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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn English in Austin | A Book, a Movie and a Song

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hello I'm teacher Robin welcome to

another live-streaming class if this is

your first time to join the class let me

explain how it works today our topic is

a book a movie and a song in Austin if

you have a question during the class you

can write your question in the comments

and I'll answer it at the end of the

class and I also have a few questions

for you at the end of the lesson to

check what you've learned and you can

write your answers in the comments as

well so before we get started with

today's topic let's review what you

learned in last week's class in case you

missed it so last week you were with

teacher del and a special guest Francois

from our support team and he was talking

to you about the World Cup so we are

right in the middle of the World Cup

right now and you learned some important

vocabulary so that you can follow along

in English so some football vocabulary

some football expressions as well as

some World Cup predictions so if you

missed that class and you want to watch

it again they go to the video section of

our Facebook page and there you can find

all of our previous classes so you can

watch them again you can share them on

your own Facebook page or you can tag

someone you think might want to watch

the class as well so I see a few people

are joining us already Alex and tuff say

hi hello thank you for watching okay so

let me explain what we're talking about

today this is the beginning of a series

that we're going to be doing on a book a

movie and a song okay today we're

starting with with Texas which is where

I'm from so we're going to do several

cities so talking about them as kind of

a travel destination and then teaching

you how to improve your skills through

reading through listening to a song and

through watching a movie so today we're

going to focus on Austin but really

Texas in general okay so as you know

Texas is in the United States and Austin

is the capital so why should you visit

Austin as a destination for your

vacation okay I've done a top five there

are many many more interesting things to

see but something really authentic that

you can do in Austin you can go swimming

in Barton Springs these are the

beautiful natural springs that are

really nice as Austin is the capital you

can tour the Capitol building and the

the surrounding neighborhood which is

really interesting you can eat barbecue

this is one of our most popular foods in

the south and especially in Texas though

there are a lot of really delicious

barbecue restaurants so definitely check

that out you can also watch the bats at

Lady Bird Lake so we have a lot of bats

in in Texas and as the Sun Goes Down you

can actually go down by the lake and you

can watch the bats fly out of there out

of their cave so that's a really really

interesting experience and if you like

dancing you can country dance in Austin

at a place like the student or there are

plenty of other different bars or venues

that you can go to to country dance so

these are just a few of my

recommendations for Austin there are

many more now let's move on to our our

topic for today the book the movie and

this song so a book about Texas so we're

going to generalize a little bit more

book that takes place in Texas first

let's talk about how we can learn

English with reading we've talked about

this before in other classes but just to

review the best thing to do in English

is to find a book that interests you so

a topic genre if you like historical

fiction if you like science fiction find

a book that's going to be interesting

for you and then you'll be more likely

to want to read it okay

choose a book that's appropriate for

your level so nowadays there are many

adapted books available so that you

could read if you are lower intermediate

or intermediate you can read a novel at

that level okay so the vocabulary is

adapted for you so that it's easier to

understand I recommend keeping a

notebook a vocabulary or you could make

a timeline as well or a chart to kind of

keep the characters and the storyline

all organized and that way you don't get

confused I see that Paul Muhammad and

Jose say hi okay great so moving on to

my book recommendation this is a young


book so it's a little bit easier and

it's called holes by Lewis sitar okay

and this is a story about a teenage boy

who gets into trouble he's accused of

stealing some shoes from a store and he

is sent to a juvenile detention center

which is kind of like jail for for

younger people and there some

interesting things happen as his

punishment he has to actually go out in

the desert and dig holes but these holes

are are special in that they have

something buried in them and this the

warden the person who is in charge of

the of the jail of the Detention Center

is looking for hidden treasures so this

is a really nice story kind of fun

interesting to follow and as I said it's

a young adult mystery so the vocabulary

is a little bit easier and the story's a

little bit shorter so it's easier to

read so that is my book recommendation

obviously there are many other books

that take place in Texas but this is one

that I think you should definitely read

and there's also a movie based on this

book so you can watch the movie after

you read the book okay

and my ruvie recommendation this is

actually one of my favorite movies but

first let's talk about how we can learn

English through movies or films we've

talked about this before watch with

subtitles in English don't put the

subtitles on in your native language try

to follow along in English or even watch

without subtitles if you think it's easy

enough for you to understand if the

movie is long 2 hours or so I recommend

breaking it up into two or three

sessions so watch maybe half an hour at

a time and then take a break so that you

don't get too tired or lose your

concentration as you're watching okay

take notes maybe write a summary of what

you've seen to remember the plot what

was happening etc and make a list of

your favorite quotes from movies and

then you can share them when you're

talking with your friends okay so one of

my favorite movies ever and it happens

to take place in Texas it's called

boyhood so this is a movie that was

actually filmed over a

twelve year span so it was filmed during

12 years using the same actors so this

this movie is about a boy his name is

Mason and it starts when he's six years

old and it ends when he finished his

high school and he goes off to college

so it's a really innovative movie and

that they actually waited the twelve

years to finish to finish the film and

you see the same characters growing up

throughout the the same movie okay so

this is sort of a coming-of-age story so

coming-of-age means a story about

someone growing up about someone getting

older and it's a really really beautiful

beautiful story and you can see some

really beautiful landscapes and scenery

from Texas so I highly recommend this

movie boyhood and finally our song so

how can we learn English with songs

we've talked about that

in a previous class with a special guest

but what I recommend doing is to find

the lyrics online or print them and that

way you have you have them so you can

take notes you can underline words or

expressions that you don't understand

and then kind of write the definition

there so keep a notebook with your your

song lyrics and vocabulary and new

expressions so and then sing along and

have fun so once you know the lyrics to

a song it's really it's really neat to

be able to sing along in another

language okay and my recommendation this

is another song about Texas it's by a

group called the Old 97's and this song

is called a state of Texas so this song

is actually about people or written for

people who are from Texas but living

away from home so when you are homesick

it means that you that you miss your

home so this song let's look at the

lyrics and I have a few things to point

out about how the lyrics are written so

here the first line when the Morning Sun

rises and I open my eyes here you can

see that there's an apostrophe here

after the N so sometimes in songs or

even in in written English you can take

off the last letter of a of a word and

replace it with this apostrophe here so

instead of saying more

it's pronounced a little bit more like

mornin so it's it's a little bit more

southern accent okay so they say when

the mornin Sun rises and I open my eyes

yeah that's all I want to see so here

we've talked about slang in previous

classes so wanna is actually slang of

want to so when you put those together

you have wanna that's all I want to see

and then we have another example of a

shortened word I'm living or which is

short for living in a state of Texas and

Texas lives in me so here living in a

state of Texas they don't mean literally

living in the state here is actually

like a state of mind it means that

you're a Texan so that you live as a

Texan one okay so now that we've done

our book movie and song I'm going to ask

you some questions and you can write the

answers in the comments okay I see

Blanca says she likes the lesson good

I'm happy that you like it okay so from

I my first question and write your

answer in the comments where did you

last go on vacation and where are you

going on the next one so I'm

recommending that you visit Austin but

where are you planning to go and where

did you did you last go okay so tell me

about your summer plans in the comments

and finally what's your favorite book

movie and song so if you have one in

English that's great if not then in your

own language what is your favorite book

movie and song okay so as you are

writing your answers let me tell you

more about our course here at ABBA

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and if you study with our course it's

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a very flexible way to study anywhere

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somewhere you can take your English

course with you okay in addition to our

course we have many other resources for

you to practice with our blog is called

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really good information there we have a

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Twitter page and our Facebook page where

you can participate in our weekly live

streaming classes and find interesting

articles posted there as well so now

let's see who is joining us if anyone

else has a question and if not I

encourage you to keep writing because I

will check your comments later on today

if you are still thinking about what you

might want to write let me tell you

about next week's class teacher Adele is

going to be back with you and she's

going to tell you about pronunciation

mistakes and tongue twisters so if you

don't know what a tongue twister is then

you can find out next week so I hope

that you can join that class remember

you can turn on your notifications on

Facebook to receive a message any time

we are live-streaming so do that to

remind yourself and thank you so much

for participating so keep writing your

comments and I hope this class has been

useful for you I hope it inspires you to

travel a little bit more and obviously

improve your English through books

movies and songs so take care and oh I

see we have one comment someone is

joining us from Columbia and they said

next time I would like to go on vacation

to the USA okay I think that's great so

thank you Jose for your comment and take

care everyone else and we will see you

next time so bye

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