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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Whirlpool/Kenmore Top-Load Washer Leaking? Tub Seal #383727

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repair clinic encourages you to perform this procedure safely

in this video we will show one or more of these icons

to alert you when to use caution

as with any repair

be sure you've unplugged the appliance before beginning

your first step is to move the control panel out of the way to do this

remove the screws found at either end

on some models these screws may be located in the rear panel

or they may be covered by plastic end caps

pulled the end cap off from the top to access the screw

remove both screws

and rotate the panel up

some models use clips instead of screws to secure the control panel

insert a putty knife between the control panel and the cabinet

to release the clips

unplug the wire connector

and snap out the spring clips using a flat head screw driver

tilt the cabinet towards you slide forward and remove

your next step is to remove the water inlet spout

use pliers to release the clamp that secures the hose to the spout

and pulled the hose off

push the two tabs of the spout outwards and lift up to detach the spout from the

rear panel

now remove the agitator

if the dispenser has a lock ring

pulled the ring up with your fingers then twist the dispenser upwards to


next remove the agitator cap

depending on your model you may also need to remove a dust cap

hold the agitator base and use a seven sixteenth inch socket to remove the

bolt and washer

lift the agitator off of the driveshaft

use a spanner wrench ann hammer to remove the tub nut

next remove the tub ring

press down on the rim to help a release the eight tabs

now remove the inner tub by lifting it straight up

your next step is to detach the drive block

gently tap the block with a hammer to loosen then pull it straight up off the

drive tube

use plyers to remove all three suspension springs from the mounting


along with the tub counterbalance spring

next remove the three spring mounting brackets

disconnect the water level pressure switch to

release the clamp that secures the drain hose to the tub port and pull the

hose off

be prepared for water to spill out

next remove the outer tub by lifting it straight up off the mounting stem


you may need to use some lubricant to successfully removed the top

once the outer tub is removed set it on its side

you are now ready to replace the tub seal

it's still intact remove the old seal

to install the new tub seal

turned the tub upside-down and push the seal in until it snaps into place

slide the outer tub back onto the mounting stem assembly

secure the drain hose to the tub port

and connect the water level pressure switch tube

reinstall the three spring mounting brackets

reconnect the three suspension springs

and the counterbalance spring

replace the drive block by aligning the two slots in the block with the two tabs

in the drive tube and pushing the block down into position

carefully replace the inner tub onto the driveshaft

aligned the tub ring with the outer tub and secure it with the eight tabs

screw the tub nut onto the drive block and tighten it with the spanner wrench and


place the agitator back onto the driveshaft

and reinstall the bolt and washer

replace the dust cap if your model has one

replace the agitator cap

if your model has a rinse dispenser push it down until it's snaps into place and

press the lock ring down with your thumbs

reinstall the water inlet spout by inserting the top portion of the tabs

into the rear panel and push the bottom portion of the tabs outward

and press down to lock the spout into place

reattach the hose and secure it with the clamp

now reinstall the cabinet

the front edge of the cabinet slides underneath the base frame use your foot

to push it into position aligned the two notches in each side of the cabinet with

the tabs on each side of the base frame

now ease the cabinet to match up with the rear panel

reinstall the spring clips

reattach the wire connector

rotate the control panel down and lock the clips into place

or reinstall the two screws

if applicable to your model replace the end caps by aligning the tab with the

slot at the bottom and snapping the cap into position

you are now ready to plug the appliance back in

to make sure it's functioning properly

The Description of Whirlpool/Kenmore Top-Load Washer Leaking? Tub Seal #383727