Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Lingerie Sales Soar As Some Seek to Spice Up Staying Home

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What's underneath this sexy robe?

Sexier lingerie.

Lingerie sales have skyrocketed during the COVID pandemic.

It seems that after all these months of being stuck inside,

plenty of women want to spice up their lives.

I feel amazing.

This robe is so soft.

Websites are seeing a 200% boost

in online lingerie sales.

At Journelle lingerie store in Manhattan,

online sales doubled.

Workers have been busy keeping up with orders.

With a lacy bra, you can add a coverup.

On scorching hot days, how about this for running errands?

Slips are great when you wanna move around quickly

and you wanna just throw something on and get out there.

Some women are masking up to go shopping

for the perfect lingerie.

Laura Snell is a school administrator.

It just makes me feel pretty, you know? And confident.

After wearing nothing but comfy clothes,

she wanted more.

I said let me pull out some of my more sexy apparel,

even if it was wearing under a shirt

or under my pajamas.

(triumphant music)

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