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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Friday, Febuary 7th, 2020 Announcements

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Hey there, West!

Im Nicole Schrum!

And Im Mason Mundy!

Here Are Your Daily Announcements!

Attention 8th graders!

If you plan on registering for summer school PE at Noblesville High School, the applications

are now available.

You can get one from your Science teacher or the Counseling office.

The application is also available on the Noblesville High School website and has been emailed to

your parents.

Please fill it out and return it to the main office at the high school or the NWMS counseling

office as soon as possible if you would like to take summer PE at the high school.

Thank you!

Its on to the state championships at Lucas Oil Stadium!

That's where team 4606M is headed for the March 7th state competition and a chance to

earn their way to Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky.

Please congratulate the super "Girl power" team of Paela, Mina, Addie, Elizabeth, and


Their programming and driving skills have set them apart from the others and will be

on display again in March.

Tickets into Lucas Oil Stadium are FREE!!

Come and cheer them on in March - GO MILLERS!

Students, just a reminder to please keep your hats and coats in your lockers during the

school day.

These items, along with hoods, are not to be worn during the school day.

Thank you for being responsible and respectful Millers!

For lunch on Friday, the cafeteria will feature Chicken Wings or Cheese Omelettes!

On Monday, we can look forward to Orange Chicken Bowls or Pepperoni Breadsticks!

Colder weather and a wintry mix will remain in the area for most of the weekend!

Sounds like a good forecast to head to the movies!

Stay warm and stay safe everyone!

And now, here is your joke of the day!

What did Jack Frost say to Frosty the Snowman?

I dont know!

Have an... “iceday!

See you later, West!

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