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Hello friends & family, this is Lily with Lily Moore Realty and thank you for checking

out this next edition of real estate today. Data provided by the North Texas Real Estate

Information Systems showed us that single family home sales were down 17% in April 2020

compared to April 2019. And this is what we expected as stay at home

orders were in full effect and we as a community began to adapt to our new normal.

However recent data shows us a different story. Showing Time data which is real estates predominant

home scheduling system has shown us that showings have increased week over week since mid-April,

and there are now as many showings as there were prior to stay-at-home orders going into

effect. So happy to report that In Dallas Fort Worth

the Spring Market has arrived. Even if it is a little late.

I have had several new listings go live these past couple weeks and many more go under contract,

so we are experiencing this firsthand. I would also like to highlight a new trend

that we are seeing. The last few years condos, townhomes and moves

into major metro areas with high walkability scores offering shopping and dining options

were on the rise. However, currently I am seeing a large flow

of families from the major metro areas to suburban and rural markets.

And data backs this up as the condo and townhome segment was down 34% in April.

We have all had plenty of time to reconsider our own homes after sheltering in place for

weeks at a time. And in a lot of cases there are things about

our homes that are beginning to drive us a little crazy.

Whether it is more space, an updated kitchen, or even better at-home office setup……

Factors will lead to a flurry of activity over the coming months leading to a strong

summer local housing market. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you

would like to explore your own options. We would love to set you up for success too.

Thank you again for watching and I wish you many blessings.

I could be the one you call for all your real estate needs, yeah

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