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hey my dude it's Kaitlyn and today we are going to be packing for my trip to

Alaska it is the day before my trip and I'm nervous as you guys know I'm scared

of planes and I will be on many planes going to Alaska so I'm gonna have like

11 hour travel days and I still have a whole to-do list of things to do so I

filmed a little bit of what I did yesterday but basically I made a to-do

list for before Alaska and then I made a packing list to prepare for today

because I packed the day before I leave for trips so today I'm just going to be

taking you along with me getting our to-do list done and then packing later

on okay so the plan of action is do my laundry in the washer and then when it's

the dryer I'll shave and shower and when it's in the washer I'll clean my room

okay guys so I'm watching Pypah's art and folding all of this laundry and filming

myself so my room is a little messy we have to clean that too today but I'm

just going to be folding my laundry while my other laundry is in the washer

okay guys I finished folding my laundry and now I need to change the laundry

that's in the washer and put it in the dryer and then I'm making lunch and I'm

going to make some pasta and then I need to take my shower

okay guys now that I'm all showered it's time to pack my bag so I'm just going to

run through what I'm bringing for pants I'm bringing two pairs of full-length

leggings two pairs of jeans and then two pairs of shorts so because I'm going to

Alaska it it's supposed to be cold but recently it's been pretty warm she said

so we I sort of have to prepare for like Michigan weather so I'm just bringing a

little bit of hot and a little bit of cold clothes and just hoping that I have

enough so if I am over packing it's because number one I over pack and

number two not really sure if it's gonna be warm or cold there then for shirts I

have a mix of thermals a crewneck right the Jama shirt and then some crop tops

and then I brought some pairs of socks for my hiking boots and then just some

plain socks and I'm bringing my hiking boots and my tavis sandals so for the

sandals I won't need socks and those will be four days we're not really

hiking and yeah so now I'm just gonna fold everything up into similar size

rectangles and then pack that all into my bag

okay so now that my bag is packed I'm just gonna cross off what I've done and

what I've packed just to make sure I have everything my toiletries and

electronics I need a pack tonight I'm leaving tomorrow at 5 a.m. and then this

stuff is going in my backpack which is my carry-on and I'm still using some

other stuff because it's not too late so I'm going to just like pack all this

stuff obnoxiously late including this stuff because I'm still gonna use my

toiletries my electronics and like my notebooks and stuff tonight so so I'll

update you guys when I start packing my carry-on really late tonight for now I'm

going to update my daily journal and then that'll be all ready to pack too

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