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Hey friends how are you? I just want to talk to you today about the power of

partnerships and having other people keep you accountable and today I was at

gym I actually just joined a gym a mate of mine's walking the Kokoda Trail he

runs a Mens Health Group called 100 Words Mate to Mate definitely

worth checking out and it's about supporting men so he's off to Kokoda

in Papua New Guinea in late August this year and we happened to catch up yesterday for a

coffee and I've been using a personal trainer in the past and it cost me a lot

of money it's a significant investment of of my dollars anyhow

my point is that my buddy said look you know I go to this this gym and I was

around the corner from me and in chatting with him he said mate I get

there at 5am and I thought you know what I'm gonna get there at 5am so I've

joined the gym with him but my point for you today is really about having

accountability partners having an accountability buddy someone that really

can whip you into shape I used to do it years ago with another buddy of mine

needs to catch up four days a week to run and do weights and swim together

and it just really made me think it was a message I wanted to get across to you

that we all need people to keep us accountable to things that are important

to us and it doesn't matter what it is and again you know I know I talked to

you about building an online business but you can relate it to anything for me

I need to lose some weight again and you know fell off the wagon I'm having

another one of my do overs I'm starting again and you know it's a reset but

I've got a guy that's gonna help keep me accountable and I think that's really

important so find positive people that are going to support your goals and

dreams and aspirations in all areas of your life and keep you accountable

and that way I think you're going to be able to get achieve so much more in

whatever it is you do so have a fantastic day I really look forward to

sharing more of these stories give me your feedback you know if you like them

fantastic and if the things that you'd love me to talk about that I don't talk

about let me know as well have a great day take care bye for now.

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