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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: OUR SECRET ROOM REVEALED! ? House Tour Secrets!

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- You wanna see something you've never seen before?

Hey, Finn!

Do you want to show them the secret room?

- Yeah!

(suspenseful music)

This is our life

This is our fun

This is who we are

This is our dream

This is our team

Shot among the stars

Take this shield

And we'll be fine

Take this hand

And watch us shine

This is our life

Let's it

Live it forever

- Good morning!

- Good morning.

- What are you doing today?

- I'm going to school.

- Yeah, are you excited?

- Mm-hmm.

- Dropping off now,

and then I'm headed to the gym.

You ready for school?


Okay, let's go.

- [Bryan] Shades are going up, cause it's morning time!

You wanna jump on the bed?

- Yeah!

- [Bryan] Jump, jump!

(Bryan laughing)

I'm not sure what he's doing.

Oh, you wanna jump on the beanbag.

All right, you ready?

- Yeah!

- Jump!

(slow motion suspenseful music)

(crowd cheering)


One, two, three!

(slow motion suspenseful music)

You wanna do helicopter?

Three, two, one!

(slow motion suspenseful music)

Say that was fun!

- Uh-huh!

- Close enough.

All righty, guys, it is now lunchtime,

and we are cooking up some Hello Fresh.

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(bright music)

Look at this awesome soy sauce bottle.

It's shaped like a fish.

(crowd aww'ing)

(bright music)

(upbeat music)

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I'm gonna go grub on this now.


- So I just got home from the gym,

and oh my gosh,

we worked mainly arms,

my whole body is in so much pain right now,

I'm like, shaking.

But -- - Hi.

- I did it.

And I actually like, I think I would have convinced myself

not to go if it wasn't for someone who's coming with me,

which is Kelsey.

So I'm glad I went, cause I feel good about it.

I did wanna show you this, though.

When we went to Alabama,

Katie had these for the kids,

and I thought they were so cute,

and so convenient that I had to buy one for Finn,

and look at him.

It's basically like this little water brush,

and you brush it on here,

and it starts to bring life to the picture,

and like color, and it shows little flowers

that you didn't see before.

Isn't that cute?


- [Bryan] Pretty.

- [Missy] Wow!

Isn't that cool?

- Yeah.

(Missy laughing)

(upbeat music)

- [Bryan] We've got ourselves a little visitor!

Hi June.

- Me and June are catching up.

She's been super busy, so.

- Look at these faces she makes.

(Missy laughing)

Yeah, Corsey and Kel --

Kelsey and Corbin are over

and we're all just getting work done

and hanging out.

- Did you say his name Corsey?

- Corsey? - Corsey.

- Hey, there you go.

(upbeat music)

(suspenseful music)

- [Missy] Ollie, welcome back from school!

You had a fun day at school, right?

Daddy told you that you had a prize when you get home, huh?

What is it?

(suspenseful music)

- A robot!

- [Missy] It's Kai's robot!

Is that pretty cool?

(Finn babbling)

Isn't that so neat?

- Yeah!

- Even Finn's excited.

I think Ollie's really excited.

Yeah, Bryan's been working on it

for a few days.

I ended up finishing it,

or helping him finish it last night,

so me and Bryan had our fun putting it together,

and now Ollie gets to have his fun.

So you gonna take it apart, Ollie?

- Mm-hmm.

- [Missy] Yes?

I thought you were gonna try and keep it all together.

Watch this, go stand like right there.

Okay, ready?

Nah --

(shooting sound effect)

Ah, gotcha.

- Oh no.

Oh no,

oh no,

oh no!



Did you see your Lego?

Yeah, Mama finished it,

wasn't that so nice of her?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

Why are you climbing on top of me?

This is like a real life Hop on Pop book

right here, huh?

(Ollie blows raspberry)


This is what happens when the kids get home.


So if you guys have been watching our channel,

you know a lot about our house.

You've seen a lot of it.

Missy has done a house tour on her channel,

which I'll have linked above in the description.

It's very thorough.

But a lot of things have changed since then as well.

So there's some things that have changed,

and there are some things that you also haven't seen

about our house that we have yet to tell you about.

And I think today might be a good day

to show you guys.

You wanna see something you've never seen before?

Let's go.

Hey, Finn!

Do you want to show them the secret room?

- Yeah!

- Yeah?

What are you doing?

You putting your hand in?

I see the boys come out here all the time

and put their hands and feet in.

(Bryan laughing)

Can you climb it?

Let's see if you can climb it.

Go ahead.

I don't know if he can.

Oh my gosh.

(Bryan laughing)

Hey, let's go inside and show them the secret room, okay?

(Finn babbling)

(suspenseful music)

Hey Ollie?

- What?

- You know how we have this secret room?

- Mm-hmm.

- What do you think lives in there?

- I don't know.

- [Bryan] Well what do you think lives in the basement?

- Vampires.

- Vampires?

Vampires don't live in there.

So we have a secret room,

and I think we're gonna show it to you guys.

You wanna see what's inside?

- Mm-hmm.

- [Bryan] Should we show you too?

- Yeah.

- The kids aren't really even allowed down here

very often, huh?

All right, so we thought it was finally time

to show you guys what's behind this door.

We haven't really shown it a lot.

We don't really let the kids down there a a lot,

to be honest,

there's stairs going down,

and they're pretty steep stairs, so.

You guys ready to see?

- I'm so afraid.

- [Bryan] You don't need to be afraid.

- I think it's all good, okay?

No vampires, promise.

- [Bryan] So we also keep this door locked

because we don't want the kids climbing down there.

What do you see?

What do you see?

- Um.

- [Bryan] Is it dark?

- No.

- [Bryan] Is it spooky?

(clock ticking)

All righty, come on down.

- Hello.

Ooh, see these stairs are so steep.

- [Bryan] So this is our top secret room.

(Bryan laughing)

- There it is.

Is it so big?

- [Ollie] Yeah.

- So yeah, we have a basement in California, guys.

- Which is very rare.

- Very, very rare.

I don't know if we've ever even,

have we vlogged down here?

- No.

- Shown them anything?

I don't think we ever have.

So this is a treat.

Welcome to our huge basement.

(Missy laughing)

It's not that big.

It's really not that big.

- I wish it was bigger.

This would be so cool if it was like, like a theater room.

- [Bryan] Totally.

- Or workout room.

- Tell me what you guys think

is actually realistic.

Cause I was thinking,

how interesting would it be

to have a contractor come in here,

tear out all these walls,

and just dig,

and make it bigger?

- I don't know, like,

how to build on foundations,

I don't know.

- I don't know how any of it works.

All I know is it's pretty cool we found a house

that actually has a basement.

- Yeah, we've had a lot of people come in,

who were like looking to do work or something,

and they'll like come to the basement,

and like, you have a basement?

I've been to hundreds of homes in this area

and they've never seen a basement.

- [Bryan] Yeah.

- So though it's small, but it's still a basement.

- [Bryan] Totally.

So what've we got?

What's going on down here, babe?

- So this is kind of our secret room,

where a lot of our props are,

things for videos,

- We have lots of costumes,

masks, these are all just --

- Even lighting stuff to make videos,

a lot of like our video production --

- [Bryan] We have like holiday stuff,

like wrapping.

What did you find?

- [Missy] Oh goodness.

- [Bryan] So we also have a little toy stash.

- Our toy stash.

(Missy laughing)

- [Bryan] Just little toys that we've never opened

and have acquired.

- Little trinkets that we've kind of collected

through the years.

- [Bryan] And this closet.

- Oh my gosh, this is kind of a mess.

Like every single costume that you can --

- Yeah.

If you guys have watched us for awhile,

you've seen all these.

We have acquired so many different costumes

and props, it's crazy.

Oh my gosh, what have we got?

We've got Christmas, we've got --

- [Missy] Oh, there's Belle.

- [Bryan] There's Belle.

We've got dinosaurs.

- [Missy] Captain Hook.

- This is the parrot from the Captain Jake,

we've got Wendy, wigs.

- [Missy] Even like wigs, yeah, tons of wigs.

- [Bryan] Shoes.

- [Missy] Oh here's Tinkerbell.

- Tinkerbell's costume.

Cause you know, we like to do lots of different things

on this channel, so we've like,

we've put up vlogs, we've put up skits,

we've put up fun family things.

- And kids have lots of costumes

that they -- - [Bryan] Experiments.

- Yeah, the kids have lots of costumes

that they like to dress up in,

and sometimes we like to dress up too.

- [Bryan] Totally.

(Finn babbling)

So like in here we have storage bins

for more Halloween costumes,

and other things that we've --

- [Missy] This one is almost all the Toy Story costume.

- [Bryan] Oh that's cool.


- [Missy] Christmas stuff.

- [Bryan] Masks.

- Oh, you guys remember this?

This one we just recently did.

- [Bryan] Yeah, all our cool masks.

- Lots of party stuff in here, so if you guys know --

- [Bryan] Like chalkboards.

- Lots of empty stuff too.

- So here in this cabinet is actually some roosters.


My grandma collected roosters for so long,

and I have acquired a couple,

and they're not really a part of like, our, decor?

So we keep them down here.

- [Missy] We keep them around.

- [Bryan] That's a good rooster.

- We still have party favors from when was this?

Let's see.

- [Bryan] Oh is that the --

- This is Finn's, Finn's party favors.

- No way!

That's so cool!

So we had like, look at, dude!

Here, you want a bag?

You can have a bag, you've been a good boy.

- [Missy] There you go, bud.

- [Bryan] We've got balloons, confetti, streamers --

- More party stuff.

- All kinds of stuff.

- Look, here's all the pirate party stuff.

- Oh, pirate stuff.

If we ever want to be pirates.

- Yep.

We even have some decor things,

and actually a lot of decor things

that went with parties,

so this was like for Kelsey and Corbin's party.

- [Bryan] Oh yeah.

- So many things.

- [Bryan] Yes.

- But you know what?

I like putting on parties,

so you never know when we're gonna throw another one.

- And a lot of times, if we have people coming over,

we'll just come down here

and grab some balloons --

- [Missy] Yeah.

- Or something and just throw something together.

- Yeah, I've (mumbles) for so many parties

by just getting the stuff that's down here.

- [Bryan] Yeah.

- Instead of having to go to the store.

- Yeah.

And that is our top secret room, you guys.

Basement tour, room tour,

top secret house tour, I don't know.

There you go.

Now you've seen it.

Seen it all.

Have they seen it all?

- They haven't seen it all.

- There may be a couple of other surprise rooms.

So just stay subscribed to this channel,

keep watching our videos every single day,

maybe you'll see them, I don't know.

(door closing)

(lock jingling)

And keep it locked.

- And this is why the kids aren't allowed down there.

- [Bryan] Yeah.


Random party chocolate from a year ago.


- [Missy] I know, is this even good?

(Finn babbling)

- [Bryan] It's like a chocolate coin!

You want it?

- [Missy] Karma, no, you can't have it.

- [Bryan] You can have it, Finn.

You've been such a good boy today.

- He's trying to close his eyes.

- [Bryan] Why is he closing his eyes?

- Because he wants to go to bed.

- [Bryan] He's tired?

- Mm-hmm.

- [Bryan] Are you tired, Karma?

Karma got a little owie on his nose.

- Aww, that's his,

Karma, don't move away.

- [Bryan] Karma, show him your owie.

- He lose a tooth.

- [Bryan] He what?

- He lose a tooth.

- He lost a tooth.

- [Bryan] Aw, he did?

Poor guy.

- [Missy] Yeah.

- [Bryan] Karma.

You love Karma.

- Yeah.

- [Bryan] Yeah.

- [Missy] You wanna see his nose?

He got a little owie on his nose.

- Aw.

- He says, don't touch it.

I don't want a band-aid.

(mellow music)

- [Bryan] Check out that cool Fire Mech,

isn't that so neat?

It is really cool.

It actually shoots these disks

from the top up here

and it's got the Ninjago flags,

and fire!

Isn't that neat?

- Let's try you do it.

(disk releasing)

(Bryan laughing)

- [Bryan] That's awesome.

All right, should we let the Fire Mech end the vlog, Ollie?

- Mm-hmm.

Thanks for watching today's video!

- [Bryan] Thanks for watching, guys!

Give this video a thumbs up,

subscribe if you're new.

We'll see you manana.

Ollie, what do you say?

- Bye!

(upbeat music)

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