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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn Names of Kitchen Items with Pictures / Basic Vocabulary Practice

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hi guys welcome back to e4 ucomm

websites today I would like to tell you

about keep changing the capillary

already let's start correct

thanks in the kitchen

t-mike her tea maker

toaster toaster

cattle cattle

macer may sir

refrigerator refrigerator blender

blender cabinet cabinet

born cap port range hood range to

microwave microwave

this self this shop

kitchen counter kitchen counter

in the table being a table

kitchen skill kitchen scale paddle bin

paddle Ben

will will da draw next kitchen utensil

apron apron

breath basket breath price gift



t-port t-port

measuring cup measuring cup baking tray

baking tray

time mother timer spice container spice

container chopping board chopping board

writer writer

pipe light pipe light salad spinner

salad spinner calendar

calendar butter dish butter dish

Alvin glass

all those glass napkin napkin

chopsticks chopsticks

rolling ping


rolling me

during spoon measuring spoon whisk whisk

wooden spoon wooden spoon strainer

strainer SEC hammer SEC hammer

spoon spoon spatula spatula

mass schemer mass skimmer

clever clever ladle ladle nice knife

kitchen chairs kitchen shears fork Fork

calorie calorie Costco Costco

cake slice cake slice

put hot frying pan frying pan pressure

cooker pressure cooker cooker cooker

casserole dish casserole this

next cows and grasses

why glass wine glass water goblet water

goblet married her glass margarita glass

hurricane glass how we can grasp

champagne flute champagne flute cocktail

glass cocktail glass

iris coffee glass Irish coffee glass

Pavia balloon coming up blue


plastic cap plastic cap Mack


dear mark beer mock

where's the glass waves and glass tika

tika demitasse demitasse

to tip pilsner glass protect personnel


Collins glass Cohen's glass

Birkett class vodka class

short class short class next is formal

table setting desert pork needs airport

teaspoon teaspoon

wine glass white wine glass break wine


red wine glass

water goblets water goblets bread and

butter nice bread and butter nice coffee

cup coffee cup

saucer saucer

bread and butter plate bread and butter

plate napkin napkin salad fork salad


dinner fork dinner fork

dinner plates being a right

dinner knife dinner knife salad knife

salad knife there is the answer the

lesson today if you are interested in

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The Description of Learn Names of Kitchen Items with Pictures / Basic Vocabulary Practice