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- What was the most hurtful thing

that was said to you during the process of you trying to figure

out what you were going to do, going through miscarriage

after miscarriage?

Throughout the process?

Mm hmm.

There's been so many--

I wasn't really--

you know, I try to tell my wife the same,

don't look at that stuff.

I think for me the most hurtful thing was,

once we had a baby and everyone started to talk about why is

she in the bed holding a baby?

Why she got a gown on?

Why she acting like she just had the baby?

And it's like, once again, people

are uneducated on the process and why

we decided to go skin to skin as soon as our baby came out.

-Yeah, I heard some things about the hospital gown,

you wanna explain that?

-Yeah, so, when our surrogate,

you know, her water broke,

we all -- I mean I was in LA, I was actually headed to work,

luckily I have an amazing job and being the boss

actually kinda helps in these situations,

me an Jessica Alba, so we already had a plan in place.

Plan immediately kicked in, I headed down to the hospital,

D got on a jet, like we were immediately there.

It was a really long labor so we were all just kinda waiting

and preparing and praying.

My mom flew in, so by the time the doctor

decided to do a C-section, that was not our birth plan, but

that's what ended up happening. The cord was wrapped--

--was tied around her ankle. So she had to come out

via C-section.

We had our own room, from the time she was born,

we all, our surrogate, our surrogate's husband,

me and my husband, we all had a chance to all bond together.

It took all of us to create her so we all had this

time together. And we all -- our surrogate went into

recovery, and us and the baby were able to go immediately to

another hospital room. But it's a hospital room.

It's the beds that are used for pregnant women,

it's not the bed that we would've chose,

cause obviously he's Shrek and cannot fit in a regular

hospital bed. But we climbed in there together, I got a

hospital gown, I had one of my New York and Co.

sweaters on, but skin to skin was kinda hard.

And because the doctors kept coming in and

other family members, a gown is easiest to slide,

to be fully skinned up for skin to skin. It was easier

to have skin to skin in a hospital gown

as opposed to the clothes that I came in.

He can take off his shirt, nobody cares, I mean, well,

perhaps people care, it was a good sight,

but for a woman, it was just a little bit for modesty.

-It was easier, and so people had stuff to say about that.

-They had all kinds of stuff to say.

-They thought, what, you were delirious,

and thought you'd the baby? Or, were trying to--

--Well, it's this idea that like, the baby was born and

we snatched the baby and we ran off

and tried to pretend like, I had some sort of

secret pregnancy, baby, I just showed my abs in a bikini

the other day.

For a reason. I wasn't hiding a pregnancy,

I was trying to do skin to skin

in the available space that was sterile

and available.

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