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He's a dead man.

NARRATOR: Tonight on "Dead Files Revisited"...

Something's here trying to suck the life out of me.

NARRATOR: ...a second look

at some of Amy and Steve's most terrifying cases.

This is some bizarre [Bleep] you guys are talking about.

New information.

The activity was absolutely a nightmare.

NARRATOR: Startling revelations.

I'm to the end of the rope of what I can do.

NARRATOR: First...

They are really feeding at night.

NARRATOR: ...we go back to an Oregon home.

This was a very unusual walk.

...where shocking secrets are exposed...

I told nobody about that.

NARRATOR: ...and the terror takes hold.

It feels like I'm being tortured.


I think people could become possessed.

NARRATOR: an Illinois restaurant...

I feel like hurting people.

NARRATOR: ...a twisted obsession...

I had the gal's body exhumed.

NARRATOR: ...awakens a bloodthirsty evil.

It was clawing like this.

NARRATOR: Dark forces descend.

People could become physically harmed.

NARRATOR: Can they be destroyed?

[ Chanting in foreign language ]

It's time.


Something bad's going to happen.

My name is Amy Allan.

There's panic.

And it's almost like a butchering.

I see dead people.

They all died horribly.

I speak to dead people.

Get out of here.

And they speak to me.


But there's only one way to know if my findings are real.

It doesn't matter where you are. I'll find you.

I rely on my partner.

I'm Steve Di Schiavi.

I'm a retired New York City homicide detective.

This guy's a real piece of work.

And I know every person, every house has secrets.

I feel like I live in a house of hell.

It's my job to reveal them.

This is not good.

But Steve and I never speak...

We never communicate during an investigation.

...until the very end...

I want my life back.

...when we uncover if it's safe for you to stay...

Is he trying to kill her?

...or time to get out.

Oh, my God.

This is going to kill us.

STEVE: I've heard some wild stuff

from our clients over the years, but nothing was as bizarre

as our clients in Independence, Oregon.

I really started doubting these guys were for real.

But by the end of the investigation,

it all made sense.

STEVE: Terry, I'm glad I'm here,

'cause when we spoke on the phone,

you sounded pretty desperate.

What exactly is going on in the house?

Oh, gosh. We hear voices.

There's full-body apparitions.

I just feel like something's here

trying to suck the life out of me.

TERRY: The most important thing having Steve and Amy come here

was I really wanted some peace in my house back.

The activity was absolutely a nightmare

most nights in my house.

So, who exactly lives in the house?

Me, my partner, Bobby, and my grandson, Ashton.

Things have progressively gotten worse over this last year.

I've been attacked in my bed.

I'm getting no sleep.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Voice breaking ] I'm sorry.

I don't know how to protect my family.

I am at my wits' end.

AMY: The one thing I picked up on right away

was that someone who lived in the house was a telepath.

Because this person was able to put thoughts in my head,

I was really worried about whether I would be able

to pick up accurate information on the walk.

There's a living dude.

He's just, like, barreling through here

and yelling and screaming.

Not a happy person.

Okay, now I'm seeing a bunch of [bleep]

I think there's a [bleep] telepath here

who is inadvertently manipulating their environment.

TERRY: One of my really scary experiences happened here.

And as I happened to look up down the hallway,

I saw an old man, probably in his 70s.

and he was coming behind me down the hallway.

I ran and slammed the bedroom door behind me.

Could it have been an intruder or anything like that?


I open the door back up -- There's nothing here.

TERRY: I tried to make sense out of it.

But I think it is absolutely undeniable what's going on.

There have been times I've been kind of confrontational.

And what happens?

It makes it worse.


AMY: Oh, boy.

There's, like, these tricksters.

They are liars.

There's a lot of them -- a lot of them.

But I don't know if I'm...seeing the truth.

In my experience, a trickster is an entity

common in Native American cultures.

It has the ability to alter a person's perception of reality

in many different ways.

They'll feed into the person's paranoias and fears.

They can reach in and pull out past traumas,

and they, like, overanalyze it and analyze it and analyze it,

talking, talking, talking,

and it's like feeding it more and more and more.

STEVE: It was obvious Terry didn't feel safe anywhere in his own home.

But his experiences were especially bad in his bedroom.

One night, I woke up, and I saw three shadow figures

down here at the foot of the bed

that I would say were probably about this tall

and kind of human shape.

I freaked out, and I ran out.

I was scared to death.

It feels like I'm being tortured.

I feel sick -- horrible, horrible [bleep] sick in here.

Awful. These tricksters,

they are causing their own mayhem here.

They'll surround any bed

that has a living person in them at night.

They're like this big, and they're black --

you know, black humanoid figures.

And they all are standing together.

STEVE: Whatever Terry was experiencing, he wasn't alone.

His partner, Bobby, claimed he was being targeted, as well.

BOBBY: In the beginning, when we first got together,

he was so lovable and just happy.

Just watching somebody go downhill,

you don't want to see it.


BOBBY: I was hoping that Steve and Amy could provide help for Terry

because I felt completely helpless

that my partner is sitting there suffering,

and there was nothing I could do.

Now, what about yourself? What have you experienced?

I saw this little fawn

actually hop through the back window in the bedroom,

You're talking about a baby deer?


This is some bizarre [bleep] you guys are talking about.

I haven't heard this much stuff in one house.

I thought I was going crazy at one point.

These tricksters --

They are causing issues.

Like, there's infinite possibilities

of how they can manipulate the living

you know, see things, hear things, feel things.

They are making it a very negative, volatile situation.

And they are really feeding at night.


He's a dead man.

NARRATOR: ...restless souls go on a rampage.

Definitely a broken neck. Oh, this is bad.

NARRATOR: And in our second investigation...

They look scared.

NARRATOR: obsessive hunt for a killer...

Her spirit needs closure.

NARRATOR: ...leads to a dangerous showdown.

I said it out loud,

"Get the [bleep] out of my house."

STEVE: Over the years, I've uncovered

some pretty unusual history in my investigations,

and this one was right up there.

Not only had the house been moved

from its original location,

but one of the original owners was essentially run out of town.

So, what can you tell me about this guy Alva Shaw,

who originally owned my clients' property?

He was the superintendent of the state penitentiary in Portland.

Of the 154 prisoners

that were sent to the prison during his term,

44 of them escaped, and only 13 were recaptured.

So 1/3 of his prisoners escaped?

Yes. He was blamed for that.


He's a pariah in the community,

and he sells the property that he has left,

and he moves to California.

So, what does he die of?

We don't know.

The obituary just says

that he died of an illness that lasted 13 hours.

Oh. Okay.

AMY: These tricksters were really clouding my judgment

in the house, but once I stepped outside,

things started to become much clearer.

He's a dead man.

He had a lot of authority,

and I think that's why he's so capable of manifesting this way.

He does have a thing with the tricksters.

He's really affecting a large area, you know?

I don't think it's just that house.

But I do feel like he has ill intent here.

STEVE: The tricky part

about researching a house that's been moved

is tracking down exactly where it came from.

I not only found the original location,

but that it was the scene of a grisly tragedy.

Well, the original landowner is a man named John Johnson.

And there's his photo.

So, what happens to this guy?

On July 9, 1877, his wife,

she went into the barn to find him,

and that's when she found him

actually hanging from the rafters.

Why? For what reason?

I don't know. The family didn't know, either.

How old is he at this point?

He was 61.

[ Amy groans ]

Definitely a broken neck.

Oh, this is bad.

This is not done well.

Based off my initial impressions,

I felt something violent had happened to this man.

It took me a short time to figure out

that the violence was at his own hands.

It's a male -- old.


I'd say he's, like, in his 60s.

I think -- I don't know -- it might have been an accident.

An accidental hanging?


Because it's so badly done.

NARRATOR: Coming up...

Oh, my God.

...what happened after the investigation.

[ Woman shouting in foreign language ]

It's time.


STEVE: Amy, I'd like you to meet Terry,

and this is his partner, Bobby.

They live here with Terry's 7-year-old grandson, Ashton.

They called us in 'cause they can't take it anymore.

TERRY: Now, I remember thinking, "Gosh, if she does find something,

what's she going to find?"

And then I was afraid that maybe she might find out

more than I bargained for.

This was a very unusual walk.

I walked up the driveway,

and there was this older man -- probably in his 60s.

And he hung himself.

I can't believe she actually saw something like this,

because it didn't happen here.

Their house was actually moved here...



This guy John Johnson lived on the property

that the house came from.

He goes out into the barn, and he committed suicide.

Now, I was able to locate a photo of him.

TERRY: Oh, my.

I've seen him.

That's the old man from the hallway.

And it looked like he was coming after me.

It scared me so bad.

Does this guy look familiar to you at all?

Oh, yeah.


TERRY: He scares the living crap out of me.

He appears. He's been in my bedroom now a couple of times.

He definitely has to go.

There is somebody at the location with abilities.

And their dominant ability is telepathy.

[ Gasps ]

The telepath can manipulate the minds of those around them

into perceiving what they're perceiving.

Which one of these two is the telepath?

Well, right away, when I sat down --

and you know I did not know their names --

I wrote this down.

Oh, geez. Look at that.


She put your first initial down.


TERRY: When Amy told me that I was a telepath, I was taken back.

And knowing that I have attracted them in,

that really motivates me to do something about it.

We also have these other things that are here,

and what I'll call them is the tricksters.

These things can manipulate what you see,

and, most often,

they'll actually appear as animals and things like that.

I was laying in bed one night,

and I saw a little fawn actually hop through the window,

and it hopped in front of the bed

and then just booked it down the hallway.


BOBBY: When Amy first mentioned tricksters being in the house,

I got really terrified.

I turned, and I looked at Terry, and I said, "She needs one thing

that she can prove to me that she's the real deal."

These things will bring up these, like, past traumas

or bad things that have happened in a person's life.

They'll, like, trigger that,

and then you're thinking about it and thinking about it

and it's just feeding it and feeding it.

Do you know what I'm saying?

[ Voice breaking ] I think about that all the time.

[ Sniffles ]

It just makes you feel like no matter how much good you do,

you'll never make up

for every bad thing you've ever done in your life.

I told nobody about that.

I'm sorry.

BOBBY: She knew exactly what was going on in my mind.

It really changed my perspective.

And that is what made me just lose it.

So, I did have a sketch done

of what I saw in the master bedroom.

Oh, my God.

TERRY: When I saw the sketch, it was right on.

It was everything I have lived

almost every night for the last several years.

These tricksters have a leader.

I saw him outside.

When he was alive, he was a very strong, powerful man.

He was in charge of a lot of people.

So, the original owner of the property you're on now

was this guy Alva Shaw.

He was the superintendent of the state penitentiary in Portland.

Problem was, he wasn't good at it.

Now, this is him at a younger age.

Now, he died in 1880 at the age of 64

after a 13-hour illness.

He just died.

This is so overwhelming.

A lot of things have to be attacked at the same time

The first thing is the dead guy, the leader --

He needs to go.

So, what I would like to see happen with him

is a physical medium to come in, talk to him,

and get him to leave.

You also need to have a shaman come in,

and what I want that person to do

is to set up a perimeter around your property.

This is gonna push these tricksters out.

So, once that's done,

you have to start keeping a daily journal.

And what I want you to do is to write up any and all issues

that create strong emotions within you.

I want you to take all those pages

that you've written all this stuff in

and burn it.

So, are you guys gonna take Amy's advice?

TERRY: Since Steve and Amy have left,

the tricksters and the old man went absolutely crazy.

It was unbelievably active.

It's almost like I'm being held hostage in my own house.

[ Chanting in foreign language ]

Amy's advice was to get a medium

to expel the tricksters out.

[ Singing in foreign language ]

The first part is to take sage and palo santo,

then I say a prayer to take out the negative energies.

[ Chanting in foreign language ]

I ask you now if we can cooperate here.

Terry and Bobby's bedroom in particular

had a very different energy.

It was like this thick, icky, kind of dark mass.

And you don't have to suffer anymore.

[ Shouting in foreign language ]

I go back in a clockwise order with a spritzer

to seal the home.

It's time.


SHAMAN: We ask at this moment in time

to raise our vibrations above the densities of Earth

to that place of purity.

After the medium left,

we got a shaman to get rid of the tricksters.

[ Singing in foreign language ]

The thing about shamanism

is you're taking out what doesn't belong

and bringing back what does.

The first thing that I do is set up my altar,

which is actually a focal point.

That's where the spirits come in and leave.

We ask at this moment in time

to raise our vibrations above the densities of Earth

to that place of purity.

[ Singing in foreign language ]

The intention of the drumming was that I was calling

to whatever beings are coming in to work with us today,

to help them transform or to go to a good place.

[ Singing in foreign language ]

After she left, the house feels much better.

It much lighter in there,

and I have real hopes that she's taken care of the problem.

I've been writing down

all the negative thoughts that come into my head.

Burning those tonight actually really did

kind of bring some closure to some of that stuff.

For the first time in a long time, had some hope

that maybe we're gonna get some peace in our house.

The house definitely feels a lot better.

AMY: I'm relieved Terry and Bobby followed some of my suggestions,

especially since Terry's telepathic abilities

were just adding to the chaos in the house.

Now that the dangerous entities have been removed,

the energy should settle down,

and they can move on with their lives.

STEVE: I felt bad for our client in Oregon, Illinois.

I mean, this guy was obsessed.

He'd sunk his life savings

into trying to solve a 60-year-old murder

because he thought it was somehow connected

to paranormal activity in his restaurant.

This guy was on the brink of ruin,

and I felt it was up to us

to keep him from going over the edge.

So, Mike, what the hell's going on?

Noises, things flying across the room,

shadow figures, people being touched.

We've had customers actually get up and leave.

Activity has spiked here.

It's higher than it's been in a long time.

I contacted Steve and Amy

because of an ongoing sense of a presence here.

It's very concerning, the things that are going on here.

It's been very taxing.

I am to the end of the rope of what I can do.

Are you losing business, you think,

because of some of this stuff that's going on?

Of course, it's gone down.

It's not what it used to be.

You mentioned that you have a theory

about who you think is haunting this place.

It dates back to 1948.

Mary Jane Reed and her date.

They spent their last night alive

in this building.

I made it my mission to solve this murder.

I had the gal's body exhumed.

I've dropped probably $150,000 on it

over the past 15 years.

On looking into this case?


My meeting with Steve was interesting.

I had done a lot of background research on my murder case.

I felt like I was kind of the expert there.

But I knew that he was a former police officer,

and I was kind of on needles and pins.

When you work on a case for 15 years,

you feel close to them.

Why are you spending this kind of money on a case

that's got nothing to do with you?

The family needs closure.

Her spirit needs closure.

AMY: I still get kind of angry looking back on this case.

A dead person at this location was determined

to keep a deadly secret buried in the past.

And he pulled out all the stops

to fool me and throw me off his trail.

This place makes you feel

like someone's just come up and punched you in the stomach.

You know, like you're getting the air knocked out of you,

and you want to just vomit.

That's kind of how it feels here.

I would just get out of here, you know?

There's no hope here.

I think people could become possessed.


That had to scare the hell out of you.

It did.

NARRATOR: ...are the dead crying out for justice?

She was indicating that she had been murdered.

STEVE: This case really threw me for a loop

because I found myself wondering

if our client was losing his mind.

I couldn't figure out why he would throw everything away

for a girl who died more than 60 years ago.

I saw this apparition of this young girl.

That was like the third time

that she'd been in the building.

Saw her go out the front door.

I was maybe seven seconds behind her,

and by the time I got to the doorway

and looked the other way, she was gone.

MIKE: I'm a pretty black-and-white guy.

I don't believe in ghosts, or at least I didn't.

And when you see something like that, it's pretty gripping.

Hopefully, Steve and Amy can bail me out.

You think it's this girl, Mary Jane?

I'm thinking that it almost had to be.

AMY: There's a woman.

She looks young, maybe 20s.

She can do

a lot of harm to people physically.

I would assume that people would see her.

But it's very unnerving.

She's just wicked.

STEVE: Corroborating eyewitness accounts

are crucial in any investigation,

especially in this one.

Because I wasn't 100% sold on Mike's state of mind,

I wanted to see if employees were having

experiences of their own.

After speaking with Marge, who had been there for 20 years,

I realized Mike wasn't dreaming this stuff up.

MARGE: There's something that's following me home.

About three or four weeks ago, I was sound asleep,

And here's my bedspread.

It was clawing like this, like this,

and then it took it and went like this.

Scared me to death.

I said it out loud,

"[Bleep] get the [bleep] out of my house."

The reason we called Steve and Amy is because

we've been having what we think are spirits in the building.

I don't want that here where I work,

and I certainly do not want it at my house where I live alone.

One of my worst fears would be

that I could not get rid of that evil.

Do you have animals in the house?

No animals.

Okay, that had to scare the hell out of you.

It did.

AMY: Sometimes these dark things that are here will leave with people.

You know, I think people can be harmed.

I think people could become possessed.

Suggestions being put into people's minds.

This is how they influence, whispering...

[ Whispering voices ]

...into your mind.

Looking back, something felt wrong

about these legions of demons I was seeing,

but in the moment I couldn't put my finger on it,

so I just kept moving forward.

Making you do bad things to people.

I feel like doing bad things.

I feel like hurting people.

Living people have done very bad things

after they've left this place.

Do you know what they want?

Chaos and destruction.

They look scared.


One gunshot wound through the base of the skull.

...a cold case heats up.

STEVE: Once I started digging into the evidence of Mary Jane's murder,

I had to admit this case was pretty fascinating.

And I could see why Mike got so obsessed with it.

Stanley Skridla and Mary Jane Reed go on a date.

And they end up at the bar.

And they meet up with a deputy sheriff

by the name of Willard Burright,

better known as "Jiggs."

and it's rumored that

he's having an affair with Mary Jane.

The deputy sheriff wants Mary Jane to leave with him.

And she ends up slapping the deputy

and then leaves out of there with Skridla.

Okay, so what happens next?

They end up at your client's property.

But according to witnesses,

all of a sudden, they drive off,

and that's the last time that anybody saw them alive.

AMY: [ Grunts ]

There's people down here.


[ Humming ]

There's a man

and this woman.

Two, maybe three people.

Female has brown, curly hair.

They look scared.

I do feel like there was a female victim,

but I also feel like there's a male victim.

Her and this man knew each other,

possibly killed either at the same time

or very [bleep] close.

Witnesses said that they were being followed

by an older model car

with two pretty good-sized guys in there.

And they went to a very popular make-out area

called Lover's Lane.


Stanley's body was actually found there the next morning,

lying in a ditch.

Multiple gunshot wounds

to his abdomen, his chest...


his groin, and his back.

Mary Jane's body was found

about a mile away from where Skridla was found.

One gunshot wound through the base of the skull.

AMY: Somebody's hitting me on the back.

falling down on the ground, but it's dark.

I don't know if it's actually down here.

Might be outside.

I think it's like a sneak attack.

Someone hits the -- hits the [bleep] ground.

There was an overwhelming amount of suffering,

but I couldn't tell where it was coming from.

And what was confusing me is that it felt like

there were dead people here who wanted to talk to me,

but I just couldn't figure out how to connect with them.

There's a lot of pain here.

Neck area, chest area.

I feel this being crushed.

I think the female's with the neck.

I think the male is to the back.

There were no arrests made,

but there's two possibilities in this case.

First, there was Jiggs, the deputy sheriff.

Okay, for obvious reasons.


Why wasn't he ever charged?

Well, he was actually heading up the investigation.

And all the evidence that was brought out against him

was strictly circumstantial.


Now, what about the two guys

following them out of the parking lot?

Those are the other two suspects.

A guy by the name of Harry Deshazo tries to confess.


He tells the sheriff's department

that he and his brother, Perry,

followed them to Lover's Lane and were going to rob them,

but Harry says that this robbery went bad,

and Perry ends up shooting the two victims.

Why would the sheriff sit on that?

We don't know.


There's these three people who might be involved.


This situation,

which is, I think, two men and one woman.


Then I'm getting a completely other image

of a guy standing with a double-barrel shotgun...

...holding it on someone --

I don't see who --

and in a rage.

I could tell

something violent happened to the people in the basement,

but I was still having a hard time

figuring out exactly what went down.

They're trying to

communicate to me what happened.

Oh [bleep]

You okay?

No, no, no. No, no, no.

He doesn't want to go to Hell.


It was like a sneak attack.

...Amy's chilling reveal.

I'm leaning towards the cop.

Death stalks the living.

Who will escape with their lives?

As guardian angels guard over this place.


STEVE: Well, Amy, I'd like you to meet Marge and Mike.

He owns this place.

He's not our typical client.

He thinks he knows who's haunting his business.

MIKE: When we started the reveal,

there was a great deal of anticipation,

and I was thinking in the back of my mind,

"What are we gonna come up with here?"

I went down into the basement, and...

I saw three people,

and it was two men and one woman.

Somehow, they know each other.

And she was indicating that she had been murdered.

Amy's description of the three individuals took me aghast.

I thought that was spot-on.

Well, Amy, I got a pretty good idea of what you saw.

Back in 1948, there was a double homicide.

The victims were Mary Jane Reed

and a guy named Stanley Skridla.

The last place they were seen alive

was actually in the parking lot of this restaurant.

Now, did you get a good look of anybody down there?

Yes, I had a sketch done

of the female that I saw in the basement.

I got to see this.

You guys tell me.

Look at the cheek line right here, the eyebrows.

It's close enough for me.

MIKE: It's a very strange feeling. She was right on target.

I think that it was Mary Jane that was coming to her.

All right, let me ask you a question.

You get any idea of how these people died

that were in the basement?

I think it happened outside at night.

It was like a sneak attack.

They either died together,

or they died very close together.


Dead on.

I'm very impressed,

So, the evening

that Stanley and Mary Jane were killed,

Stanley picked her up at work.

They wound up at a tavern.

Ran into Deputy Sheriff Willard Burright,

also known as "Jiggs."


Apparently, they were having an affair.

Jiggs sees her with Stanley,

and they got into an altercation.

Next morning, they find Stanley's body facedown.

He was shot four times --

three in the front, one in the back.

Mary Jane's body was found about a mile away

with a single gunshot wound to the back of the head.

Now, Amy, you got to understand something.

This case was never solved,

but according to the police reports,

there were a couple of suspects.

One of 'em was Jiggs.

Mike is convinced he did this.

There's something else going on here

that, you know, people come here,

and that entities can follow them home.

and people could become physically harmed.

What the hell do you think it is?

I really --

I'm leaning towards the cop.

So, everything that's going on here --

people getting tugged,

things tossed, followed home,

that's all coming from Jiggs?

Yes, that's my belief, yes.

MIKE: When Amy said the police officer was the reason for the activity,

I felt eerie and creepy.

More or less affirmed

the direction I was going was the right direction.

So, what I would like you to do is for you

to demand Mary Jane and this man

leave this restaurant with you.

You have to take them away from here.

What I want you to say

is basically that they can go,

that you're releasing them.

The second step is

for a holy man to come in to get rid of the cop.

I want the holy man

to do, like, a blessing and a sermon ceremony,

because his thing is about self-preservation.

He doesn't want to go to Hell.

I like her plan.

Are you gonna take Amy's advice on this

and do what she asks?

Steve and Amy had been gone for probably a day or two,

and everything started to just get out of hand.

After Amy's advice, I knew that it's time

to step up to the plate and get some help.

MAN: Deliver us from evil, for yours is the kingdom

and the power and the glory for ever and ever.


MIKE: I followed up on Amy's suggestion,

and I found a holy man to come in to bless the building.

MAN: Dear Heavenly Father, I ask you, Lord,

that you would bless it today.

And if there's any evil spirits here today, Lord,

that you would cast them out

in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


First thing I did was I cleansed the basement

because that was the strongest spot where there was evil at.

I ask you, Father, that you anoint this room

and bless it, too, Father, and cleanse this room.

And anything that is evil here,

I ask in the name of Jesus that you be gone.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

MIKE: After the basement, the holy man walked up into the dining room,

and he did a prayer ritual and a biblical reading.

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.

Your kingdom come.

Your will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.

If you're gonna believe in God, you got to believe in evil.

You know, evil is present no matter where we go today.

They can make things fly around the room.

They can follow you.

Anything's possible.

Do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory.


MIKE: Then he did a religious ceremony

and blessed the room from the evil spirit.

If there's any evil presence here, Lord,

I ask that you would remove it.

I ask that you would cleanse this room.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


When he did the blessing,

I felt like it was the evil spirit finally leaving.

And now I condemn you to God and to the word of His grace.

May the peace of God and His holy presence be with you

and his guardian angels guard over this place.


MIKE: After the cleansing, things definitely feel

much happier and brighter and uplifting.

I decided to take Amy's advice.

The only way that I could figure out

was a ceremony of a type.

I knew that Mary Jane enjoyed drinking gin bucks,

and I served her a gin buck.

Amy thinks it would be safer for you to leave for a while...

And I explained to her that she had to leave the building. that you can cross.

I think that's probably what we should plan on doing.

AMY: I know this has been

a very difficult and emotional time for Mike.

Cleansing his business

and removing Mary Jane from the restaurant

were tough and courageous things for him to do.

Now that her story has been told,

I hope she will find peace.

And I hope that he will find peace

knowing he helped set her free.

The Description of House of Mirrors and Obsession