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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Linux From Scratch 6.5 Video Tutorial #2.2

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all right to section 2.3 creating a filesystem for the partition.

I just created

I'm going to issue the command

that is listed right here on the book of the website.

so um

to show the partition table type in 'sfdisk'

space '-l


so type that out list

the partition I just created and cfdisk so I'm going to make this partition

filesystem on this partition. so to do that I will type in 'mke

2fs -je



scrolling down your exposure about

about the swap partition. I'm not going to be creating

a swap partition. It specifies 512 MB RAM.

For the purpose of this toil I think everybody should go find the best swap partition.

alright so section 2.4 mounting the new partition

the command that is issued under section 2.4 mounting the new partition

is the command 'export lfs=/mnt/lfs'

I'm going to go ahead and type that into the system.

create a mount point and mount the LFS system by running the two commands.

issue those two commands.

the next command talks about using multiple partitions. I'm not using multiple partitions. I only have one partition.

so this command does not apply.

and after that and talks about swap partition. I'm not using the swap partition.

for the next section of Chapter. All right so if at any time you

did tired or even take a break from following the tutorials get

it easy to close the virtualbox.

software and save state of the current system box.

that were working on. It's easy just click the X.

write there in MacOS X and it will ask you prompt me

to do it. I don't want to power off the machine cuz then I would have to boot up the whole ISO again.

so I just want to save the machine state. the first option. is the default option.

selected just click okay.

it takes a minute or two

pretty nice because if I want to walk away do something else

close a virtual box.

come back, and start chapter 3 in a second.

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