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hello again with a new video today we have s7 edge locked with Google account,

actually we have made a lot of tutorials on how to remove

the frp lock, but today we got something different, this phone is running android 7

Google made it harder to bypass the lock, but we found a solution, and we would like

to share it with you so lets jump into it

first we have to downgrade the phone to android 6

but when the phone is locked with FRP, it will not allow you to downgrade

so we have to use a special file called combination you can download it from the internet, or

use the link in the description

now start by putting the phone in download mode

as usual hold the power, home and volume down button together

and the phone will reboot and ask you to press the volume up to enter to download mode

you dont really need to power off the phone

now start Odin and select in the AP field, the combination file that you just downloaded

it will take some time to read the file , after that click on start

The installation will last about 5 minute so we speed up the video

if everything went well, Odin will show green pass message and the phone will reboot

now lets go back to phone in some cases,the phone will boot into that custom Rom

but usually it will get stuck on the Galaxy S7 edge logo

dont worry, this is exactly where we want it

as you can see this custom rom is running android 6,the ADB is enabled by default

so you can do some small modification, but do it on your own risk

now we will install the official Rom

you can download any 6.0.1 firmware, or you can use the one in the description

now put the phone on donwload mode using the same way as before

back to Odin now put the files in the correct place as you see them on the tutorial

when everything is in place click on start, and as always it will take some time

even more than the first time because the Rom is bigger now

if you see the pass message that mean the Rom was installed correctly

The phone will reboot and will erase all data and then install some stock application

now your phone is running android 6 and we will proceed to the removing of the frp lock

start by putting a Sim card before doing this and then connect to the internet using any available Wifi

it will ask you to enter the old Google account that was synced before

so to fix that,connect the phone to computer and make sure to install the drivers

download and install the application "RealTerm" (the link will be in the description)

go to the device manager and look for the modem port

it should be listed under "MODEM"

for us its COM38 as you can see it here

now go to the RealTerm application and in the port tab

switch the port then press change then open

now go to the send tab and type this first command

"at+creg?\r\n" this is used to register the Sim on the network and then send

you should see "OK"

now for the second command is "atd198;\r\n"

which is an AT command and the "D198" is to dial the number 198

don't forget when you are done to send the command

now go back to the phone and hang up and quickly press the "Message"

from there type "" and send it

now click that link

it will open it in Samsung browser so you need to switch the chrome

search for "Google account manager 6.0.1" because we have android 6.0.1

choose any website and download the apk

chrome may require more permissions so allow it

when the download complete open the apk

before installing it you have to allow "install from unknown sources"

now after finishing the install go back to chrome and look for "quickshortcutmaker"

download the apk and after that install it

it will ask you again for permission so don't forget to accept

now open the APK and look for "google account manager"

from there choose the event with the first "type email and password"

click it then press try from the top press the option button and choose "browser sign-in"

now enter any working Gmail account

now go all the way back to the Wi-Fi screen then hit next

it should say "account added" if it doesnt then you have messed up somewhere

and you need to go back and check

now just follow the usual setup instructions the same way you setup a new device

and thats it now you phone is unlocked and you can use it normally

at the end , if this tutorial helped you unlock your phone please leave a thumbs up and consider subscribing

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