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Now today Ive got my third installment of my Wish vs As Seen on TV comparison.

Now is a Chinese marketplace with third-party vendors that sell a lot of cheap

items, and as someone who has done a lot of As Seen on TV products, Ive noticed on

there that Wish, they sell things as genuine, but when Ive tried them myself, they dont

always seem so genuine.

So this is my third installment where I buy a batch of products and compare them to the


Something Ive noticed in my first two Wish comparisons is that sometimes an item looks

like the original but there might be clues that its counterfeit and sometimes it doesnt

even resemble the original, its so badly reproduced.

The only real way to know is to order them and find out by comparing to the original

bought in stores here.

So Im doing something a little different this time.

Ive got two items that are actually not advertised as genuine.

Theyre actually obvious knockoffs.

And Ive got three of them that are advertised as original so well compare to the actual

original and see if theyre genuine or not.

Without further delay, this is Wish vs As Seen on TV, part 3.

Lets get started with one of my most viewed videos which is the Ice Genie from 2018.

Now this was advertised as kind of a next-gen ice cube tray and I found that it didnt

really create much ice and it wasnt very efficient.

So when I saw what appeared to be a knockoff on Wish, I was wondering could it be worse

than the original?

So I ordered it and here is what I got.

Its even smaller than the actual Ice Genie.

So surprisingly, as bad as the Ice Genie was, this one wasnt as good.

Check it out.

It saysIce Magic.”

I get to pull out my Ice Genie one more

I get to pull out my Ice Genie one more time and see ifthe Ice Genie is pretty bad

as it is, could this be worse?

Now this does not advertise itself as the Ice Genie.

Its called Ice Magic.

So this is more of a knockoff than a ripoff.

Look how much smaller that is.

As if this one didnt make enough ice as it is.

This one makes even less.

And the lid is not even the same color.

Very cheaplycheap.

Lets see what weve got here.

Oh when you take this out its just, its just all floppy.

They make the same claim as the Ice Genie.

They say it can replace as many as 10 traditional ice cube trays.

The way youre supposed to do these is youre supposed to put water on the outside edge,

it fills up the outer chamber, and then after its frozen, you pull this out and all the

ice cubes are released.


See the one thing about the Ice Genie, at least they give you room to pour the water

in here.

This one, there really isnt that much room.

Its pretty narrow right there.

Lets see how much water this actually holds.

Well that held a whopping 4 ounces of ice.

And guess what?

Its already starting to leak in there.

This is not going to go well.

Now for the Ice Genie.

Looks like this one held about 4 ounces, and this one held about 6 ounces.

Neither one is very impressive.

So now what youre supposed to do is put the lid on, which on the Ice Genie the lid

doesnt go on very well.

Not well.

Put these in the freezer.

Alright lets take a look at how they did.

First up lets do Wish.

Its definitely frozen.

OK well the center part is coming out.

Thats good.

Look, just like the Ice Genie, weve got a solid bottom there.

That happened a couple of times with the Ice Genie.

Oh its very flimsy feeling.

Very flimsy.

And look how much ice we got out of this.

Thats it.

Thats all the ice I got.

Because a lot of it is right there still.

So there we go.

Now for the actual Ice Genie.

This is always the fun part.

I can do this.

OK well thats a good sign.

See what weve got here.


A little bit more ice.

As bad as this one is, it looks better than the Wish one.

Thats starting to melt already, but I got much more out of the Ice Genie than the Wish,

and the Ice Genie isnt really that great.

Lets compare that to a regular ice cube tray.

The melting Wish one, the Ice Genie, and an ice cube tray - and this cost 1 buck.

And it makes more ice.

As bad as the Ice Genie is, compared to the Wish one, it looks pretty good.

But Id still use a regular ice cube tray though.

Be sure to check out my ice cube tray comparison in the link up above.


Next up is an older As Seen on TV, the Night View NV night driving glasses.

These have been around for quite a while and its not something that I really wear.

Ive never actually done a proper review of these.

Ive just done them compared to other night driving glasses, but I saw these on Wish for

$1.90 plus $3 shipping, so $4.90 and surprisingly even though I do think its a counterfeit

- it didnt come with any instructions or packaging.

It just came in an envelope - it worked about as well as the original.

Check this out.

They put sunglasses in a barely-padded envelope.

I cant believe theyre even in one piece.

Well theyre very thin, very cheaply made.

So are the originals though.

So lets see if the cheaply-made Wish version can be as good as the cheaply-made original.

Its kind of hard to tell the difference between these two.

This is the original Night View NV.

And now for the Wish version.

Very similar.

Its kind of hard to tell the difference between the two of them.

The original has aMade in Chinaindication here, and the Wish one does not.

Theres a slight difference in the nose pieces and thats about it.

Right now the only way I can tell the difference is that my original pair has some scratches

on them.

Lets see how they function tonight.

Now these driving glasses Ive never really been that convinced that they do much.

Some people believe in them, some people dont.

Im in the group that doesnt believe they work that well.

I just think they put a yellow tint on everything.

I dont think they really enhance your driving experience at night.

But Ive got them on and they look OK.

Everything just looks a little bit yellow.

Alright taking off the Night View NV, putting on the Wish and they are identical.

I dont see any difference whatsoever.

And thats not really good nor bad because I dont really think the regular ones do

much anyway, but these do just as little not much as the first ones did.

But what Im going to do now is Im going to stop somewhere and let you look through

each one and show you how they look compared to each other, and I think that youll probably

find that there is no discernible difference between the two of them, so thats next.

Alright now these nighttime glasses supposedly help with glare.

Lets see what the difference is.

This is the Wish version.

What do you think?



Is there less glare?

I dont know.

I cant really tell.

Now for the Night View NV.


Any better?

This is the Night View NV.

This is the Wish.

Do you see a significant difference?

I really dont.

Wish on the left.

Night View NV on the right.

I dont see much of a difference.

To me these are identical, so if youre looking for one of these glasses, the Wish

one might be the best deal.

Lets see whats next.

A few months ago I did a comparison of egg peelers and one of the products was the Eggstractor.

So when I was on Wish, I noticed an item advertised as the Eggstractor.

It looks like it but its not quite the same.

Fortunately for the knockoff, neither one of them are very good.

Heres how that went.

Lets see what we got.

Well I can tell you that theres no packaging so thats definitely not like the original.

This looks like the original but it could also have just been scanned and reprinted

so Im going to compare those two.

No box though.

Alright next up we have the Eggstractor that came like this vs the real version which came

in this nice box.

The material is not the same shade on thethe original is white, this one is an off


This also has rubberized feet, this one does not.

But theyre pretty close.

Take a look at these manuals.

This one came with the Wish one and this one came with the real one.

They look very similar, but oh wait.

Thats not the same.

Look at the Eggstractor instructions from Wish.

Its in this booklet form right here.

The Eggstractor instructions from the box that I bought in the store, it folds out.

So my suspicion is that this Eggstractor instruction booklet was scanned from the original and


I dont know that for sure, but thats my suspicion.

Lets see how they actually compare when using them.

Ive got my two Eggstractors and Ive got four eggs prepared exactly like the instructions


First Im going to do the regular Eggstractor.

You have this that pierces the small end.

It says to do it several times.

OK well thats it.

Then you crack the large end several times on the table.

Just the large end, though.

Not the entire thing.

Im guessing thats so the egg can kind of blow through the bottom of the shell like


Small end facing upward.

Put your hands in this configuration for some reason and use medium pressure.

Small end up.

Here we go.



Come on.

Lets try this again.

Not working.

This is modern technology guys.

This is better than the old fashioned way.

Dont forget that.

Thats not good.

Come one, Ive done this before.




Oh what do you know.

Look at this.

It looks like a guy wearing a hat.

The Eggstractor took a few tries but it came through in the clutch.

Obviously extremely impressive demonstration by the Eggstractor, way better than the old

fashioned way of just hitting it on a table, right?

Not really.

Lets try the fake, AKA Wish, Eggstractor and see how that goes.

Not again.

I can do this.

Im not surprised everybody is using these nowadays because its such an amazing technology.

Ooh it just whistled at me.

Uh oh.

Uh oh.

Uh oh.

Did we just lay an egg?

Oh look at this, the shell is right intact.

Look at this.

Its a little bit beat up in the head.

Kind of took a headshot there.

Im gonna say that the Eggstractor - Wish and regular - worked about the same, which

really isnt that great anyways.

I recently did an egg cracker comparison and this is the EZ Cracker.

Its about a 10 year old As Seen on TV product.

This is another one I saw on Wish and that sure looks the same, doesnt it?

Well, its almost the same, but not quite.

Even though I found that the fake EZ Cracker functions about as well as the original, Id

still stick with the original, and heres why.

Well packaged.

Its a very smashed EZ Cracker that doesnt say EZ Cracker on it.

Look at that box.

Theres no indication of Emson which is the maker of EZ Cracker.

The color is slightly different on the packaging.

The box looks almost exactly the same.

Looks to me like this may have been scanned from this one.

Oh this box is mangled though.

You ever see the video of that Wish factory?

Its pretty scary looking.

Alright this does look like the EZ Cracker.

Theyve even gotit even says EZ Cracker on this one, although it doesnt say it

on the box.

Wish instructions, As Seen on TV instructions.

Look at the color of the egg.


Wish, As Seen on TV.

It looks like some things arent exactly the same.

Some of the fonts are a little bit different.

If I had to guess, once again it looks like this EZ Cracker instructions kind of..

It was recreated from that one.

Notice the tagline at the top here is missing.

This is the actual EZ Cracker and this is the Wish version.

The Wish version said EZ Cracker in the description.

It saidEZ Cracker.”

This one has the name on the handle.

This one does not.

This is a slightly different color than this one.

Lets see how they work.

Im not sure its necessary for some people, but it does kind of work so heres how the

EZ Cracker goes.


It does work pretty well.

Id say thats not too bad.

Now lets get the Wish one.

Id just say in squeezing this one, the Wish one feels a little more cheaply made.

That doesnt mean it wont work, though.

Oh wow.

When I first squeeze it, I can feel the top actually giving way.

The other one doesnt do that.

Oh but it worked!

But it worked!

It might be cheaply made but it worked.

Pretty cool.

Now let me try the egg separators.

Ive added the egg separator to the official EZ Cracker.


Well the separator doesnt go on as easy on this Wish one.

Doesnt go on easy at all.

It doesnt go on at all.

I literally cant get it to stay on there.

Whereas on the EZ Cracker it slides right on and off.

I feel like Im going to break it.


Come on fake EZ Cracker.

Im just going to hold the separator in place.

Im just going to pretend like it went on there.

Give it the benefit of the doubt here.

Alright well hey the separator works.

It just doesnt go on there.

Maybe if you get a version that is not so hard to attach this, you can get it to work

for you.

So I think that the Wish EZ Cracker is clearly a counterfeit.

Its not the same materials, the manual looks like its scanned, and the separator

doesnt work that well.

Id probably still stick with the EZ Cracker.

I think youd find a deal for it.

But the Wish one does perform similar.

It just seems a little more cheaply made.

And last but not least, my Worst of 2018 was the Cop Cam.

So when I saw a similar item Wish, which looks more like the Polaroid Cube, I knew I had

to compare them because the Cop Cam is just so bad.

And believe me, neither one of these disappointed.

Heres how that went.

Oh ok this is

Its not a direct copy of the Cop Cam.

It actually looks more like the Polaroid Cube.

But this is the As Seen on TV version.

Both need to be plugged in and charged so Ill do that first and then film a little

bit later and see how they compare.

Alright Ive got the Wish version of the Cop Cam charging.

You see the red light there.

Ive got the actual Cop Cam charging.

You see the red light right there.

By the way, the Wish version does not have an SD card included.

Youve got to put one in there yourself.

So thats another expense youve got to consider as well if youre going to buy

this one.

Bailey what are you doing?

Alright there it goes.

Is it recording?

Im not sure.

Let me check the instructions.

Alright Im reading these absolutely atrocious instructions and Im trying to figure out

if Im running this Wish version properly.

Im not sure.

I might have got it right.

For video mode, turn on the red light,” and theres no instructions how to turn

on the red light.

It just says turn on the red light.

I hit this mode button until a red light appeared and the red lights not there anymore.

So I dont know.

These instructions are horrible.

Alright if all goes well here, Ive got my normal camera filming me, plus Ive got

the Wish camera and the Cop Cam going at the same time.

Now Im going to switch back and forth assuming theyre all working.

This has kind of been a pain to get them all going at the same time.

So lets try from my normal camera to the Wish camera.

Here we go.

This is the Wish camera.

Hello everybody from Wish.

How does it look?

How does it sound?

Is it kind of zoomed in?

Hows the quality?

Alright now lets switch over to the Cop Cam.

Hello Cop Cam.

Hows that going?

Lets do a split screen of Wish vs Cop Cam right now.

Hey everybody.

Alright so Im going to try this again at night and see how it looks.

Im not even sure this is going to work because these thingslook at this.

No light on.

That means its recording.

What is that?

At least the Cop Cam gives you a red light when its recording.

The Wish one you have to turn the light off for recording.

It doesnt make any sense.

So Ill come back out here a little later tonight and do the nighttime test.

Heres the first part of my nighttime test.

Ive got the Wish camera right there.

Ive got the Cop Cam right there.

Lets switch back and forth.

Here is the Wish camera.

Im looking right at it.

Im lined perfectly straight with the Wish camera.

How does it look?

How does it sound?

Now the Cop Cam.

Im looking straight at it and lets see how it looks.

Now Im going to turn the porch light off and do it in a much darker environment and

see how they look there.

Lets do that next.

Alright much darker now.

Let me switch over to the Wish cam and see how that looks.

Does Wish see me?

Do I look like Thanos like I did in the Cop Cam?

Or the Cop Cam video.

Lets see how that looks.

Do I look like Thanos here?

Is it weird hearing this voice come out of this strange looking face?

Im not sure, but all I know is that the last time I did this, I was kind of creepy


So as far as the cameras go, Im not really impressed by either one.

And the instructions and the operation of the Wish camera is really kind of weird.

The light has to be out so youre never really sure if its actually working or


So, even though the Cop Cam was my Worst of 2018, I think the Wish camera might even be worse.

So in the end, I think that the Night View NV are probably the ones that were most like

the original but the original is pretty cheap anyway.

So I still would probably rather go with the original in most cases because even though

it might look like the original, they dont always function like them.

So not only do you have to worry about the shipping times from but you can also

return it to the stores a lot easier if you buy it here.

So 9 times out of 10 Im going to go with the original over a cheap knockoff or counterfeit

from Wish.

Have you guys used Wish or any of these items?

Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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