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Youre an attention seeker

Whos this punk!!


Im gonna break the laptop

[Comment Defenders]

What should I do x2


I like it!

Hello, were BUDDY!!

Im Kim Yoonji, who fell for KTB(Koreas 3 beauty) and been a BUDDY for 5 years!

Im O Yoonseo whos flying for 4 years on a BUDDY plane!

GFRIEND is coming back on Feb.3

and it seems like bad comments are rising up again

so we came

to crush them!

Im gonna crush them all!!


This is a sun catcher, which was sold out

It came out onSUNRISEMV

People say it collects good energy by reflecting lights in all directions

These are badges in the album

and I brought it because its my favorite

This is a blanket that was sold out on a fan meeting

and Ive used it at school

Kids behind you cant focus on the class and keep looking at it

Attracting attention warning lol

I wont forgive you

by the name of BUDDY!

Fever something wasnt so successful and you think itll work this time?


FEVERwon 6 times last time

so I dont think it make sense that it wasnt successful

How many awards do you need to call itsuccessful’?

I think youre interested in them

since you know that theyre coming back

Dont be in a denial stage

and do BUDDY together~

Lets go to an open broadcasts together

GFRIEND are good dancers?

Where can I see that?

This is really;;


GFRIEND is known for sharp group dance

and I dont think you know so well;;

If you searchIdol Room GFRIENDon Youtube,

their dancing corresponds with each other just like its one person

even though theyre standing in one line

I think you can just watch the video

Its all on youtube if you searchGFRIEND sharp group dance’~

Youll know for sure once you watch it!

Haters! Watch the video!!

They got so much hatred so Ive been defending them, but I admit, that theyre U-FRIEND(Ugly friend)



I dont think you have seen them in person yet

because they look prettier in person

Their nose is like this and jawline is like this

and it should be flat if theyre ugly;;

Their eyes, nose and lips are so distinct!!!!

Imagine that somebody calls you like that

Uㅇㅇ, U

It feels awful to be called that

Dont demean GFRIENDs image by changing their name



It would be nice if you change it nicely like this

I admit that this is a real ugly comment!

Its ugly ^^

(Bad comment punch)

Go away!!!

That place was allowed to film and what was wrong with filming?


This video;;

It was a hidden camera;;;

He was filming members with glasses that had a hidden camera in it

and got caught by Yerin so she was checking it

It's a crime to film with hidden camera glasses

It wasnt allowed so a manager conducted him away

and banned him from fan signing events

Its not wrong if you film with consent

but I think its wrong that it was a hidden camera

Guys! A hidden camera is a crime!

I thought BTS got a new girlfriend

Why do they keep getting tangled up together


Im speechless

because its ridiculous;;

BIGHIT bought our company

but its not that they merged, never

Articles saytheyre a family now’,

BIGHIT acquired them

but BIGHIT is BIGHIT and Source Music is Source Music

I think youre foolish

I thought BTS got a new girlfriend?’

Youre an attention seeker;;

Its not that they merged

I hope you love BTS for themselves

and GFRIEND for themselves

If you hurt us with ridiculous comments,

Both ARMY and BUDDY probably will...

tear you

down ^^

Watch your back^^

The member that I dont understand why shes in = U(gly)-ji

From earlier!

You keep sayingU-ji’!!

What part of her is ugly?

Her nickname is Um-goddess

Umji Goddess

She was young when she debuted so she had baby fat

Theres a clip where a fan saidUmji~” and she looked back

It looked like a pictorial so its really famous among fans

You would never sayU(gly)-jiif you watch that

Please dont say that shesugly

(Breaking bad comment)

I could see that SinB either hates Umji or bullies her

What are you saying;;

Whos this punk!!

Ive flipped my lid!!

(Relaxing water)


It feels like its snowing on my head

Oh! So cool~

Its bubbling



In clips, you can see that theyre close since theyre the same age

Theres a clip where Umji got stuck being surrounded by fans

and SinB took her hand and took her out

People keep writing comments sayingbullying or getting bullied

I dont thinkbullyingmakes sense,

you just gotta watch a couple of clips

They always say they run along time;

Stop running, youll hurt your knee

Ah~ C

So annoying!!!

Sowon is the oldest and shes 26

and the youngest is 23

Theyre in their early 20s..

or only mid 20s

Theyre still young andyoull hurt your knee’?

I understand that you worry about them for injuries

but they still have a long time to perform

and are still young

so I hope you dont worry like this

I wrote a letter and Ill read it out

Thank you always for cheering me up for living

We BUDDY will always protect you

I love you, Unnies

Unnies, youve been with BUDDY for 5 years

so I hope you continue to perform asGFRIEND



(Im touchedㅠㅠ)

(I like it so much)

Oh my goodness!!

So prettyㅠㅠ

Thank you!!!

Kim So Jeong

Jeong Yerin

Jeong Eun Bi

Choi Yuna

Hwang Eun Bi

Kim Yewon


Cheering with energy!


Lets make a hit with this album~♥

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