin, you're not a good guy

And and Lenin was around during the early

Collectivization and if you read what he wrote you'll find out that

He was perfectly willing to have any number of people die

As long as his ideological system could be brought into being so there's no celebrating Lenin

There's no work cool young Marxist hip revolutionaries and he's our Idol. It's like there's none of that

Not if you know anything not if you're decent

Well, there was death of the cool acts I told you about that there was the Ukrainian famine that's 6 million gone there

There was the rise of the gulag state because it turned out that Russia the Soviet Union couldn't run on the principles that it had

that it had

Laid down as sacrosanct. They just didn't work. So you had enslaved everybody and run your economy

As a slave state essentially


Try not to kill the people in the gulags so fast that you can't suck some productive labor out of them

was the death of tens of millions of people we don't even know the estimates range from

15 to 60 million and like

we won't get to Picayune about the numbers because after the first 10 million you kind of made your point and

The fact that we don't know between 15 and 60 is actually an indication of the horror

Of it

because our count is off by tens of millions and

That's only within the century

And then there was the 1956 crackdown on Hungary and the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia

Then there was the whole like thermonuclear

Holocaust thing that was going on at the same time in the fact that in 1962 and in 1984, we were

seconds away from complete annihilation right during the Cuban Missile Crisis the keys were in the

intercontinental ballistic missile release systems and

Castro as he admitted to Jimmy Carter in case any of you or Castro fans, which you shouldn't be

That he was perfectly willing to have Cuba annihilate it if it would have meant the defeat of the United States

And then in 1984

Approximately I may have the date exactly wrong

the Russians received an indication from their early warning systems that the Americans had launched five thermonuclear missiles and

One Russian decided that it was a mistake and refused to launch the retaliation and he just died about two weeks ago

so, you know that was pretty close and

So that was experiment number one, let's say that that wasn't good that experiment let's put it that way

It wasn't good it was exactly the antithesis of good it was precisely the antithesis of good

But that wasn't all I mean

There's the People's Republic of China. That's a different country. Like seriously a different country right different tradition different language

How many people died in China under Mao no one knows

same issue with the Soviet Union although

Mile was a bigger monster than Stalin and that's that's impressive, you know, because there's Hitler

There's Stalin and there's Mao and of the 3-mile was probably the worst. He's still revered in China

Maybe that accounts for their affinity for North Korea which could still destroy us all the remnants of that horrible state

maybe a hundred million people died in China during the great leap for

That's a hell of a leap forward. Well, maybe it wasn't a hundred million, you know, maybe it was only 40 million

but as I said before

when you're counting in the tens of millions your points already made and then there was

Cambodia and the killing fields and Bulgaria and East Germany and Romania and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

That's North Korea and Vietnam and Ethiopia Hungary

Etc, etc, etc

There was never a successful communist state

Cuba I suppose came closest but it was radically the

Soviets poured money into Cuba, so that doesn't really count

So then the first question was well are these Marxists motivated by love or hatred well

Is it love or hatred that produces a hundred million dead people

Is that enough evidence or not and if it's not enough evidence if you think to yourself well that's not enough evidence

it was never really given its proper a

Proper try

It's like well, what would have been a proper try?

See, I always think when I hear someone say that I know what you think

You think in your delusional arrogance that?

You understand the Marxist doctrines better than anyone else ever has and that if you are the one implementing those doctrines

You would have ushered in the utopia. That's what you mean when you say that and

You know they say and there's an idea in the New Testament that there's a sin it's the sin against the holy ghost

If you commit that sin, no one really knows what it is

That you can't be forgiven and I would say well

If you want a candidate for the sin against the Holy Ghost in the 21st century

the statement

Communism real communism was never tried with the underlying idea that if you had been the person implementing it it would have worked

I think that's a pretty good contender for something for which you should never be forgiven

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