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So, if you're like me, your expectations for Digimon games are low.

So, I honestly didn't expect much going into this.

That in mind, I still only thought the game was ok.

Now, let's go into detail.

Digimon Wold Next Order starts as simply as the original Digimon World.

You have a Digivice.

Said digivice pulls you into the digital world with not warning, and now you must have adventures

with your digital friends.

An appropriate tie to the original Digimon World, since this seems to just be a more

enhanced version of it.

From the minute I started playing, I was making connections between this and the

PS1 game.

Gameplay, even, is much like the original.

The main focus of this game is raising your Digimon.

The most noticeable difference this time around is that you have two.

As for actually training them, you'll be spending a lot of time at the the gym.

And when I say a lot, I mean a LOT.

I'd honestly guess that at least half of the time playing this game, if not more, is spent

at the gym.

I know that sounds tedious, and it really is, but it too bad.

Training in this game is super easy to do.

All of the equiptment is regulated to one machine, allowing you to train your Digimon's

various stats all from one spot.

Also, right next to the training machine is a restroom, meaning that it's even convenient

for your palls deuce.

So, while's it's not exciting to train, at all, it's least made easy.

And the payoff's can be nice as well.

What I mean is, your Digimon's stat's will decide what it evolves into.

And it's pretty damn exciting when it happens.

The flip side to this is that you don't always get a good evolution.

Sometimes you don't get the one you wanted, and sometimes your Digimon just straight up dies

before it even evolves.

These cases, suck ass!

It really sucks to spend a good two to three hours on a Digimon just to have it wasted.

So, say you do get some good digis.

What now?

Well, it's time to take on the Digital World!

By which I mean, it's time to explore.

Problem here is that the world is full of assholes,just like real life, so you're going to get into a lot

of fights.

Combat is mostly passive.

You just sort of watch your Digimon duke it out.

You can direct the flow of battle to an extent by using items, changing tactics, and giving

direct orders with order points, a special type of point that builds up during combat.

My biggest problem with fighting and exploration is that it's a bit hard who to tell who I

can actually beat.

Even in areas I was supposed to be at and was appropriately strong for, there's randomly

Digimon that are way stronger than me.

I'd be in areas the game had specifically told me to go to in order to progress, but

there would just be random Digimon that would wipe my party.

It can make it a bit hard to progress because you really don't know

if you're going in the right direction.

The biggest part of exploring is finding Digimon you can convince to come back to town

so you can improve it.

This will slowly add new facilities and services in town to help you.

From things like upgrading your farm to opening up a warehouse, all of these new residents

will do something to help you out.

Eventually, you'll unlock the ability to actually upgrade the buildings themselves in town by

using materials you've collected adventuring.

This lets you focus on the facilities that you use most, which is nice.

The problem is, this all takes a long time to do.

Progress of the city usually feels like a crawl, and it can get discouraging.

One cool feature of this game is the ability to upgrade you character.

Adventuring, attracting citizens, evolving your Digimon, and things like this can level

your character and give you Trainer Points.

You can spend these points on passive upgrades to your character.

There's a pretty good amount to choose from, but I recommend to start with the skills that

make training Digimon easier.

I focused on the skills that boosted the effects of training, and afterwards the skills that

increased the inheritance of your previous Digimons' stats when they pass away.

This ensured that my Digimon got slowly stronger with each generation.

But, sorry to say it again, it's still slow.

The boosts didn't seem astounding by any means, so training was still a huge bore.

So, let's wrap things up.

Digimon World Next Order is an adequate game.

It's not terrible, but it's not good.

Training takes way to long, the game is confusing, there's pretty steep learning curve at the

beginning of the game, and since you do have to spend so much time training

it rarely feels worth it when you do get the chance to go out and explore.

I haven't beaten this game yet, because I honestly don't think I want to.

It just requires too much of you.

So putting a number on it, I'd give this game a 6.5 out of 10.

If you're a digimon fan and a fan of the original Digimon World, you can probably bump that up to 7.

So, that's that.

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